Welcome to Career Coaching Sydney!

I am Josephine Corcoran, your holistic career coach. I will help you uncover your heart’s internal compass to reach your purpose and potentialin your chosen career path through Career Coaching Sydney.

With 20 years of extensive experience in executive coaching, facilitating and training employees in organisations to achieve their professional and personal goals, we are going to be a perfect fit.

Career Coaching Sydney provides effective analysis and coaching, executive and life personal coaching services for you at any stage of your life and career.

If you are looking for a career pivot or a new job or to improve your leadership skills or to improve your professional life, I am here to help you.

I work with clients either face to face or by web-conferencing. I deal with clients of all ages and from all professions and industries.

What is something special about Josephine?

Are you ready to “start loving” your career? You have Josephine. Her life’s philosophy is centered on the principle of “self-knowledge” and using that to live and work in an enriching way that is aligned to your purpose.

When offering you Career Coaching Sydney, Josephine Corcoran uses a unique holistic approach which blends Astrology and Positive Psychology practices to develop tailored coaching programs, workshops and online programs that transform individuals and teams.

What is Career Coaching Sydney?

Are you satisfied with your job? If not, would you like to pivot to a truly satisfying career?

At any stage of you career and if you are feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with what you are doing, you can look forward to discovering your personal and professional style, skills, strengths, and interests and match all of them to the competition in the marketplace. If this is what you are looking for, Career Coaching Sydney is for you!

I will work with you to help you find your unique style, the best professional environment, skills and strengths for the career you want.

What are the programs under Career Coaching Sydney?

Awaken Ambition

Discover and re-energise your Full Potential and Purpose. Through this Unique 6 Session Personal Program using core principles of Psychological Astrology. In this program, Psychology and the ancient science of Astrology are engaged to reveal your unique self and discover a picture of your most fulfilling career destiny.

Purposeful Career Pivoting

Transition out of paralysis, self-doubt and worry, into an invigorating Career aligned with your Highest Good in this comprehensive 8 Session Personalised Program.“Worries can paralyse your action. Focus on the present and do what you can with the resources you have available.” This energetically potent Platinum Career Transition Program is packed full of tools and executive coaching to remove the stress from your next Career move. Figuring out what your next step should be and how to do it can be stifling, especially when it was not your choice to leave your last role! Even if you have a history of career success, knowing how to go about it can be a mystery.

Purposeful Leadership

As all global structures experience a major overhaul this year, humanity will be yearning for individuals who can deal with complexity, act with integrity, engage their intuition, embrace their inner creative and collaborate to come up with ingenious ways to move forward.

So, more than ever, self-leadership is vital. Personal and Professional satisfaction and achievement will come from owning your Power so you can Inspire and Connect with others from your HEART.

This 10-Week Virtual Coaching Program has been specifically designed to support your transition into 2021. The magic of this program is its focus on connecting you to your 10 unique Leadership Attributes through the lens of Astrology. Each week you’ll get to explore a new Planet’s Archetype (fundamental traits) and role in Leadership. Then together we will dive into how that Planet’s location in your Birth Chart influences your personal Leadership style and opens up possibilities for you to achieve your full potential.


Who can benefit from Career Coaching Sydney?

This is the best for you if you are:

  • A university student or who has left school after completing a course of study and are not sure which course or career to pursue
  • Someone who is unsatisfied in your current job and know you are capable of more
  • Interested in other career possibilities you may never have considered
  • Feeling bored in your current role and looking forward to getting into a new career
  • Considering a change in career or industry but have no idea about the what, where, and how tostart


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