In times of Darkness, it’s Your Job to Shine in a Career you Were Built to Love.

Josephine is a Holistic Career Coach who will help you uncover your heart’s internal compass to reach your purpose and potential. 

Holistic Career Coach

Specialising in Career Coaching, Josephine Corcoran uses a unique holistic approach which blends Astrology and Positive Psychology practices to develop tailored coaching programs, workshops and online programs that transform individuals and teams.

Having coached over 500 Executives, Entrepreneurs and Mums, Josephine makes connecting to your strengths, purpose and setting goals aligned to your career opportunities rewarding and achievable.  She works exclusively with ambitious people who are ready to start the career they were born to love.

Through the power of obtaining personal Insight via Astrology and Positive psychology, Josephine empowers clients to understand and leverage their unique strengths, passions, needs, values and purpose.  The results create enhanced self-esteem, an uplift in performance and achievement as well as bringing a renewed sense of meaning to work.


Uncover the Career You Were Built to Live.

The Heart is the Compass to a Purposeful Life.

Discover the unique elements of those cosmic forces influencing your life, how to harness them and work with them to compliment your efforts to achieve meaning and depth in your career. I work with astrology, psychology and coaching techniques to reveal your professional and personal power so you can awaken your true self and ignite your purpose.


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Astrology is the foundation tool I work with in order to uncover your soul’s blueprint. You have an existing code and message that you are built to express. When you bring consciousness to this information, you are activated in a way that ignites the knowledge and purpose, bringing relief and a life guidance.



With a Masters in Psychology of Coaching, a Graduate Diploma in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology major), I understand the practical requirements that people need mentally and emotionally to reach their goals. Understanding the blocks that people in career crisis face, gives the support you need on this journey.



I have been an Executive Coach for over 20 years, facilitating and training organisations to achieve professional and personal goals. My industry experience spans blue chip companies, IT, property, finance, retail and government – this enables me to understand my clients better in order to help them adapt in this new world.