Next Session:  Tues 21 July 2020 at 12.00 – 1.00pm
COST:  $297+Gst for the first month then $55+Gst  each month thereafter
Special Offer NATAL CHART:  $297+Gst – Must have one to do the Coaching
(You will be prompted to purchase after you enrol if you haven’t had your chart done previously by Josephine)

ENROLMENT:  Limited Places

Each month as the Sun enters a new Zodiac sign and a different energy manifests, Josephine invites you to join her in exploring how to maximise opportunities that await in your Career and Personal Life.

Using the stars, her intuition and 20 years career coaching experience as her guide, she will share information and facilitate a monthly coaching session around:
I. How to embrace your Inner Sovereign for the Month Ahead (based on your Birth Chart)
II. Key energy themes and opportunities/challenges for the 4 weeks ahead
III. How to work with the New and Full Moons coming up to set intentions and recalibrate
IV. Which days are best for launching products, sending proposals
V. Which days are best for resting, self-nourishment and stepping back
VI. Which days are best for family and relationships
VII. Which days are best for getting strategic

Josephine is passionate about supporting you to embrace the career + life you were built to love. She believes that Astrology never lies. In her opinion, the insights available to you ahead of time are invaluable keys for experiencing deep meaning and attracting abundance.

The Inaugural Session will be for Gemini – 20 may 2020 – 21 june 2020

Given Gemini rules communication, computer technology, transportation and teaching…. It’s a month jam packed with opportunities to review, revise and glean fresh insights into how you share your knowledge with others using technology!!!!