The Key to Fulfilment: Understanding Your “Why” and the Importance of Purpose

When it comes to finding your purpose, any form of guidance can be illuminating. You may turn to elders, authorities, self-help books, and courses to help you define your own purpose. Funnily enough, though, your destiny has already been determined for you by your birthdate and your past lives.

However, before you start going over your astrological charts, remember that one of the keys to living a fulfilled life is to figure out exactly what you want in the first place and, more importantly, why you want it. To figure this out, you’ll need to take the time to uncover your inner purpose and look to your astrological charts. That way, you can better understand your ideal future as well as your motivations for doing what you do.

Discovering and Confronting Your Destiny

Before you begin with your “why,” you should have an idea about the path that you were meant to take in your current life. As mentioned before, this was decided the moment that you came into this world. Following this path is the key to living a good life. But how do you look for answers in the stars?

All you have to do is turn to your birth chart, where you’ll find lunar nodes called the North Node and the South Node. The South Node represents your origins and what you’ve already learned from your past lives. It is the inherent knowledge that you should arm yourself with for this lifetime. Meanwhile, the North Node represents the journey that you need to take and the lessons that you need to learn along the way. It is essentially your destiny, one with all the trials and tribulations that will enable you to reach your fullest potential.

When it comes to the Nodes of Fate, you must overcome your limitations (the South Node) and face your fears (the North Node) in order to grow as a person. Indeed, your destiny will force you to go beyond your comfort zone so that you can self-actualise and fulfil your life’s purpose.

But what is your life purpose? To supplement the insights you’ve gained based on your North Node, you can turn to Simon Sinek’s concept of the Golden Circle for further guidance.

The Framework of Leading with Purpose

According to the Golden Circle, the “what” is the outermost layer that’s most obvious. Essentially, it’s what you do for a living. The next layer is the “how,” which refers to your strengths, your values, and guiding principles. These factors influence the way you do things and thus differentiate you from other people. The last and innermost layer is the “why,” which is your purpose, cause or belief. As the name implies, it’s essentially the reasons that you do what you do.

Simply put, rather than focusing on the “what,” finding out the “why” is far more essential to manifesting your purpose. Otherwise, your actions will feel hollow if you carry them out without a deeper reason for doing so. But if you start with your “why,” finding out how and what to do will come easier. This can also help take some pressure off your shoulders when it comes to figuring out your next move.

Why Starting with Your “Why” Is More Effective

Let’s say you want to increase your monthly income by finding a better-paying job. Instead of focusing on the specifics of your dream job or how much money you want to make, start with the reason why you want to earn more and why that would make you happy. If your “why” has more to do with working with an employer that values its employees rather than boosting your income, then landing a high-paying job may not be the “what” you should be aiming for.

Indeed, you’ll feel more motivated to go after your goals when you reframe them as objectives that align with your beliefs instead of something that you feel you have to go after because of external pressure. Not only will achieving your goals feel more satisfying, but your actions will also feel more authentic. To maintain this genuineness, Sinek stresses that the clarity of your “why,” the discipline of your “how,” and the consistency of your “what” should be in harmony. Doing this will help you stay on track toward happiness and fulfilment.

Truly, knowing your destiny can give you more clarity on your “why” and how you can transcend your limitations. That way, you can pursue what you were meant to do in a way that is aligned with your purpose. All these can help you stay motivated and determined to live your best life. You can begin by asking a professional astrologer to look into your birth chart and analyse where your Nodes of Fate are telling you to go. That way, you can feel less scared about having an uncertain future and can confidently move toward it to reap the karmic rewards.


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