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2020 is calling each and every one of us to transform in the deepest of ways. The universe is inviting us to align with our deepest truth, realise our gifts, transmute our shadow side and discover how to be of profound service and value in 2021 and beyond. BUT, it’s no joy ride, especially as the world is changing right before our very eyes. What the world needs now is PURPOSEFUL LEADERSHIP. Individuals who are self-aware, heartfelt and ready to stand up and work in ways that are aligned to what they believe in.

As all global structures experience a major overhaul this year, humanity will be yearning for individuals who can deal with complexity, act with integrity, engage their intuition, embrace their inner creative and collaborate to come up with ingenious ways to move forward.

So, more than ever, self-leadership is vital. Personal and Professional satisfaction and achievement will come from owning your Power so you can Inspire and Connect with others from your HEART.

This 10-Week Virtual Coaching Program has been specifically designed to support your transition into 2021. The magic of this program is its focus on connecting you to your 10 unique Leadership Attributes through the lens of Astrology. Each week you’ll get to explore a new Planet’s Archetype (fundamental traits) and role in Leadership. Then together we will dive into how that Planet’s location in your Birth Chart influences your personal Leadership style and opens up possibilities for you to achieve your full potential.


• Introduction to the 10 Key Leadership Attributes you were born with
• Deep Dive into Your birth Chart
• Key insight about your purpose and what you’re being called to engage in 2020
• Coaching support to embrace your Purposeful Leadership style throughout 2020 and into the new era
• Information about key energies for the remainder of 2020 and how to work with them

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