How to Tap into a Vision of Your Ideal Future Career

Growing up, many of us were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Now that you’re an adult, you may wonder if what you’re doing now is really what you want to do. It’s completely normal to be successful in your job but somehow still feel unfulfilled. You may think that you’re in the wrong industry even after you’ve been working in it for some time. Fortunately, it’s never too late to shift to a career that gives you a sense of purpose.

If you’ve been thinking of exploring a different profession or industry, it’s a good idea to envision what kind of career you want to have. You can write down a vision statement that can function as a guide so that you’re not aimlessly wandering from one option to another. Having something that gives you direction, such as an astrology career consultation, can help you discover your ideal future profession. But how do you find this vision if you don’t have one yet?

A Guide to Career Envisioning

Coming up with a clear vision statement for your ideal career takes time and requires a conscious effort on your part. Indeed, it’s not something that you can just conjure up from nothing. After all, you’re imagining the rest of your professional and vocational life. It can take several attempts to get it right. So setting aside time for career exploration and envisioning is essential.

Moreover, this is the time to allow yourself to ruminate on your wildest dreams. Ask yourself what is important to you and what you want to achieve in your career. Do not give in to negative thoughts that are disguising themselves as practical and rational advice. These will hinder you from actually figuring out what it is that you truly want to do.

Of course, you don’t have to go about this by yourself. You can define your vision statement with assistance from a human resource specialist, your professional connections, or even a holistic career coach. These individuals can provide you with an outside perspective that isn’t clouded by your internal doubts and misconceptions. For example, some coaches offer a natal chart reading to uncover what you were meant to do in this life. They may also incorporate an astrology forecast into each session they conduct with you.

Strategies You Can Use to Envision Your Future Career

Many career coaches recommend that you try a wide range of services and exercises to tap into your vision and purpose. If you truly want to exhaust as many resources as possible, there are a few different strategies that you can try, such as the following:

Start with Meditation

Meditation has multiple benefits to one’s health and wellness. Practising it regularly can keep you centred and make you more mindful of the present. It can make you gain a wider perspective of the things that concern you, and this will let you respond appropriately to the challenges you may face along the way. Meditating is a good option if you want to clear your head and consider the possibilities that the future may hold for you.

Breath Work

Often done alongside meditation, breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercises or techniques. Breathing purposefully can keep you grounded and make it easier to compose yourself as you go about your daily tasks. If the future seems clouded to you or if you’re too distracted by the present to think about your next career move, do breathing work to calm your nerves and clear your mind so that you can better consider your options.

Journal Ideas

Don’t let your ideas stay in your head. Bring them one step closer to reality by jotting them down in a journal. Writing about your experiences, goals, and aspirations can help you refine these thoughts into actionable and achievable items. Putting these ideas on paper can even allow you to gain a better sense of the direction that you wish to take, as well as help you realise the future career that you see for yourself.

Use Signs in Nature That Resonate

Finding something that you want for yourself clarifies your vision of the world around you. This, in turn, will make you more sensitive to the opportunities that the universe sends your way. Check if there are organisations and job openings that will lead you to a successful and fulfilling career in your chosen field.

Use Oracle Cards to Stimulate Thinking

Oracle cards can be a useful tool when it comes to better understanding of what you’re meant to do for the rest of your life. An experienced astrologer and oracle reader can guide you through this by interpreting what your birth chart says.

It’s time for you to sit down and put together everything that you’ve found out about yourself. Knowing what your desires, aspirations, goals and motivations are can help you come up with a vision statement that will act as your guide. With this in mind, you can slowly journey toward a career and vocation that is ultimately more meaningful and fulfilling for you.


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