Why YOU are the Business

There can come a time in your career when you wonder if your current occupation is what you’re meant to be doing for the rest of your life. After a few years in the same company or type of work, it’s easy to feel restless and burnt out having to deal with the same tasks day in and day out.

Perhaps you feel the way you do because you feel like you don’t have a say in your career. Maybe you desire more flexibility and autonomy over your schedule, or maybe you just don’t enjoy what you’re doing anymore.

All of these are signs that you’re looking for change in your life. For some, it means transferring to another department or pivoting to a completely different career. For others, it means quitting their job and starting their own business.

If any of these sound compelling to you, then it may be time to re-evaluate where you are in your career. After all, what becomes of your vocation in life is up to you regardless of your current occupation or position. Once you begin clarifying who you are and what makes you unique, you’ll start to better understand your greater purpose in life. All it takes is a bit of introspection.

If you’re looking for additional guidance, consulting as many sources as possible (including the spiritual) can help you determine the best career. Astrology, for example, may give you some hints as to what may be worth pursuing.

What Your Birth Chart Says About Your Business Potential

Getting a natal chart reading can help you identify a definitive and comprehensive career path based on your natural abilities. That said, you’ll want to hire a skilled astrologer to read your birth chart so that you can get the most accurate and insightful answers possible. Thorough astrological readings can reveal your ideal leadership strategy, the kind of work that suits you, your true purpose, and much more.

To give you an idea of what to expect, the 12 astrological houses in your chart will be examined to illuminate specific areas of your life. For example, your 3rd house can determine how you can best express yourself, which is important to know when it comes to communicating with bosses and colleagues. Meanwhile, the 10th, 6th and 2nd houses can provide some clues about your career opportunities as well as your ability to make money.

What the 10th House and Your Medium Coeli Can Tell You

Of all your astrological houses, the 10th house is particularly important as it rules your professional and social standing. What work opportunities are out there for you? What is your capacity to earn money? Understanding the answers to these questions can guide you closer to your true purpose while allowing you to leverage your unrealised potential.

Furthermore, the cusp of the 10th house is called the Medium Coeli or the MidHeaven, which can reveal the areas where you can best use your business potential. The MidHeaven can answer questions about whether you’re better off working at an existing organisation or starting your own company.

There is also an astrological sign that lies in the Medium Coeli that will influence how you present yourself to the world and how you can attract revenue. The element related to the sign will help you figure out if you need to be more practical and hardworking or be more intuitive and emotional in your professional life.

Start With Purpose and the Rest Will Follow

When people ruminate on their careers and what they can do to increase their income, they’re often too fixated on what they can do instead of why they do it. Though it’s important to define and hone your skillset, the constant quest for improvement will only feel like an empty pursuit if you don’t know the motivations behind your actions.

That said, your career path becomes much clearer once you start with your reasons for wanting to go into a certain field or role. Knowing what motivates you makes it easier to decide where to work, who your ideal clients or coworkers are, and what type of projects are worth it. It also clarifies how to best communicate with your colleagues and what skills you need to achieve your goals.

Remember: you are more than a cog in the machine or a face behind a brand. In essence, you are your endeavours. You are the business, whether you’re an employee working for someone else or an entrepreneur chasing after your dreams. If your current occupation aligns with what matters to you, then you’ll always find a way to serve a greater purpose in your work. By looking into yourself and deciding what’s important to you and who you want to serve, you’ll know what path to follow to build a fulfilling, valuable, and meaningful career.


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