March Horoscopes



Your professional life continues to be of significant focus this month. The start of March begins with a powerful burst of energy. Use this drive and ambition to strategise – keep focusing on what you are creating for the long-term. Bring a conscious mindset to your Leadership style this month, things won’t go well if you use “force” to get others to do what you need them to. Instead see the strengths in your colleagues, team members, and clients and co-create in a way that is meaningful for both of you. The action you take this month is very important in setting you up for the long term.

By mid-month the lens is likely to shift from your own career to the organisational setting. You can use this to create collaboration opportunities and get innovative with your problem-solving.

The first half of March brings the opportunity to deepen your mindfulness and spiritual practices. Insights are strong during this period so I encourage you to carve out space to breathe, meditate and journal to make the most of what comes through. Perhaps ideas of new areas of study or planning an international trip? Then from the 15th to 25th March, there may be some unexpected surprises around income with a greater appreciation of your skills and talents and the contribution you make.



The first week of March continues to offer up opportunities to expand your skillset and broaden your thinking. By 7th March, your focus will very much be on your career.

I know many of you have struggled with change since the beginning of 2020. As a result, you’ve been exploring new possibilities to recraft your Career. Your desire to make a difference in the world is strong and ideas which have been percolating around finding innovative ways to work and support your client base are very clear in March. As the world of work continues to find a new normal in March, the forced “covid-19 iso-incubation period” you’ve dragged yourself through is finally going to reveal new strengths and opportunities as you operate in new ways.

All month there are wonderful opportunities to expand how you work in your existing organisation or there may even be a knock on the door with offers to work with a different company or group of people. So make sure you’re out and about networking this month. Share your vision with the kind of people that you’re looking to partner with. I’m excited for you!



The start of the month may well find you considering options for professional development opportunities. If this is you, back the options that are presenting themselves, this is a time for expanding your mind. International travel is also a possibility so if this calls you, it’s a good time to make plans even though you may still be a little gun-shy.

From the 11th March, your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into your Career sector highlighting opportunities to shine and be noticed. In fact, you have an extremely auspicious 2 month window ahead. This could offer up new exciting and expansive career opportunities. Whilst you are exceptionally gifted at engaging your intellect, to make the most of this period, ensure you spend some good downtime grounding yourself and backing your intuition. Your ability to read a room and the people in it is very strong WHEN you make time in your daily routine to practice mindful activities and just be.

The Pisces New Moon on March 3rd is a wonderful time to set intentions around what you want to create in your career. And under the Full Moon in Virgo on March 18, allow yourself to release the need for control and learn to lean into your intuition more. This will help you find the balance between tension arising around finding the right balance with your family and your professional life.



The month of March continues to have you reviewing and considering personal and professional relationships. Likely February has brought more intense discussions around values and meaning in life to the table. This theme continues into early March and you are then offered the opportunity to release relationships that are no longer supporting you or allowing you to shine in all your glory. As painful as endings are, they make way for new beginnings. Just go gently and lovingly with yourself.

March is a powerful healing time and helps you to do the “inner work”. If need be, seek out a trusted support crew of councilors, healers, and health practitioners to support emotional processing.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 3 brings a wonderful opportunity to say yes to that professional development you’ve been considering. It could also offer up an international getaway which could be just the elixir you need right now. The Full Moon on Feb 18 offers you a chance to expand your network, especially via social media and good PR. You have been noticed for offering tangible results within organisations.



I hope you’re ready Leos, as March (and April) are big months for establishing new and deepening existing personal and professional partnerships which can lead to fruitful financial gain. You’re now clear about the ideal people for you to collaborate with. To ensure you maximise this window of opportunity start your day with a clear intention of the type of people you’d like to attract. And then take the appropriate networking actions to bring them into reality.

If you have been looking at investment opportunities, March and April may bring through new ventures to consider. Alternatively, this same energy can support you in working on a deeply personal level to heal old wounds.

There are a number of you who have been reviewing your daily work/life structure and questioning the best way to move forward in your career. With Uranus transiting through your Career sector you may have become restless with new ideas coming through about alternative ways to work. If this is you, it is worth considering a coach or mentor to help you explore options and navigate the uncertainty. Trust that any breaking down of old structures is making way for you to breakthrough!



The month ahead brings excellent opportunities to connect with your professional network and put consistent health practices in place. With your curious mind and love of learning, make podcasts/audiobooks your best friend to take on a walk – you never know what inspirational ideas will flow from that.

But perhaps a little more exciting is that relationships – professional and/or romantic – are very much in the spotlight over the coming 2 months. Your desire to relate with others and do the relationship dance is strong. If you’re single, you may finally meet that special someone who has perhaps eluded you over the past few years. And if you’re in a committed relationship, the next two months can help you re-ignite the flame. Either way, your desire to invest in “relating” is strong and supports you to find ways to partner up for the longer term. The New Moon in Pisces on March 3 is powerful for helping you find new solutions to any existing long-term relationships issues.

The Full Moon in Virgo will invite you to release any patterns of judgment and control when it comes to relationships and find new levels of compassion for those you work and play with.



Matters of family and your private life have been going through a serious phase since December 2021. From the 7th March, get set for a little more fun and “joy de vie” to re-enter your life. Relationships have been finding a new footing and this month it’s time to lighten up and do things that get you excited to be alive! Ask yourself what hobbies, sporting activities, games and creative past-times have I missed taking part in? The answers to bringing back more of life’s sparkle lay behind these questions.

You may have also been going deeper on a spiritual journey bringing meditation into your daily life. If you haven’t, March is an auspicious time to get this journey started. The insights and inner knowing that will flow from this inclusion in your schedule will positively inform your career choices and help you build a deeper connection with your subconscious self. In fact, you can use the New Moon on March 3 to set some goals around this part of your life. And you can use the Full Moon in Virgo on March 18 to help you learn how to get out of your head and start trusting your heart a little more.



Following some very intense familial discussions over the last month, March brings the opportunity to reset primary relationships in the home and in the family line. Conversations will continue into March but can take on a more big-picture and lighter-hearted vein. You may be feeling a calling to do some work on yourself, to strip away the layers and connect with your deepest feelings. Rivers run very deep in you, and with the South Node traversing through your 1st house, there’s an opportunity to let go of old ways of being and make room for being in the world in a less intense and more present way. As you do, new skills and talents will begin to emerge that can bring a little more joy.

March and April are a wonderful 2-month window to help you imagine new ways to have fun, creatively express yourself and discover romance. Remember you attract to you what you emanate so engage in activities that make your heart sing. This is a powerful lever to help you bring charm and charisma to the table at work!!



Get ready Sagittarians, March is going to be a busy month as you find yourself juggling more than a few projects at one time. This is one of the most powerful months for you to engage your network and look for opportunities to collaborate. So if you’re diary is empty, get out your contacts list and start booking those meetings. Ideas are likely to abound, especially about innovative ways to work and meaningfully contribute.

This is also a great month for investing in family relationships and nesting in your home. Some of you may be considering designing new houses or purchasing. If this is you, I urge you to invest the time to bring these dreams into reality. And don’t forget to set intentions related to home and family under the New Moon in Pisces on March 3.



This month brings the opportunity to make some strong financial gains as Venus (the planet of love and money) joins Mars (the planet of action) in your finance sector. The hard work and serious tone from the start of the year ease when these two planets move into Aquarius on March 7th.

It is also a wonderful month for marketing yourself and your business due to your strengthened sense of self and ownership of your innate abilities. Whether it’s face-to-face meetings, PR, Social Media, Advertising or getting together with people in your local area, be sure to share your vision of what you’re creating in 2022. Your words are inspiring to others this month so make the most of it.

Some of you may be going through some significant career changes. When the South Node entered your Organisation sector there’s an opportunity to let go of what is no longer working for you and find something new that is more purposeful and meaningful. Always come back to what your heart wants as your guide.



Aquarians get set for new heights of inspiration and responsibility. This is the ideal month to proudly share with the world what you do, what you stand for, and what you want to create. Mark your calendar – on March 6th Venus (planet of love and money) meets up with Mars (the planet of action) in your sign helping you connect with others and be appreciated professionally. Use this to update your LinkedIn profile, launch that program or rebrand your Website. Your powers of attraction are strong this month so make the most of it!

The desire to make a difference continues to be strong all month. Your calling to stand up for what you believe in and take on a leadership role is stirring within you. All month your mind will be sharp and it should be easier to get through the volume of opportunities on offer. Just be sure to find downtime between the hectic pace of your professional life otherwise burnout will be a very real issue.

All month there are opportunities to make money through existing and new income streams. Starting each day with an expansive and abundant mindset will go a long way in bringing money ventures to you. So be sure to practice your version of meditation and sit with the vision of what you are creating and imagine money coming through with ease and grace.



Happy Birthday Pisces (and belated wishes if you were born in late Feb). This is your month in the Sun! Good fortune and bolstered levels of optimism and clarity continue to be with you all month. I know some of you have struggled to find “your thing” but this month notice how ideas and projects are really coming together, especially as you truly honour your yearning for spiritual and creative connection.

On March 3, the New Moon in your Sign can bring an onslaught of hope, compassion, and inspiration. Be sure to set goals around these themes. This will help you get clear on the best action to take to move toward your dreams. Then 2 weeks later on March 18, the Full Moon in Virgo brings an opportunity for you to let go of any controlling tendencies in relationship and accept others for who they are. This will serve you well for the rest of 2022.

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