The Different Ways to Find Your Strengths

Everyone has their own unique set of talents and abilities.Discovering these are essential in finding one’s true purpose, as knowing and understanding our talents and abilities means we can fully use them to help others and improve lives.

Some people are fortunate enough to discover and develop these strengths early in life, while others may find this difficult. If you’re part of the latter group, there’s no need to worry. There are different ways to discover your strengths, some of which you can do on your own. Of course, you can also consult a career advisor. Those people who are seeking career coaches in Sydney can get in touch with career experts who use various methods to awaken one’s potential and help you on your journey to success.

That being said, here are just some of the ways to get you started on discovering your strengths and fulfilling your purpose.

Gain Feedback From Those Who Are Close to You

Many people are not aware of their own flaws, or all the good things about themselves either. Thus, one of the best and most natural ways of discovering your strengths is to ask people who are close to you what they think your strengths and weaknesses are. In particular, ask those who would provide honest, and unbiased responses.

Your family and close friends are some of the best people to ask. They interact with you at a more intimate level, which means that they have likely observed and noticed what you’re good at. You may even discover some things that you never knew about yourself! Tell these people your goal. Be honest and ask them to be straightforward. You don’t want them to sugar-coat anything since this will defeat the purpose. Understanding your strengths will show you your opportunities and knowing your weaknesses will help you address them.


Astrology sounds like a mystical, fantastical concept to some. However, this branch of study which examines the influence of cosmic objects on human lives, may be more useful to you than you think. Indeed, there are career advisors and experts around the world who use astrology as one key method to help their clients.

The practice of astrology involves drawing a birth chart, assessing the planets and their placements in the 12 zodiac signs. Through the help of mathematical concepts, astrology ‘computes’ your results.  Astrology also determines your Ascendant (rising sign) and moon sign, which are major birth chart constructs an astrologer uses to analyse your horoscope. All of these combined can help determine your personality, strengths and aptitudes, as well as your inherent nature. Astrology can even help paint a picture of your future, including your wealth accumulation potential, relationship success, and career growth.

In short, astrology gives you a 360-view of your strengths and weaknesses. As such, you’re better-equipped to make full use of your strengths while improving the areas where you don’t excel as much.

Identify When You’re “In the Zone”

Earlier, we mentioned that most people don’t notice things about themselves and these things include their strengths. However, there are surely times when you’ve lost yourself when doing something you love. It could be any activity that you like to do and find satisfaction in, such as drawing, dancing, writing in your journal, or even tidying up the house. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun.

If you enter a state of “flow” when doing this activity, it’s an indicator that you are adept at doing that said activity. You understand it at a deeper level, leading you to a whole new state of mind when doing it. Thus, identifying these moments when you’re “in the zone” can help you find your natural strengths. More importantly, it can help you discover your purpose.

Figure Out Your Weaknesses

It might seem counter intuitive to identify your weaknesses when you’re trying to find what you’re good at. However, it’s actually a good way of knowing which things you should pursue and those that you should stop doing. Have you ever watched a cooking YouTube instructional video and asked for advice from professional bakers but still couldn’t make a beautiful and delicious cake? It may be time to dedicate your focus and energies on something else.

Don’t fall into the trap of pushing and forcing yourself to turn weaknesses into strengths. Accept the truth that you can’t and don’t have to excel at everything. Moreover, don’t equate stopping to giving up. Rather, think of it as a chance to find something new to try. Taking the example above, if you still love to bake, use it for your recreation and relaxation, rather than your career. You may find that you are a wonderful ‘people’ person who loves to talk about cakes, and would love to open a retail bakery with someone who does excel in making cakes. Once you realise and accept your weaknesses, you’ll be in a better position to discover and develop your true strengths.


Finding your strengths and talents is an important journey and goal. Once you do find them, you are one step closer to the best version of yourself. Take the time to discover your strengths and unleash your full potential towards a fulfilling, purposeful life. Good luck!

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