Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney

Did you know that for one person to succeed, you have to take into account the many different factors that surround you? That’s what Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney is all about.

I am Josephine Corcoran, one of the sought-after holistic coaches in Australia and I can offer you Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney.

Who is Josephine Corcoran?

Having successfully coached over 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and mums, Josephine makes sure that you will be on the right track to success. Guided by her life’s philosophy, “self-knowledge”, Josephine uses this to guide you in how to live and work in an enriching way that is aligned to your true purpose.

Josephine uses a very unique approach to develop coaching programs, workshops, and online programs tailored to your needs, vision, and wants that transform individuals and teams.

One of her most successful programs is the Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney.

Holistic Executive Coaching vs Traditional Executive Coaching

While both coaching program’s aims are the same, which is client’s success, there are some differences between the traditional way of executive coaching and the holistic way of executive coaching especially when it comes to the approach.

Here’s a table of differences between the two:

Holistic Executive Coaching

  • The program acknowledges the different factors of a person’s surroundings and its unique elements that could help the client achieve meaning and depth in his or her career as a leader.
  • The holistic executive coach helps in accessing every aspect of the client’s life – body, mind, and soul– concerning the whole.
  • A professional and personal relationship to help to awaken his or her true self and ignite the client’s purpose through the use of astrology, psychology, and coaching techniques.
  • The holistic executive coach will help you uncover your heart’s internal compass to reach your purpose and potential as a leader.

Traditional Executive Coaching

  • The program assists the client in clearly identifying goals that are beneficial and impactful on the client’s performance as a leader.
  • The executive coach helps the client to develop visions about his or her situation and about things that could make the situation better.
  • A professional relationship between the executive coach and the client with the goal to enhance the client’s management or leadership skills through the use of questioning, active listening, and sharing observations.
  • The executive coach will support and encourage the client to explore different ways of leadership to bring his or her leadership skills into the next level.

The Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney of Josephine Corcoran

What are the benefits of Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney?

This program aims to help you understand and discover your wholeness as a person. Josephine Corcoran’s Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney will guide you to avoid life controlling you, instead of you controlling life.

Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney will make you realise and see your strengths, passions, needs, values, and purpose through the use of Astrology and Positive Psychology.

With the use of this unique holistic approach, Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney will teach you on how to ask powerful questions to unleash your real view on success.

These are some of the example questions you can try answering on your own:

  1. What does success mean to you?
  2. How do you feel about success?
  3. What hinders or blocks your way to success?
  4. What is your 10-year goal?
  5. What is that one thing that you could start doing now?


Embrace your unique archetypal power through our Purposeful Leadership Program under Holistic Executive Coaching Sydney!

This is a 10-week virtual holistic executive coaching program to help support you to become a strong and effective leader in transitioning to 2021.

The magic of this program is its focus on connecting you to your 10 unique Leadership Attributes through the lens of Astrology.

Each week you’ll get to explore a new Planet’s Archetype (fundamental traits) and role in Leadership. Then together, we will dive into how that Planet’s location in your Birth Chart influences your personal Leadership style and opens up possibilities for you to achieve your full potential.

Is Purposeful Leadership the program for you?

  • You want to learn what self-leadership is.
  • You want to achieve personal and professional satisfaction through the use of astrology and positive psychology.
  • You want to learn your own, personal power to start inspiring and connecting with others from your heart.

If you answer to all these questions is a big YES, then talk to us now!

You can book an enquiry chat for us, to know if we are a perfect fit, or send me an email now.

Email Address: [email protected]


I had my personal astrology chart read a couple of years ago and never did I think about doing it for my business until I met Josephine. It was absolutely incredible as was the information she was giving me during our session. With the chart I have she was able to give me clear insights on where I have my strengths and where my weaknesses are, how I can flourish in my business, in the right avenues. It was like she knew me better than I knew myself. She was able to give me insights to think about that had never crossed my mind, whilst also giving me new opportunities that she intuitively sees. Highly recommend Josephine.” – Vanessa, Founder and Director


“I worked with Josephine over 3 months and WOW! It was unreal how accurate my charts were which was really reassuring as I stepped out on my own business wise. Working with her has also allowed to find a gap in the market and an edge over my competitors. Thank you Josephine Corcoran ???” – Bianca, Founder and CEO


“I have the pleasure of having 2 hrs. with gorgeous Josephine today. so enlightening to listen and get some understanding of when I was born and how I am today. Wow it was like she could look under my skin and see who I am. I actually can’t give you enough stars as they don’t have 10 ? but I will send you extra virtual hugs instead. You my dear lady are a kindred spirit. We will keep in touch xx” – Amanda, Business Owner


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