Swallowing my own medicine

Last week I swallowed some of my own medicine, and this week I am benefiting enormously from it. I’m newly inspired, have a clear vision of the way forward for my business and have a much deeper sense of what matters most to me.

I took myself away for 6 days to a meditation retreat.

Six days of no wifi and no phone calls. Six days of clean wholefoods, no sugar, no coffee and definitely no alcohol. Six days of escaping the daily juggle of running a household, parenting 2 gorgeous young boys and running a business.

In it’s place I had 6 days of fresh air, blocks of 8 hours-plus uninterrupted sleep, daily salt & essential oil baths, daily walks in the healing sanctuary of Byron beach & hinterland and oh yes…. Plenty of sitting, breathing and going within. And plenty of time working with crystals, essential oils and sacred geometric shapes.

Aside from the physiological benefits of calming my para-sympathetic nervous system, clearing the fog from my brain, releasing back-pain and improving my gut health, what never ceases to amaze and inspire me is how meditation connects us to our INNER WISDOM.

As part of our coaching training at Sydney University, we were hard-wired to coach our clients by asking them the right questions at the right time to allow them to come up with solutions that are intrinsically motivating, achievable and relate to their vision of where they want to get to. But they don’t always have access to that…. which is the reason they seek out coaching in the first place.

So over the last 6 years, I have developed a methodology for my clients to help them tap into their inner wisdom. And yes it involves meditation. With regular practice, meditation can be used in a way to help with your business/career planning, decision making and to take the best version of yourself into the workplace each day so your strengths are fully engaged and you’re working in a purposeful way.

And the best part is….. it’s not complicated and it empowers you to coach yourself!!

Wishing you a magical day ahead.


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