November Horoscopes

Welcome to November

We enter the month of November amidst one of the most “explosive” eclipse seasons in years. As far back as the ancients, Eclipse seasons have signified change, unexpected events and course re-directions. Whether the change is desired or not, astrologers recognise that eclipses bring shifts in our lives to better align with our purpose – individually and collectively – whether it’s welcome or not. As always, the intensity of the impact of the eclipse will be greater it triggers planets or angles in your Birth Chart which a professional astrology reading can explain in more detail.

The end of October brought us the new moon in Scorpio partial solar eclipse and on November 8, 2022 the total lunar eclipse will take place under the full moon in Taurus. The signs of Taurus and Scorpio are associated with our values, resources (food and shelter), money, shared assets, investments, mortgages, loans, taxes and business partnerships. Expect these topics to be significantly highlighted over the coming 6 months after the eclipses have occurred.

Uranus, the planet associated with breakdown to breakthrough, destabilisation, innovation, intuition and revolution is also a key player in the total lunar eclipse. You can actively work with this energy in your life by spending time focussing on what you want to create. Make time at the start of each day to raise your body’s energetic frequency through meditation, visualisation, imagining the emotional energy you want to experience in your life and journaling. More than ever, where you place your mind’s attention you will experience that in your external world at work and at home. So, choose uplifting content, music, friends, colleagues, mentors and coaches to ensure you stay focussed on what you want to build versus going into fear about what is changing. THIS IS CRITICAL!!!

We also enter November at a slowed pace with Mars having commenced his 2 ½ months retrograde journey. Given Mars symbolises our drive, energy and competitive spirit, you may well be starting the month with lower energy levels and motivation than you normally have. Plus, for much of November, Mars connects with Neptune which adds a layer of confusion, foggy thinking and veiled information which can leave your decisive powers lacking.

At the end of the month, Jupiter ends his long retrograde journey supporting us to tune into new dreams and expand beyond what’s possible now.

So yes, it’s a very intense and somewhat confusing month ahead. HOWEVER, it’s a time for reviewing where and what you want to put your energy into. It’s a time to deeply lean into what is purposeful for you and how you’d most like to positively impact the world. And, boy, the world has never needed you more than now to do so!!

Click on your zodiac sign below to learn ways to engage these energies in business this month.

With much love



Oh how you fiery Aries professionals love to have plenty of projects on the go and be first to get them done!! But right now, you’re being invited to S L O W down. It takes a lot for you to take the foot of the gas, but now is the time to do so. It’s been a big year for you with plenty of Aha’s landing on what you want to do moving into 2023. But, your tank is close to empty right now so use wisely your energetic reserves in the run down to the end of the year.

November starts with your ruling planet Mars in retrograde. This happens once every 2 years. The last time it occurred was from September to November 2020 so cast your mind back to coping strategies you engaged then to sustain yourself. Mid-month you may struggle to see things clearly or understand what direction to go in. Try to be ok with this and take things one day at a time.

With Jupiter now returned to the part of your chart associated with retreating from the world, you are invited to deepen your soulful practices using mindfulness, breathwork, journaling and healing modalities to tune into your wise self. You will be rewarded with fresh insights and ideas that you can action next year.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November is taking place in the area of your values, personal resources, possessions and self-worth as well as your shared assets, investments, mortgages and taxes. Expect the unexpected in these areas of your life. Something may emerge out of the blue related to these topics in the coming months as things come to light that you couldn’t see before.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November helps you to open your mind to new possibilities and adventures. Your’e inspired to expand your knowledge either through travel or enrolling in a new course of study. You may also be interested in mentoring others or engaging a mentor yourself. Either way, new horizons beckon!



Change and restructure in your life continue to be big themes for you in November. As a fixed earth sign, change is most challenging for you determined Taureans. If you haven’t yet embraced change, this month is likely to throw up some more unexpected directions for you to contemplate.

With your ruling planet Venus travelling through Scorpio in your relationship sector, it’s a powerful time for establishing new partnerships and deepening existing ones – both professionally and personally. But you won’t suffer fools or emotionally stagnant individuals. You are looking to connect with others in a deep way. So you’ll be drawn to those who are in touch with their emotions who can speak with ease about intense matters in an honest and vulnerable way. Only then can the truth be discovered for both of you.

With Jupiter once again transiting through your organisation sector this month, your professional community and associations are an area of focus for you. On the one hand you are enjoying expanding your professional circle of influence. Just be aware that sometimes things are not exactly what they seem. So if things seem too good to be true, they most likely are.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November highlights you finding the right balance between your needs and the needs of your primary partnerships. Given eclipses can reveal truths or help you see things in a new way, you may discover aspects of relationships that have you question if they are the right partner for you for the long-term. Or, it’s possible an opportunity arises for you that comes completely out of the blue such that you need to focus more so on yourself than the relationship for a while.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is an opportunity to set goals related to your investments, mortgages and taxes. It’s also a great month to engage a counsellor, healer or coach to support you better understanding limiting beliefs that are potentially holding you back from attracting abundance into your life.



Welcome to November Gemini professionals! Normally you’re go go go juggling numerous projects and responsibilities at once. But with Mars slowing down in Gemini and commencing his retrograde through your sign until the end of the year, you are being forced to S L O W down. It’s a valuable time to review your identity, your skills, what you represent, why you are here and what you want to do. All great questions to be asking of yourself.

With the Sun and your ruling planet Mercury transiting through your health and wellbeing sector, it’s a good time for that health check and to set up some strong boundaries for your work life. It’s time to go deep, really enquire about what matters most to you, beyond money and beyond your possessions. You can use this month to consider what you most enjoy transforming in life…. That is a major component of your work ethic and skillset.

All month Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance moves back into your Career sector. Ask yourself the questions….How do you want to be regarded by others? What is the legacy you’re here to leave behind?

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November highlights you finding the right balance between your daily life (health and routine) and your spiritual, compassionate side. In order to be able to give to others, you need to take good care of you. You may well discover this month that as a result of slowing down, new exciting insights and information downloads start coming through that you just can’t ignore. Your spiritual connections are expanding rapidly – but you’ll only notice this if you make the time to tune in on a daily basis.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is the ideal time to pause and set intentions around commiting to relationships and signing key contracts.



Throughout the month of November, you yearn to feel all the feels, to experience joy, to have fun and find ways to connect to your care-free child self. And so, I give you full permission to do so. In the process, anticipate a huge opportunity to understand aspects of yourself that until now were hidden from your view. Especially limiting subconscious patterns that started in child-hood which have shaped you into the person you are today. It’s time to bring them to the surface and release them so you can live with a greater sense of freedom and connection to your very bright spirit!!

For sure, your emotions will go up and down all month as the Moon, your ruling luminary, makes her way through the tumultuous skies. There is a lot going on in the world right now associated with the breakdown of patriarchal structures and a renewal of human’s connection with the earth to bring about her healing and mankind’s. But I know you are up for it. You’re ready to more deeply tune into the energies at play so you can do what you do best which is to nurture and nourish others and make them feel safe in your unique way.

With Jupiter returning to your international travel and higher knowledge sector, you once again crave expansion and new horizons. You are seeing things through a broader lens. So, you may well sign up for a new course, engage a mentor or book another international trip. However it looks you are thirsty to learn and expand!

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November highlights you finding the right balance between your need to creatively express yourself and make time for colleagues and friends. Quite possibly something could come out of the blue bringing opportunity to join a new organisation or change roles somehow. Just don’t expect it to happen immediately, it can take months to play out.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is the ideal time to pause and set goals around your health and establishing clear boundaries when it comes to work. You most likely have been pushing yourself hard all year so this is the best time of the year for you to commit to a reset to ensure you are able to enter 2023 with the vitality and staying power you desire.



Here we go, here we go, here we go now!!! Wow, with so much change having taken place personally and professionally for you over the last 2 years, life looks very different for you now compared to the start of 2020. And, as a fixed sign which values loyalty, doing what you say and leading by example, all this change has thrown up plenty of challenges and therefore opportunities to do things differently. The good news is that the tension within you activated by the 2-year Saturn Uranus square is finally separating so you can expect some easing of any anxiety that’s been racing through your body. It’s great to know that the change that has taken place in your professional and personal life has set you up to be better aligned with your purpose. And this month expect some further reveals to show you how to continue to align with your purpose under the eclipse energy.

November puts your family and home under the spotlight with the Sun and Venus moving through this sector. Endings and new beginnings are available. Whether you are moving house, buying a house or navigating changes to your family structure trust that it is ultimately supporting your career in a positive way.

With Jupiter returning to your shared assets, investments and taxes sector keep a keen eye on these topics. Jupiter can help you expand in these areas. Equally, if you need emotional support and healing as a result of all of the changes going on, you’ll be able to find wonderful counsellors and healers to help you better understand yourself so that you can move forward with greater self-awareness, confidence and joy in your heart.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November highlights you finding the right work/life balance. It’s time to bring to the surface and transmute any issues at home and in doing so, unexpected opportunities at work are likely to spring up. Seemingly out of nowhere.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is the ideal time to pause and set iaround around having fun! If you’re single, this is a great time to get out and about and enjoy meetings others. If you’re in a relationship, then do what it takes to bring back that spark. Life’s got to be enjoyed!!!



The first half of November your ruling planet Mercury is travelling through intense and truth-seeking Scorpio in your communication sector. This is a power period for using social media to get your messages out there. Additionally, your ability to teach your tools and techniques to help others transform and find deeper meaning in life is very strong. Then when Mercury moves into Sagittarius mid-month your focus will be on your home and family.

All month Jupiter returns to your relationship sector. This brings good fortune to establishing new partnerships and putting contracts in place. Just be mindful however that as Jupiter is close to Neptune, sometimes things may not be as they seem. So definitely double check the details of any contracts you are signing.

This month and next Mars is retrograding through your career sector which may slow down professional progress a little. Whether the slow down is due to your reduced energy levels and motivation or something outside of your, use this period to review and reset your career and business priorities. You’ll want to have those sorted by the time Mars resumes forward motion mid-January.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November is a powerful time to find the right balance between your lower and higher mind. In other words, your logical mind and your spiritual mind. With Saturn involved in your 6th house of wellbeing, there’s a powerful opportunity to commit to your mental wellbeing and spiritual expansion in new ways. The key is choosing to engage in uplifting content and mix with optimistic, can-do people who are ready to create new ways of doing things in the world!

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is your annual opportunity to pause and set intentions around your family and home.



Welcome to November Librans!! This month your ruling planet Venus is making her way through intense, truth-seeking and transformational Scorpio in your money and personal values sector. You have the opportunity to reflect on your values and what matters most to you. Take time to explore what you value most above and beyond the materials. It will serve you well as you move into the end of the year. Venus in this sector is also very supportive in helping you bring in the money, just be mindful of not spending it as soon as you earn it. The potential to do so is high at the start of the month.

For the last 8 weeks you’ve had Mars activating your desire to expand your knowledge base through international travel and professional development. He is now backtracking through this part of your chart giving you the opportunity to review what you’ve learned, how you want to use it and contemplating what more you want to discover. You are equally curious right now to understand the meaning of life and are possibly exploring spiritual modalities to support you making sense of your emotions and why you are here. It’s a very potent time to do so. Just be aware your usual pace of learning is likely slowed down as Mars travels backwards through the skies until mid-December.

Jupiter returned to your health and wellbeing sector at the end of October where he will be for another month so you can use this to tend to your health and find solutions. It’s also likely to expand work opportunities although the details of what’s involved may not be very clear or easy to wrap your head around at first. Allow yourself to sit in any confusion and trust the path forward to come to you.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November is a powerful time to find the right balance between your value and what you are remunerated. Whilst one financial earning door may shut, another unexpected opportunity to invest your money in new ways may come through.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is your annual opportunity to pause and set goals related to your social media presence, teaching, learning and connecting with your tribe!



Happy Birthday Scorpions and belated celebrations to those of you born late October. This is going to be one of those BIG months of the year with the eclipses bringing about change inviting you to set (or continue with) a new life direction. I know that you prefer stability, security and being able to see things through to completion. I also get that you have had to navigate a lot of change over the last 2 years (due to the Saturn-Uranus square) and that it hasn’t been easy. But, let’s face it, you prefer to be in control and to do things your way. That’s why in November the universe is serving up more change to help you release what you no longer need, transform and align with your purpose!

With your traditional ruling planet, Mars, now retrograde in your shared resources and psychological development sector, you are being invited to review your investments, taxes and mortgages and seek counsel from psychologists, healers or coaches to help you chart a new course. With Mars retrograde until mid-December, take your time, there’s no rush. Now is one of the most potent times in your life to do “the work” (the work on getting to know you!)

The good news is, It’s not all change and “work” in November. Jupiter wants you to kick up your heels and live a little. Allow yourself to let it go and channel the child in you that is able to dance and be in the world like no-one is watching!!!

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November is a powerful time to find the right balance between your needs and those of your primary relationships. It’s time to release the shackles of the past. To let go of the expectations of others that you hold in your psyche to be a certain way. As a result, you may be surprised with what comes through in its place. Relationships that are not authentic will break-down. And equally, new exciting opportunities to collaborate with others will emerge. Just note this can take up to 6 months to reveal.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is your annual opportunity to pause and set goals around your values, possessions and earning power.



Welcome to November!! This first half of this month the Sun is inviting you to give yourself time to retreat from the fast pace of the world. To escape behind the veil of yourself. To tune into your spiritual essence and soul’s longing. Granted, that’s not easy as the weather is warming up here in the Southern hemisphere and pre-Christmas deadlines loom. So, at the very least, aim to take a few minutes at the start of the day when you first open your eyes to focus on how you want to feel for the day and consider what you want to create. If you can, also mediate and journal ideas that come up to go to the next level. Far from regretting it, you’ll revel in the shift it creates.

This month your ruling planet Jupiter returns to your family and home sector also making this an area of focus. This can be a great time to renovate, move home or expand your family. It also spotlights the importance of security so take measures you need to keep you and your family feeling safe and loved.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November is a powerful time to find the right balance between how much you give compassionately of yourself to others and your health and wellbeing. Pay particular attention to your body and it’s needs. If there are any niggles, definitely make that appointment with the doctor as things that have been hidden from view or ignored could expand into something bigger.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is your annual opportunity to set goals around what YOU WANT. If you are seeking vibrant health, inspiring others and using your innate abilities in your career, then this is the time to set goals on those!



Welcome to November Capricorns – just 2 months until Christmas. I know you love nothing more than completing your to-do list and being incredibly productive, but November is llikely to create some significant shake ups in your professional world that may force you to change your plans and make some readjustments.

This month, your ruling planet Saturn, continues through your self-worth and money sector. He’s supporting you to put down new, more stable foundations in these areas to support you, your business and those you are responsible for in this new world economy we find ourselves in.

With Mars now retrograde in your health and wellbeing sector, it’s important that you deliberately slow your pace and achieve a better balance between DOING and BEING. I know it can be hard for you to sit still as it doesn’t feel productive. But this November is ideal for committing to a mindfulness, breathwork or yogic practice to help you be present and live in the moment. Don’t ignore any health niggles if they arise, book that medical check-up.

From a business perspective, this month is ideal for ramping up your social media, networking and researching with Jupiter amplifying this aspect of business.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November is a powerful time to release working in professional environments that are no longer aligned to your values or inhibit your ability to shine to your full potential. Guaranteed if your current role is limiting you, a shift it likely to occur over the coming 6 months that enables you to better embrace your creative potential.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is your annual opportunity to retreat and take time out to truly contemplate what you want to do with your career and life moving forward.



Welcome to November Aquarian professionals. What a couple of years you have been having. Such huge opportunity to change and expand. I know it has been far from easy but the good news is, you’ve been setting yourself up as a future leader in 2023 and beyond. The construct of leadership is changing in the world as it shifts from top-down to individual determination to collaborate with like-minded professionals who share values and visions for a brave new world.

And so, this month there is still more change to come. The Sun is making its way through your Career sector and as it meets up with the South Node during the total lunar eclipse, it activates a releasing or letting go of ways of doing business that no longer serve you. Whilst you may not experience any shifts immediately, things will change over the coming 6 months.

All month you are being invited to review what makes you happy and what truly brings you joy. Spending time with children and watching the awe, curiously and excitement with which they view life will reveal a lot to you this month. There is much you can learn from them.

With Jupiter returning to your self-worth and financial sector, you once again have the opportunity to expand these areas of your life. Just remember in order to receive you must first value yourself and what you do for others.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November will give you the opportunity to engage your ability to focus your mind’s attention on what matters most. As the world sees big shifts in the economy, wars, food shortages, demonstrations and increased illness as well as exciting new developments in how we support mother earth… ideas and solutions are sure to come to you. As an Aquarian you are innately tapped into consciousness, you just have to allow yourself to be still and capture these downloads so you can put them into practice.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is your annual opportunity to set goals around the types of organisations you want to partner with or work for. It’s also a time to set goals around networking groups that are aligned with your vision of the future.



Welcome to November Pisceans! This month the Sun is highlighting your interest in professional development, expanding your knowledge base and broadening your beliefs. Simultaneously you will find yourself letting go of old, outdated belief systems you now realise are obsolete and no longer serve you.

Once again, your ruling planet Jupiter returns to your sign offering fresh new expansive opportunities personally, professionally and spiritually. It’s been a wonderful year for you to have opportunity to find ways to fulfill your purpose. The more you invest in yourself and your skills right now, the more you will benefit in the long run. It’s definitely your time in the Sun. Just bear in mind that not everything is always what it seems. If opportunities arise that seem too good to be true, the next 2 months will reveal if that is actually the case.

The total lunar eclipse on 8 November will give you the opportunity to find the right balance between engaging your logical and creative or intuitive mind. Expect the unexpected as far as new information, research and knowledge are concerned that may well have you completely reassess what you believe in and what matters most.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 24 November is your annual opportunity to set goals around your business and career. What do you want to create over the coming 12 months in this area?

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