How to Know If You’re a Conscious Leader

It’s no secret that modern society now has higher expectations for people in leadership positions. Simply helping one’s organisation turn a profit is no longer enough in our changing world. Nowadays, a company’s true success is defined by more than how much money it makes.

People want better working conditions and more supportive workplaces, for one. They also want the businesses they patronise or the company they work for to practice values that are not only good for humans but the planet as well. Finally, they want conscious leaders: ones who can create opportunities out of chaos, bring out the best in their employees, and see beyond the bottom line.

Are you a conscious leader? Conscious leaders all possess a certain set of skills and attributes that make them excellent in the boardroom and in life. Below is a list of some of these qualities, most of which you would do well to cultivate with a holistic career coach:

Conscious Leaders Are Extraordinarily Self-Aware

We all know what good leaders have in common. They do their jobs with integrity, communicate and delegate tasks effectively, and have enough confidence in themselves to rally groups of people to their cause.

Conscious leaders take these qualities a step further by also being extremely self-aware. They have a deep understanding of themselves not just as leaders but also as people. They know their own strengths and weaknesses, of course, but they are also constantly aware of their thoughts and feelings, and what motivates or compels them to behave a certain way. Conscious leaders take this profound self-awareness to act according to their values and beliefs, and it also motivates and inspires them to persist towards their goals.

There are several ways to know yourself deeply. One of them is through a comprehensive and insightful natal chart reading that makes use of Astrology to reveal your strengths, needs, values, and authentic purpose.

Another way to cultivate better self-awareness is to start regularly checking in on yourself with meaningful questions that bring those same ideas and aspects to the forefront of your mind. Ask yourself what you love most or how you can find more joy in your daily life. Be fearless in examining your shortcomings and using that knowledge to better yourself.

Finally, you can also build self-awareness by examining your influences. Take stock of the people that you surround yourself with: their personalities, their attitude, and the way that they view the world. What have you learned from them? Is their influence a positive one? Do you think your their values align with yours? The answers to these questions will help you decide whether your circle of influence is worth holding on to, or whether perhaps, it’s time for a change.

Conscious Leaders Are Emotionally Intelligent

In addition to using astrological readings to gain a better understanding of yourself, you should also learn to be keenly aware of how you interact with others. This is because conscious leaders can understand, empathise, and negotiate with people to create positive relationships, bring about meaningful outcomes, and produce lasting change.

Continuing to develop your emotional intelligence skills in a professional environment can do wonders for your career. You can start by being a more assertive communicator, that is,neither too passive nor too aggressive. Learn how to express your opinions and directives in a straightforward but respectful way. By doing so, you can get your messages across firmly but graciously.

You can also practice emotional intelligence by responding, instead of reacting, to conflicts in the workplace. Focus on finding resolutions to problems instead of looking for someone to blame.

Finally, knowing how to listen to others is also a valuable skill that can help you become a more conscious leader. You can start by employing more active listening skills when interacting with others. You and your organisation can only benefit from establishing a working environment where everyone feels heard.

Conscious Leaders Care About the Environment

Leaders are expected to take their organisations into the future. However, there won’t be much of a future to speak of if we fail to care for the planet that we live in today. Conscious leaders are more aware of this fact than anyone else. They recognise that their business decisions can have far-reaching effects on the environment and are therefore more cognisant of their organisations’ global impact than ever before.

It isn’t enough to simply be more environmentally aware in your daily life, though. True conscious leaders are always on the lookout for ways to minimise any negative impact on the planet, as well as how to make their businesses more environmentally friendly in the workplace. These initiatives can be as simple as turning off all office equipment after everyone has gone home for the day. Leaders can also enact major changes, such as switching to clean energy or reducing product packaging to minimise waste and pollution.

Conscious leaders are forward-thinking visionaries who know that success is within reach for those who know themselves well and strive to create workplaces where everyone can flourish. They hold traditional business values, and understand that it is possible to run a profitable enterprise and aspire to do better for the environment.

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