How to Strike a Balance Between Your Heart and Head When It Comes to Your Ideal Career

After you’ve been working for some time, you may begin to feel disillusioned about what you do, like your heart’s not into it anymore. Still, you tell yourself that these emotions are just temporary and that they will pass. But as the weeks and months go by, and you wake up each day with the same feelings, you start finding it harder and harder to show up at work. Before you know it, you may start feeling like you have become that person you thought you’d never be: a robot who hates their job.

If you find yourself in this position, and you are racking your brain for a solution, it can be very tough. You probably frequently ask yourself what it is that you truly want to do, but always come up empty. To avoid overwhelming yourself, you need to systematically approach your current dilemma and find a way to move forward. You not only need to look inward but outward as well to discover your best career. Astrology readings, for instance, may be able to provide you with some clues as to what your heart desires.

To help you contemplate further on the matter, here are some signs to watch out for, to determine if you are allowing fear to rule your career decisions, and why it may time now to follow your heart:

You Can’t Stop Thinking About That Idea that you believe is just Bursting to Be Shared with the World

It’s one thing to lose your passion for your current career, it’s another to be completely overcome with an idea that you want to turn into reality. Take time to seriously consider your feelings and thoughts about your current job. Are you simply in need of a break or a change in pace, or do you have your heart set on another calling? Maybe you’ve found a cause that’s worth doing, one that will help turn the world into a better place. If you think and feel that you will find fulfilment in this new endeavour, then it might be worth exploring further.

Everything Seems to be Falling into Place Toward Your Desired Career

As the days go by, it’s becoming clearer that the universe is directing you toward this specific career choice. Doors are opening up for you, and a bit of research shows that your skills, talents, lifestyle, and interests are a good fit for the new role you’re eyeing. Or maybe this new role is far removed from the one you have right now, but you’ve been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see for yourself if this is the career track that will give you long-term satisfaction.

Your Future Readings are Urging You to Follow Your Heart

Introspection isn’t the only thing that can guide your career decisions. The planets can help indicate what place your career has in your life, what professional skills are innate in you and what is currently taking place in your career. That said, investing in a natal chart reading may just provide you with clearer directions toward a more fulfilling career that’s aligned with your purpose. Knowing this information can help you better decide if it’s time to switch careers or stay and wait for the right time. While it is not possible to predict your future, having an idea of what’s to come can at least assuage some of the doubt and uncertainty you feel about your next move.

You Want to Leave a Mark on the World

If you’re at a crossroads with your career, ask yourself if this is what you want to be remembered for. Are you fine with staying in a profession that you no longer enjoy or would you much rather be doing something else and feeling more fulfilled and at peace with yourself? The answer to these questions may not always be easy to find, but knowing what your end goal is can at least guide you toward the path you’re meant to take.

There is a Niche that You Can Fill

The universe has a way of showing you that, yes, you can make a difference in the new career you want to explore. One of these signs is that people who require the specific services or products you provide are constantly being pointed in your direction. This can be proof that you have what it takes to thrive in your new field, plus it also provides you with opportunities to widen your network and further hone your skills and knowledge of your newfound career.

Follow Your Heart or Think With Your Head?

The reality is many of your life decisions are not meant to be decided with your head or heart alone. You have to take both your deepest desires and purpose into consideration to craft a meaningful career for yourself. And when it comes to finding your purpose, you’ll need all the help that you can get.

Consulting a life coach who employs a holistic approach to career-building can help you find solutions that have a deeper meaning when it comes to your purpose in life and what to do next. By consulting an expert in astrology, career paths that you never considered before may just open themselves up for you. After all, sometimes it isn’t about choosing your heart over your head or vice versa; oftentimes, it’s about doing what you feel will bring the most meaning in your life.


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