June Horoscopes



Aries, you love nothing better than having plenty of energy and autonomy to chase your goals. And that time is now!!! This month both Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance and Mars, the planet of action and motivation have joined forces in your sign to positively stimulate your natural drive, ambition and competitive spirit. Your levels of passion are intense and your willingness to fight for what you believe in stronger than ever.

Themes of transformation and truthful reveals continue to be a focus in your career. Whether it’s you that’s transforming or the workplace around you, there’s opportunity for you to step into full ownership of your personal power. To trust yourself and your ability to lead and inspire others with integrity. So, if you have been considering a career move or establishing a business of your own, there is plenty of support available to facilitate that transition.

The end of May and early June has brought the opportunity to review your finances, assets and self-worth. Ahead of EOFY is a great time for you to get your budget in order and ask yourself….Am I being appropriately remunerated for the value I provide?

Mid-month the Full Moon on June 14 could have you book that overseas holiday or sign up for some personal / professional development. Your thirst for knowledge and adventure is desperate to be satiated!

Use the New Moon in Cancer on June 29 to set goals for personal security, property purchases and an harmonious home life.



If last month’s solar and lunar eclipses impacted your energy levels and/or relationship sectors, you’ll be relieved to hear that June is a more auspicious period. Venus, the planet of love, self-worth, relationships and money matters moved into your sign at the end of May and will support you enormously until she leaves on June 23. Mid-month (June 10 to 18) she will meet up with Uranus and the North Node which could well bring some unexpected and feted news or new connections. Treat anything you don’t plan for as an opportunity to align with your purpose.

To make the most of Venus in Taurus this month, give yourself permission to engage all of your senses with plenty of time in nature, doing things you love and enjoying the finer things in life. At work, find the joy in projects – no matter how menial they have to be. The happier you are, the more opportunities will come a knocking!

This month the lunations bring opportunity to work on building your finances. The Full Moon mid-month is a great time to examine your investments. Ask yourself “What’s working, what’s not, what needs to change and who can I align with professionally to expand my offering?”

The New Moon on June 29 is a great time to plan a PR and Marketing campaign, network with like-minded people or start a writing project. Whichever is most appropriate, focus on ways you and / or your business nourishes and takes care of others.

All month, your intuition and spiritual connection continue to grow. Create moments in your day for mindfulness activities to make the most of this period. It will support all aspects of your life favorably when you do.



Happy Birthday Geminis and sending belated wishes to those of you born at the end of May. This month, you are in the spotlight. As the Sun moves through your sign, consider it your time to shine! The Sun’s energetic force inspires you to literally get out into the world and engage your Innate Abilities. And when Mercury has completed his retrograde journey and re-enters Gemini on June 14, expect your mental dexterity to return as well as your ability to multi-task numerous projects.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance continues to activate your professional life offering opportunities within your organisation and your professional network. It’s also an expansive time for joining and being involved with groups and associations of like-minded souls.

This month there’s a really supportive window to nourish your spiritual self. The more you make time to be still and go within, the clearer you’ll be in your everyday decision making. I know that being still and slowing your mind is far from easy for you, but this is your time to learn how and reap the benefits. Given the volume of work on your plate right now, getting the balance of eating, exercise, working and mindfulness right has never been more important. Otherwise, you’ll be at the risk of burn-out or worse still ill health through Winter.

Use the Full Moon mid-month to reset your relationship goals – personal and professional. You may want to consider activities you can enjoy doing together as part of a bigger group. At the end of the month, the New Moon in Cancer is the ideal time to set financial goals. What are you worth? What do you want to earn? What’s a fair exchange for the work you do?



Welcome to June Cancerians. If May was an extra turbulent and emotional month for you during the solar and lunar eclipses, June brings a new level of zest and desire to get out and about and connect with others.

Your Career continues to be a focal point in June with new opportunities coming your way expanding options and ideas around what you want to do for work. All month Mars joins Jupiter in your career sector upping your energy levels and desire to chase your goals. Mid-month, your inner spiritual warrior may rear his head calling you to explore how you can help others in need. For ideas, look to where you’ve been experiencing pain in your life that you’ve had to navigate through. This makes you a powerful teacher and healer.

All month there are opportunities to bolster your reputation and broaden your networks in your organisation, your industry and with groups and associations in your personal life. Maximise this time by booking into industry events or joining that club you’ve been thinking about. Your grounding and caring presence is very attractive to others all month.

The Full Moon on June 14 could well reveal a need to improve your daily routine. Do you have the right balance between work, play and self-care? Health is something to take good care of this month. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no to doing things will help you restore any inbalance.

The New Moon in your Sign on June 29 brings in a once in 12 month opportunity to set new year-long goals. What do you want to create over the coming year? How do you want to be in the world? What do you want to convey to others? Use this wonderful, time to nourish yourself and re-invigorate your energy levels. After all, your Birthday is coming up soon and that will be all about you shining in the world!



Fellow Leos, welcome to June. This month your Career continues to be in the spotlight. Venus, the planet of Money, Self-Worth and Relationships entered your Career Zone at the end of May and she could well bring through new opportunities to expand professionally. Whether it’s a new role, new partnerships or deals…. you have the opportunity to shine in this area of your life.

For those of you who’ve been going through significant career changes…. And there are many of you, trust that the shifts are supporting you to up level and align with work that is more purposeful and meaningful for you. Your intuition and inner-guidance system is strong around your career this month so use it to make courageous choices that allow you to fully engage your suite of Innate Abilities.

Throughout June you have plenty of drive to learn and expand your knowledge. Lean into this by signing up for new courses, connecting with mentors/coaches or even book that long-awaited international holiday. If you’ve been working on a writing project – put your energy into ideal ways to get published as that sector is strong for you this month too.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14 lights up your fun zone! It’s time to make sure you are enjoying life – think romance, entertainment, sport and the Arts. All work and no play is way too dull for you.

When the New Moon in Cancer arrives on June 29 it’s the perfect time to set intentions around mindfulness activities, book a retreat or ask for a deeper spiritual connection.



The month of June continues to expand opportunities for you to once again travel, learn and contemplate your beliefs. It’s the perfect time to consider working with a mentor or seek wise counsel on personal and professional matters. Doing so can lead to financially beneficial options.

Your investment sector also gets a boost this month. Notice that you have more energy to explore where’s best to put your money right now. It’s also a powerful time for doing “inner work” and delving into your subconscious patterns of thinking which are holding you back from experiencing joy, career progress or relationship harmony. The more you do the inner work, the more it will boost your career and earning potential.

Given Mercury has been retrograding over your career zone, it’s possible you’ve been reconsidering career options and experiencing tech issues and miscommunication at work. The good news is, Mercury resumes forward motion on Saturday 4th June and when he re-enters Gemini on June 14, you’ll be back to full pace and efficiency at work!

The Super Full Moon on June 14 helps you make sure you have the right balance between home and work. And the New Moon on June 29 invites you to set goals around broadening your network and community associations. When the New Moon takes place in this part of the sky you have permission to wish for your hearts greatest desires!



Welcome to June Librans. Have you felt the sensual shift? As Venus, your ruling planet makes her way through Taurus this month, notice your yearning to connect with all 5 of your senses. It is your responsibility to make the most of this by activating your eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin as much as possible either in nature, appreciating beautiful man-made creations and devouring good food, drink and music!!

Given your primary relationships are receiving a boost up until 28 October, why not satiate your sensual desires with them? You’re charm and grace is at an all time high when it comes to wooing your partner.

Interestingly, the more you connect with the world around you, the more ideas come through for investment opportunities. You see, Venus the planet of love, relationships and money is moving through your investment sector. June is a great month for making decisions about where and with whom you want to put your money. There may well be an idea or option that comes out of the blue between June 12 and June 17 when Venus meets up with Uranus and the North Node.

The Super Full Moon on June 14 helps you to find the balance between your lower and higher mind. It’s a great time to check-in on your mindfulness practices to ensure your thought patterns are supporting you versus hindering you in any way. The New Moon on June 29 in your career Zone brings opportunities to set goals in this part of your life.



Welcome to June Scorpios. Having just been through an intense eclipse season in May, the next 6 months your life is going to continue to offer opportunities to let go of old ways of being and start things anew. It’s an incredible adjustment period which offers you huge transformation….the less you try to control things, the easier the transition will be.

That said, June brings a boost to your health and wellbeing with both Mars and Jupiter activating this part of your life. You may also experience new inspiration and increased levels of motivation at work. This is a great time to make sure your daily routine supports you and doesn’t have you running ragged.

This month also offers opportunity to invest time and energy into your most important relationships. Venus the planet or love, relationships and money moves into your marriage and partnership sector. Make the most of this by organising fun activities where you get to connect and talk about what matters most to each of you. Lean into what each of you needs and what you each want to create in the future.

The Super Full Moon on June 14 helps you to get your finances in order, get your tax done and make sure that you are earning what you are worth. The New Moon on June 29 falls into your International Travel, Education and Philosophy Sector. Perfect for finally taking that overseas trip, enrolling in that course or working with a wise mentor.



June continues to offer a huge boost to your energy, creativity and hunger to make things happen. Ideas that have been percolating are now bursting to be brought into reality. Your creativity is at a once in 12 year high. Whether it’s something you’re making, performing or enjoying for fun’s sake….. the more you put in right now, the more you will benefit in the long-term. It’s your time!!!

Career wise, things may have stalled or there may have been some communication glitches during Mercury retrograde but once Mercury returns to Gemini on June 14 there’s an opportunity to reset and establish new partnerships and business alliances. Use the start of June to reconnect with old contacts you haven’t seen in a while, you never know what can come of them.

June also brings a boost to your health and wellness. If you’ve been dealing with a health issue for a while, new ideas on how to resolve the problem could be available between June 12 and 17.

The Super Full Moon in your sign on June 14 can help you birth a new image of yourself into the world. This is the perfect time for launching BRAND YOU. Whether it’s a new look, a new website, new social media images….this is the time to be loud and proud about what you do. You’re sure to be noticed.

The New Moon on June 29 falls in your Investment, Tax, Inheritance and Transformation sector. You can use this lunation to set money goals and / or understanding yourself at a sub-conscious level through counselling or healing work.



Continuing on from the eclipses last month, June continues to support new fun beginnings for you related to the topics of children, romance, performing, sport and hobbies. Given you have an innate ambitious drive to succeed professionally, this period can help you enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Romantic liaisons are particularly on the cards with Venus the planet of love and relationships moving into this area of fun. So I strongly advise you to say yes to any entertaining opportunities that come your way this month.

Family, home and/or property also continue to be a focus for you with expansive and abundant Jupiter moving through this zone. You are in the midst of a once in 12 year opportunity to invest in these areas of your life. In fact, think back 12 years to best understand exactly the opportunity that is on offer. Notice similar themes at play now that were going on back in 2010/2011.

As a result of shifts in your self-awareness during lock-downs over the past 18 months, the Super Full Moon on June 14 can help you tap further into your private spiritual self. When you allow yourself to switch off the constant whirring of your strategic mind, you create space to fully connect with your highly intuitive self. This lunation can help you appreciate the need to carve out time for your soul. It may also activate your compassion and reveal a yearning to support those near and far who are in great need.

The New Moon on June 29 falls in your relationship sector. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite in new personal and professional relationships as well as revisit and rebuild existing ones to bring back the meaning.



With the May eclipse season having activated endings in your Career and New Beginnings in your Family, Home and personal security sector, June brings support and a splash of luck to reset. Venus the planet of love, relationships and money has moved into your domestic zone so use this to beautify your home, invest in a new property or perhaps even look at moving locations. Be open to using your intuition to guide you. Along the way, people and messages will support you to head in the right direction – IF you are OPEN to hearing them.

Last month, Jupiter entered your marketing and networking zone and this month he is joined by Mars. This can bring a boost to your energy levels and motivation to write, communicate with others, teach and get involved in your local community. It’s also a great tine for developing any technology ideas that want to use or sell in business.

June starts off with Mercury retrograde which may have caused tech glitches and miscommunication around the home since the end of May. Once Mercury returns to Gemini on June 14, life is likely to return to it’s full pace of really enjoying your personal and professional interactions. You totally understand that life is to be enjoyed so use the second half of June to attend events such as music and writing to stimulate your creativity!

The Super Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14 is a wonderful lunation to get out and connect with your personal and professional networks. Then the New Moon in Cancer on June 29 invites opportunity to set goals around your health and wellbeing.



June offers you a period to integrate all of the shifts you’ve been experiencing since the start of 2022. There is no doubt, you have been through a powerful awakening. More than ever you’re connecting with your full potential. The good news is this month brings a boost to knowing your value, understanding what you’re capable of and giving you the drive to get out into the world to build your career and business.

With Venus, the planet of love, relationships and money moving through your communication zone this month, there’s a great opportunity to market yourself in a creative and grounded way. Some of you may shy away from the lime light, but this month is the ideal time to be active on social media, seek out speaking gigs and write blogs. You have plenty you are passionate about. You can see the world is changing. You want to be part of the change. But you have to put yourself out there so others can find you!

Once Mercury completes his retrograde journey and re-enters Gemini on June 14, you’ll have the opportunity to reset your work/life balance. Any tension that arose in the home due to communication issues or tech glitches at the end of May, early June will resolve by then.

The Super Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14 puts the spotlight on your Career. It’s time to put yourself out there. However, if your focus has been more oriented towards work, then this lunation will help you restore the right balance of time to your family.

The New Moon in Cancer on June 29 invites opportunity to set goals around having more fun and getting creative. If you are single or in a lack-lustre relationship, set intentions to manifest your ideal partner/relationship!

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