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New Moon Aries

WHAT IS THE NEW MOON & WHY IS IT GOOD FOR MANIFESTING? Every 29 1/2  days, the Moon travels through an 8 phase lunar cycle. The New Moon phase is the first of the cycle and occurs when the Moon is at the  same location in the Sky as the Sun.  From Earth she therefore appears …

‘Astrology Love’

Meet Josephine Corcoran – An Astrologer and Holistic Executive Coach with an update on 2020 and her tips on how relationships will change this year! …

Living with a Global Crisis – A Spiritual Discussion

This week we wanted to bring you a special episode to discuss the subject on everyone’s mind – COVID19 and how it’s impacting us and the way we love our lives. We especially wanted to discuss the matter through a spiritual lens, so we sat down with Holistic Career Coach Josephine Corcoran and Ancient Wisdom Facilitator …

Time to make and nurture business relationships

This week brings the official “change of season” from Winter to Spring. For those of us in the southern hemisphere the Spring Equinox takes place when the Sun changes signs from Virgo into Libra. On this date the day is as long as night …. and you can feel the heat of summer beckoning.

Swallowing my own medicine

Last week I swallowed some of my own medicine, and this week I am benefiting enormously from it. I’m newly inspired, have a clear vision of the way forward for my business and have a much deeper sense of what matters most to me.