September Horoscopes

Welcome to September

Spring has sprung here in the southern hemisphere. The mercury is rising, flowers are blooming and the days are lengthening. There is a palpable hopefulness for a summer with more freedom and joy than we’ve experienced over the last couple of years albeit a sense that much is changing.

September always offers the invitation to alter our habits and clear out the clutter in our professional and personal environments. But this year September is especially powerful for doing so….

The energy of Virgo invites us to bring order to chaos. To understand what’s working and what’s not and to make changes required to bring things back into balance so that you can work and live in ways that are sustainable for your mind, body and soul. More than ever keeping your thoughts focused on what you’re here to create vs being distracted by local and global events will be critical to experiencing joy, peace and inspiration.

This year these Virgo themes are emphasised due to Mercury retrograde (Sept 10 to Oct 2). Being the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury’s retrograde underscores the importance of reviewing, revising and redoing in order to create new efficiencies. This is perfect for helping you see what aspects of your life you are ready to create new habits and routines in. Read your Sun sign column to get more information on how this can occur for you.

Also at play, and it will continue to do so through to the end of the year, is the palpable energetic shift going on around “Freedom vs Control”, “The Old vs The New” and “Tradition vs Innovation”. August was a big month for leaning into your heart, backing yourself and understanding what it is that you are here to do. The desire to know what your unique purpose is in the world is getting stronger each day. As is the yearning to figure out how to make that happen so you can make a difference. (I know this to be true as you’re a conscious human if you’re reading this!).

Throughout September expect more clarity about the ideal way to move forward. Ideas are likely to drop in to help you know the best steps to take in this changing world. But it is also likely to be a big month of news. Around the globe there is much suffering through war, fires, floods, famine, shootings, corruption, changing laws, power and control. To that end, it is your job to focus on what you can control. To stay committed to your path to make a difference. To not get side-tracked and lose hope. September helps us to focus our minds. To identify habits that will support us to take the higher ground and stay hopeful and optimistic for what the future brings. And it has never been more important as there is still so much global change coming in October and November.

Finally, relationships will be up for review during September. You’ll be considering who you want to be partnering with professionally and in your personal life. Notice who you’re drawn to right now. How do you feel when you are around them? Are you aligned in the difference you’re here to make? The end of September is a great time to really lean into these questions.

I invite you to work with the lunations this month. Head to your sign to read about what’s available for you to initiate and bring into being.



What a busy time you have been having this year with Jupiter travelling through your sign amplifying your energy and drive. And it’s all about to get busier – if you can believe it! In late August your ruling planet, Mars, entered Gemini where he will be until 25 March 2023!  Here Mars’ desire to get things done is dispersed in numerous directions. In other words, it’s likely you’ll have a number of big balls in the air and you’ll want to be catching all of them…. But you can’t! So, it’s VITAL that from now until 2023 you are really discerning about what you say YES to. As much as you like to put your hand up and make things happen, you cannot do it all. Priortise those projects that make your heart sing. That have a strong sense of meaning and purpose for you.

The good news is that whatever you do decide to put your attention to – use social media to get the word out. Messages you share have the potential to spread far and wide.

This month, Mercury’s retrograde invites you to review your primary working and personal relationships. You’ll be honing in on who you are committed to partnering with for the longer term. It’s also the ideal time for a health check, particularly the weeks of Sept 10 to Oct 2.

This month’s Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 is likely to have you tap deeply into your spiritual side, Dreams will likely be extra vivid and you could well find that fresh insight and inspiration about how you want to show up in the world.

The New Moon in Libra on September 26 brings opportunity to focus on relationships. From a professional perspective, use it to lean into your ideal business partnerships and collaborations. And it’s also perfect for making wishes to bring in your ideal romantic or plutonic relationship.



Wow – Change, Change and more Change….. yes? Brace yourselves Taureans. In September, October and November there is even more change coming. You are in the midst of a profound period of re-invention and deeply considering how you want to show up in the world. Your intuition has been going through the roof and you know that you are here to be part of the positive change in the world.

This month’s Mercury retrograde supports you to review your daily routine and overall health. With so much going on, you need to prioritise carefully. You are yearning for more fun and lightness in your life due to the strong emphasis on work. Use Sept 10 to Oct 2 to identify the necessary adjustments you need to make to bring more of that back into your world.

This month’s Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 shines spotlight on groups of a spiritual and/or compassionate nature. Whether it’s a not for profit or local group of like-minded conscious souls, you’re feeling the push to expand this part of you.

The New Moon in Libra on September 26 is the ideal time to set new health and wellness goals. You know it’s time. And with Summer just around the corner you want to be feeling good in your mind, body and soul.



This month there are a couple of major planetary shifts happening for you to take advantage of.

Firstly Mercury, your ruling planet, is stationing retrograde giving you time to pause, reflect, redo, rethink and re-edit. Given your natural desire to juggle lots of projects at once and creatively produce, from Sept 10 to Oct 2 you’ll have the chance to slow down and decide which of those projects are your priority and which ones can wait. Allow extra time when travelling due to potential delays and pay attention to your communication – be clear and concise so as not to cause confusion.

The second shift already under way is associated with Mars. The planet of single-focus and drive, moved into your sign at the end of August and will be visiting until March 2023 due to his upcoming retrograde (Oct 30 to Jan 12). This extended stay in your sign is rare. The last time Mars retrograded in Gemini was 2008 and before that 1980. This is a great transit for focussed, fast paced writing and creating so if you’re penning a book, poetry or music, this will be a welcome boost! On the flip side, this transit can see more speeding fines and angry outbursts – think war of words. A great way to temper this is to stay grounded with meditation and breathwork.

September’s Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 puts your career under the spotlight – all the hard work you’ve been doing has the potential to be recognised. It’s your time in the Sun.

The New Moon in Libra on September 26 amps up your fun sector! It’s time to bring back the balance. Life is to be enjoyed so give yourself permission to put down tools and get out and amongst it with friends and loved ones.



September’s Mercury retrograde gives you pause to focus on your home and family as well as your ideal social media strategy. What’s the right balance when it comes to working from home and being out and about networking for you? From Sept 10 to Oct 2 you’ll have the opportunity reflect on these things. Just remember that if you are looking for a new car, wait until after late October when Mercury is back to full steam ahead.

The Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 spotlights your desire for International Travel, leaning and teaching. You’re spiritual beliefs and practices are expanding right now. You’re releasing traditional ways of thinking you inherited from your family and upbringing that no longer serve you.

The New Moon in Libra on September 26 is perfect for setting goals related to your home and family. If you’ve been contemplating moving house – buying or selling – this is a powerful time to ASK for it to come through =)



What a month your Birthday month was – how many Aha moments of clarity dropped helping you align with your heart and what you’re here to do? If they haven’t yet, we need to talk!

September’s Mercury retrograde period from Sept 10 to Oct 2 is perfect for reviewing your social media and business development strategies. If you’ve been doing a lot of writing recently, this is the time for editing and making the tweaks to get things just right. You’ll also have the opportunity to review your finances and income. So much has changed in 2022 and you have recognised your worth. You know the value you provide. This is the time to review your salary and pricing to make sure it’s in line with the transformation you offer.

For the rest of the year your business networks and social groups are expanding at a rapid pace in new and exciting ways due to Mars’ extended stay in this part of your chart. Make the most of this energising period by branching out and meeting new people you can collaborate with.

The Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 puts your joint finances, assets and investments under the spotlight. It’s also a powerful time for doing inner work to bring to the surface any subconscious patterns that hold you back from your greatness. Book in a healing session to help you move through the emotions that are ready to surface.

The New Moon in Libra on September 26 is the ideal time to set goals around your marketing and social media. You’re more likely to be “seen” this month in your communities.



Happy Birthday Virgo – and belated wishes to those of you who celebrated your solar return in late August. This is your month to shine!!! Just perfect if you feel the need to spruce up your wardrobe and get some new social media photos done.

Heads up to be mindful that this month your ruling planet Mercury is stationing retrograde. This may lead to delays with projects and plans. Ensure you create plenty of time between appointments so you can deal with any unexpected matters without stress – especially between Sept 10 to Oct 2. This retrograde will also give you time to review your income and finances to get things in order.

The Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 puts your primary relationships under the spotlight. Whether it’s a new romance or an exciting new business partnership you desire, take note of who comes into your sphere around this time.

The New Moon in Libra on September 26 is the ideal time to set your financial goals for the year ahead!



It’s been a huge year hasn’t it. September brings you the opportunity to think through your future direction. With Mercury retrograding through your sign you’ll be revising, rethinking and re-doing more than you usually do during Mercury retrogrades. Underpinning all that you do is balance – much of September you’ll be assessing how you can achieve peace and flow in your personal and professional life with all the changes that have been going on.

Don’t be surprised if this month you also find yourself yearning to travel or sign up for a new course. Your desire to learn and grow is voracious from now until March 2023 with Mars moving into your professional development sector. Just be mindful of not spreading yourself too thin saying yes to lots of new mind-expanding opportunities. Otherwise you’re likely to overload yourself!

The Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 puts your health and daily routine under the spotlight. Things can come to light that you hadn’t otherwise seen. Be mindful of committing to a daily routine which sustains your desire to perform at work and play with friends and family!

The New Moon in Libra on September 26 is the ideal time to make goals for what you want to achieve in the year ahead. This is such an powerful thing to do during your Birthday season.



Oh how life has been transforming for you. You’ve been actively and incidentally letting go of what no longer serves you in your life since the South Node moved into your sign at the start of 2022. As a Scorpio you’re gifted with the intense desire to deep dive into situations and transform. Your fixed determination to dig around in the underbelly to bring the truth to surface is unavailing. But sometimes that fixed determination keeps you stuck in old patterns. These times we now find ourselves in are inviting you to open up to new possibilities. To engage your spiritual and conscious side and yield your intense power to make a difference in the world. This is your time!

September’s Mercury retrograde (Sept 10 to Oct 2) offers opportunity to reflect on your spiritual and mindfulness practices to restore peace and joy in your life. It will also give you opportunity to review your professional and personal associations. Which groups do you now find yourself aligning with?

At the end of August, Mars moved into your shared resources sector where he’ll remain until March 2023. During this long visit you’ll be able to use this to review your investments, consider who you want to be in business with and work on any subconscious patterning that is keeping you away from experiencing joie-de-vivre.

The Full Moon on Sept 10 in Pisces will spotlight the importance of having fun and could even shine a light on romance.

The Virgo New Moon on Sept 26 is the ideal time to set goals around joining or creating your ideal personal and business tribes. Contributing to the world in way that makes a difference is intensely important to you right now.



September is a big month for shining a light on your Career with the Sun moving through that sector. Likely you’ll be reviewing how you work and possibly even considering where you work during Mercury’s retrograde from Sept 10 to Oct 2.

At the end of last month fiery Mars moved into your relationships sector where he’ll be staying until March 2023. This will fuel inject your desire to get out and connect with lots of new contacts. It’s ideal energy for sniffing out and securing new business partnerships and deals. However, be aware that your desire to do outweighs the volume of time and energy you have available to get it all done. The key is to ensure you don’t overbook yourself and that you’re discerning around opportunities that arise. And as a side note, this can be a power period for bringing in new romantic relationships or adjusting existing relationships so that you bring the spark back!

The Full Moon on Sept 10 in Pisces will spotlight getting the balance right between your family and work. Likely your family will be wanting more from you or your body will be letting you know it needs more self-love and nourishment.

The Virgo New Moon on Sept 26 is the ideal time to set goals new year-long goals in relation to your career.



A lot has been changing in your world over the last 18 months and heads up – there’s more to come before the year’s out. Keep trusting that all the change is happening for a reason. For your highest good. You’re being invited to review and rebuild from the ground up. Traditional ways of being in the world and business models that you once thrived in are falling away and in their place new, more egalitarian, authentic ways of working are forming.

This month is the optimum time of the year for you to invest in professional / personal development. Your mind is curious to learn and expand. So sign up for the course or to work with that coach – it will pay dividends in helping you transform.

During Mercury’s retrograde Sept 10 to Oct 2 you will have the chance to review your career and your belief systems. What you once thought to be true may not be the case by the end of the month.

Your health and daily routine are going to be a major focus between now and the end of the year. Be sure to not spread yourself too thin.

The Full Moon on Sept 10 in Pisces will spotlight you getting the balance right between your higher and lower mind. In other words, finding the balance between the facts and what you believe in. It’s important to be paying attention to what you allow your thoughts to flow to. Remember what you think about is what you attract!

The Virgo New Moon on Sept 26 is the ideal time to make international travel plans and or invest in your higher learning.



Pressure continues to build as you wrestle with responsibility and yearning for freedom this month with a crescendo peaking in October. Do what you can to manage your mind. Continue to choose uplifting content and associate with positive people to support you through to the end of 2022.

Mercury is retrograding through your professional development and international travel sector this month. Quite likely you’ll be reviewing and revising options in one or both of these areas. Any delays that occur are designed to have you drill down on what’s most important to focus on.

The good news is that Mars is taking an extended visit to your romance, creativity and fun sector until May 2022. Yay for that! Just be mindful of not overcommitting that social calendar of yours.

The Full Moon on Sept 10 in Pisces will spotlight money matters. It’s all about getting the balance right with knowing your worth and what you receive from others in response to that. It’s a great time to reflect on your income and ways to bring that into balance with the contribution that you make.

The Virgo New Moon on Sept 26 is the ideal time to review your financial investments, get your tax sorted and spend time working with counsellors and healers to help you manage the mental load you’re carrying.



This month the Sun is lighting up your relationships sector – personal and professional. There’s a desire to rectify what hasn’t been going well and bring things back into alignment. Not in a pushy “you need to change” kind of way, but in a “I’m ready to receive love and abundance” kind of way. Do you like the sound of that?

With Mars now taking up residence in your home and family sector, this will be where much of your energy will be expended. Be mindful of not committing to too many projects at once if you don’t have the time and resources to support you bringing them through to conclusion.

Mercury’s retrograde from Sept 10 to Oct 2 invites you to review shared finances as well as ways to get your relationship working.

The Full Moon on Sept 10 in your sign highlights the importance of finding the right balance between your needs and the needs of your partner. This is equally the case at home as it is at work.

The Virgo New Moon on Sept 26 is the ideal time to set intentions around your ideal partnership at home and at work. Particularly good to work with if you are single and are ready to commit to a relationship.

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