October 2023 Horoscopes

Welcome to October

Welcome to October! Energetically, the month ahead points to the need for truth. We find ourselves amid another intense period where secrets are being brought to light and people are demanding justice.

With the powerbroker of the sky, Pluto, ending his lengthy retrograde journey in Capricorn on Oct 11, expect to read more news that sheds light on any leaders or people of “influence” who have been misusing their power. This is part of Pluto’s role of transforming “big business” and “powerbrokers”. Expect to see ongoing exposure of any patriarchal injustice in boardrooms, politics and institutions led by an elite few who impact many in their system.

On a personal level, this is a profound period of radical transformation, especially for women. If you are working in a way that minimises you achieving your potential, you’ll be ready to make some big changes. Have you noticed yourself really ready to step into your own power? New courage may be rising up within you to take a path that’s more authentic for you. Know that you have what it takes!

The day after Pluto stations direct, Mars ingresses into Scorpio helping us set laser sharp goals both personally and professionally. The drive and desire to transform situations, by bringing the facts to the surface is strong. Things can feel really challenging at this time causing you to make some big decisions to do things differently.

October also heralds the second eclipse season for the year. Eclipses tend to signal major beginnings and major endings in a part of your life. And oftentimes these come out of the blue.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on the 15th October is the first eclipse in the sign of Libra since the South Node moved into the sign earlier this year. This talks to an 18-month storyline where your need to be able to show up as your unique authentic self at work is paramount. If you don’t feel valued or challenged at work, notice a desire to strike out in a new direction or even set up your own business. And if you’re in a partnership, adjustments are likely required to create a new kind of win:win for both parties.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on 29th October highlights your values, sense of self-worth and spotlights money matters. As always full moons bring emotions to the surface and out into the collective consciousness. With the Moon’s ruler Venus making a supportive connection to Uranus, unexpected change in circumstances, for the better, can come your way. Whether you see things from a new perspective, you experience a financial shift or rediscover a new sense of self-worth – this powerful lunation can help open new doorways of possibility. Just remember, when you take action, you pave the way for new opportunities to keep opening up!

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Wishing you an amazing month bringing your hopes and dreams to life!



Welcome to October 2023 Aries.

This month, relationships continue to be in sharp focus for you both personally and professionally. Since late August you’ve been driven to establish new partnerships as well as nourish existing ones. As part of this journey, you’ve got clear on who inspires, supports and brings out the best in you and who doesn’t. And frankly, you no longer have time to tolerate those who don’t have your back or drag you down. If you’ve been trying to hold things together for the sake of harmony, the start of this month is likely to bring things to a head. Relationships ending is never easy, however it’s important to trust your intuition and know that any loss creates opportunity for new, more aligned partnerships to come in.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 can help you see things more clearly.
Truths about a professional or personal relationship may suddenly be revealed taking you by surprise and leading you to think twice about how you’d like to proceed. This is the ideal time to set goals around how you’d like to partner with over the coming 12 months to achieve your goals.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 spotlights your finances. Unexpected changes from the past few months are the catalyst for focussing on your how you can make your money work well for you over the long-term. It’s a great time to check in on your budgets and review your investments.



Welcome to October 2023 Taureans.

This month your daily routine, health and wellness is very much under the spotlight. You’re innately a powerhouse of energy, with the resilience to keep on keeping on, no matter what demands are on you. However, if you haven’t been prioritising your mind, body and spirit, then it’s time to make some changes. Otherwise, your energy levels can suffer dramatically and impact your work and let’s face it, your personal life too!

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is the ideal time to set fresh new health and wellness goals as a result of realising you now need to prioritise those. Just remember, your wellbeing requires you to put strong boundaries in place around hours of work as well as health and fitness. This is also a wonderful time of year to set intentions around your mindfulness practices

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 spotlights the importance of tending to your own needs first in order to be able to be there for others. If you’ve been too selfless and putting others first, you may well be in for some unexpected changes forcing you to prioritise yourself. Alternatively, if you’ve been too selfish, others are going to let you know. Treat any feedback as a gift…. An opportunity to grow by doing things differently.



Welcome to October Geminis!

With Mercury back at full speed, it’s all systems go for you in October. On October 5, Mercury ingresses into Libra which triggers the child within you. You can take advantage of this by making more time to get out and have fun….. Just for the sake of it! You’ve been working so hard for much of this year so give yourself some time to get social with colleagues, friends and family alike. Your mind is full of ideas and it’s the ideal time to bounce them around with your tribe!

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is a wonderful opportunity to set goals around creative passion projects, having more fun and authentically expressing your innate talents in the world! Given this is an eclipse, you may well come to a realisation that creative projects that once excited no longer hold the same appeal. Allow yourself to release and let go. In doing so, new exciting directions await.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 illuminates a vital need for you to consistently create moments to retreat from the world. Whether you need to recover from past emotional events, a period of intense energy output or a health scare, do what you need to recalibrate your energy levels and restore balance. Meditation and time in nature are your grounding friend at this time.



Welcome to October Cancerians!

This is the time of the year where the focus is on your private life. You may already have noticed a desire to slow down a little and retreat at home. Whilst you are a passionate career woman, Cancerians appreciate more than anyone the value of hiding away to restore and refresh between bursts of creative genius. This month, you can feel dynamics at home shifting. There’s some old patterns that are coming up which you’re ready to change. Whether you’re learning to do a new relationships dance, moving homes or a child is moving out, this is the time to let go to allow the new to come through.

As we enter eclipse season, I invite you to prioritise looking after your emotions by engaging all of your grounding and re-energising practices. With the Moon being your ruling luminary, you are innately aware of the full cycle of emotions – the ups and the downs. October is likely to be a particularly emotional period as it spotlights you finding balance with your needs at home and at work. Use journaling, counselling and/or trusted friends to help process any new emotions if/when they arise.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is the ideal opportunity to set goals related to family, property and your home. And trust that if any unexpected news on this front comes your way, it’s to help you make choices to move forward in a new way.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 spotlights groups, associations and organisations you belong to. Have you got the balance right between honouring your creative side and your need to enjoy yourself versus being part of a corporation or group? If you are spending more time doing one thing over the other, this lunation will trigger emotions that have you make adjustments to rectify the situation. Plus some exciting developments could come through in the corporate or community setting!



Welcome to October Leos!

Having had the past few months to tune into where you want to steer your professional creative focus, October delivers on both the learning and marketing fronts. Throughout October you have an extra dose of charm and intellect available to help you get your message out into the world. Your powers of persuasion are strong as you discover new information you’re inspired to share with your clients, colleagues and broader network. Use this month to organise your social media and get clear on your key messaging. It’s time to communicate what you stand for.

As we enter eclipse season, be prepared for your knowledge and beliefs to be tested. Unexpected opportunities to upgrade your professional skills may avail themselves, in which case, don’t hesitate to take advantage.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to set your marketing and business development goals for the year ahead. Get clear on your social strategy as well as your target client base.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 spotlights your career. Whether you’ve been working on a project that comes to fruition or an opportunity for advancement presents itself, this is a time when your hard work can pay off. However, if you’ve been spending too much time working and ignoring family, you’ll realise it’s time to make some adjustments to bring things back into balance. Equally, if family or your home life has been demanding your attention and taking you away from your public work, this lunation offers you time to recalibrate.



Welcome to October Virgos.

With Mercury now travelling direct, it’s all systems go for you in October. Your energy levels will have restored and all month you have the opportunity to tap into your personal resources. Throughout October, stretch yourself. Your intellect, organisational capacity and drive to support others, allows you to make financial gains.

October also dials up your charm and attraction powers. Stay focussed on what you’re creating in the world and use your intuition to guide your decision making. Your inner goddess is shining brightly!

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to set your financial goals and review business revenue targets. Many of you are letting go of skills you once used in your career as you’re discovering new areas of interest which are steering your professional life in a new direction.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 is likely to bring up emotions related to “what the truth is” for you. It’s also a time when you’re curious to expand your knowledge and experience more adventure. However, there is a tension as you also have to navigate life’s mundane realities. What are you now learning that’s challenging your long-held belief systems? This can also be a time when you’re keen to head overseas on an adventure or focus on your studies.



Happy Birthday to all you stylish Librans! And belated wishes to those of you born late September.

For much of October the Sun’s rays are shining down on you amping up your charm, powers or persuasion and energy levels. Have you noticed how much you are upleveling? You are in the midst of an 18 month window of letting go of any old outdated aspects of yourself that have been holding you back (consciously or subconsciously). If you’ve been proactive in doing the “inner work” and tuning into your personal power, then opportunities for growth and expansion await. But if you’ve been pushing “the hard stuff” to one side to try and keep the peace, this month may bring up some unexpected changes to nudge you in a more purposeful direction.

Early in October Venus, your ruling planet, ingresses into your spiritual sector inviting you to discover new ways to regularly retreat from the world, tap into your inner knowing and ask your heart what it wants to create. Doing things to please others at the expense of chasing your own passions is simply not an option!

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to set personal and professional goals for the year ahead. It’s literally a time when the focus is all about you. So make the most of this energy and write down your intentions. Seeds you plant now have enormous potential to grow beyond your wildest dreams over the coming 12 months.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 is likely to bring up emotions related to joint finances and investments. Lady luck is on your side this month when it comes to identifying reliable and steady long-term investment options.



Welcome to October 2023 Scorpios.

Since late August, you may well have experienced a loss of drive and motivation with Mars, your ruling planet, travelling through your “retreat” sector. The good news is that on October 12, Mars leaves the hidden realms in your chart and brings fresh energy and support to set and achieve your goals. However, your innate determination to get results through tireless effort is not the way to go at this time. Instead pay more attention to focussing on how you want to “feel” doing the work in the world you’re here to do. Effort less and allow yourself to dream about the transformation you want to be and create in the world.

Ahead of this positive shift, prepare to experience some inner turmoil particularly between October 6 and 13. This period is challenging you to tap into your deepest desires. For some of you, this can be a time when angry feelings from the past erupt within you causing agitation. As much as you can, explore new ways to interact and work with others.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to set spiritual development goals. You can use this to reflect on what being a Conscious Leader looks like to you. And how can you live that way in your everyday life?

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 is likely to bring up emotions around relationships and key business partnerships. This is a time to figure out what’s most meaningful to you in all your primary relationships. Any issues brought to light under this lunation have the capacity to be resolved by implementing sustainable changes.



Welcome to October 2023 Sagittarians.

This month your charm and powers of persuasion are palpable in corporations, associations and large groups. You are noticed for your unique talents and authentic ways of being. Use October to amp up your networking, stretch yourself to meet new people and reconnect with those you haven’t spoken to in some time.

Your ruling planet Jupiter continues his retrograde journey this month supporting you to reconsider your plans for the future. You are being offered time to slow down, visualise the way you want to live your life, tend to your health and establish a daily routine which nourishes all aspects of your life.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to dream BIG. The New Moon falls in your 11th house of anything’s possible. Therefore, be sure to set aside time to write down your professional and personal goals for the coming year ahead! Note, given it’s an eclipse, any organisations you’re associated with that are no longer aligned with your purpose are likely to fall away over the coming 6 months.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 is likely to bring up emotions around your daily routine and health/wellbeing. Your drive to serve and be helpful in the world can pay a toll if you don’t pause to look after you. If you’ve been all work and not taking care of yourself, this lunation can literally slow you down and force rest upon you. On the other hand, if you’ve been in full on retreat mode, you’ll be ready to get back into the world and make a difference.



Welcome to October 2023 Capricorns.

This is the time of the year when the Sun is lighting up your Career. October offers you a chance to bask in the energy of the legacy you want to leave behind to inspire generations to come. And I know you like the idea of having a lasting impact!

That said, there are changes afoot, especially when it comes to your professional relationships and reputation. If you’ve been proactive in building partnerships with people and organisations which share your values and vision for the future, these have the opportunity to go from strength to strength. However, if you’ve been avoiding having any difficult conversations to keep the peace, changes may be made for you. Over the next year, I invite you to be dedicated to working in a way that is deeply meaningful to you, with people who are equally passionate about making a difference as you are.

You are innately gifted at building material things that last the test of time. However, you know that possessions don’t bring you happiness. It’s having the ability to positively impact others lives that truly lights you up.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to set Career Goals for the coming 12 months. Write those intentions down and imagine how you’ll feel when they come into reality.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 spotlights your fun, romance and enjoyment sector. Have you been getting into life and treating it like a joyful adventure? If not, now’s the time to recalibrate! Equally, if you’ve been busy creating on your own or pulling away from groups, you’ll feel a tug to reconnect professionally and socially.



Welcome to October 2023 Aquarians.

October the spotlight is on expanding and imparting your knowledge. This is the ideal time to explore professional development options or plan for that overseas adventure. In doing so, you gift yourself with fresh new perspectives and keep that curious, quirky mind of yours inspired making meaning of life.

Ideas have been and will continue to flow to you to help you establish solid footings at home. The more you tap into your spiritual side through practices such as yoga, mindfulness, music and time in nature, the more you’ll discover ways for money to flow to you!!

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to set professional development and international travel goals for the year ahead.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 spotlights your homelife, property and family. If you don’t have the right balance between home and work, this lunation invites you to make any changes to restore an equilibrium. Should unexpected changes occur in either of these two areas of life, trust they are supporting you to better align with your purpose.



Welcome to October 2023 Pisceans.

The month may get off to a confusing start. You could find it difficult to think clearly or land on decisions. Instead of trying to push to get things done, surrender and go with the flow as much as you can. Trust, trust, trust!

You’re currently in the midst of a 3 year journey of Saturn travelling through your sign. This is inviting you to take responsibility for planning for the future by putting down solid foundations that will benefit you in the long term. In some instances, this can require having some hard conversations where your share your innermost truths. Around October 10, you may find yourself seriously re-assessing your relationships. And / or taking a good hard look at your finances. This is nothing to shy away from, this is a profound period in which you can uplevel and better align with your purpose.

The New Moon Eclipse in Libra on October 15 is your annual opportunity to set long-term investment goals AND commit to doing “the inner work” with a counsellor, psychologist and or coach!

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on October 29 spotlights your marketing/social media and communication sector. The desire to learn, acquire information and teach will be strong. Don’t be surprised if your beliefs are strongly tested at this time. What you thought to be true may be challenged.

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