May Energy Forecast 2024 Horoscopes

Welcome to May 2024!

After the quickfire pace of April, it would be wonderful to imagine May gifting us a slowing-down energy. Some time to integrate all the shifts, changes and new ideas that have come through over the last 4 weeks. Alas, this will not be the case. The pace of business (and life) will continue to quicken with a growing need for agility, innovation and technical integration to stay at the top of your professional and personal game. Especially, from May 25th. Therefore, if you have the opportunity for a break to give your mind, body and nervous system space to recalibrate, I suggest you take it!

Traditionally May is the ideal month for slowing down and systematically tending to the foundations of business and life. This May that is still the case, although you’ll likely be juggling numerous balls forcing you to flip between big-picture strategic thinking and sorting out the day-to-day needs. Whilst you may feel time-poor, I encourage you to prioritise working both ON and IN your business. The same goes for your personal life 😉

This month’s game changer is Jupiter’s departure from practical and grounded Taurus where it’s been for the last year. On the 25th it arrives into fast moving, clever, busy and intellectual Gemini. Metaphorically this is a shift from slowly tending to the soil to a quick windstorm rushing through. AI is about to take off at lightning speed. Long-term, countless brand-new opportunities will come through. However, over the next 12 months, flexibility, adaptability and embracing humour to keep things light and playful will be your greatest allies. When juggling lots of change it’s important to be playful with it. If a ball drops, bring the humour in and make space to reconnect to your inner wisdom. Pause, breathe, ground and recalibrate. Then, with intention, consciously pick the ball up again with fresh perspective and move forward in a new way. This is especially the case for Sagittarians, Geminis, Pisceans and Virgos.

May will also continue to inspire us to follow our authentic path forward. We are in a profound period for courageously stepping into new more purposeful directions. It’s time to leave behind any relationships or contracts that have hindered growth and expansion. Now’s the time to step into what your heart is calling you to do. If you’ve been resisting speaking your truth, mid-month you won’t be able to hold back.

The New Moon in Taurus on 8th May is the ideal time to set practical business goals and address any part of your life that requires nourishment. Burnout is palpable for so many right now. Deliberately elect to SLOW DOWN from the 8th – 11th May. Choose nourishing food, have a massage, do a bushwalk and revisit your routines. What roots of stability can you embed into your day to day to nurture yourself? Sidenote – items of quality and luxury appeal at this time…. It can’t hurt to book an escape or make that significant purchase you’ll enjoy for years to come.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on 23rd May sparks the need for adventure and to embark in new directions. Travel or Study are both highlighted. There are many supportive energies in this lunation bringing through optimism, faith and hope that what you desire will work out.

And so, with the continued swirl of shifts and changes this month, prioritise you. Start your day in meditation, reflection or with time in nature. Sink into your intentions. Be mindful of what you’re focused on creating. And trust that this quickening is also bringing you opportunities and challenges faster than ever. But remember, the nature of what comes your way is determined by your thoughts and emotions.

The Conscious Leader is aware of this. They live and breathe their intentions minute to minute. And they learn where they are by what is reflected to them through every interaction at work and home.

Wishing you an amazing month ahead!



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