It’s All About Values. What Are Yours?

It is so easy to get caught up with life’s everyday concerns, going through the motions without questioning. Years can go by in a blink of an eye.

Indeed, we’re always so busy playing an endless game of catch-up that we forget to check in with ourselves. If you constantly find yourself unhappy at work, that may be a sign that you’re not where you were meant to be. You may feel that you have no direction in your life or that you’re headed down the wrong path. Life is short, so you don’t want to end up spending it on the things that don’t matter to you in the long run.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to change course. If you don’t know where to start, you might want to consider career counseling. Sydney-based professional coaches can help you in your journey to a more meaningful life. But before consulting a career coach, it’s important to determine your values first.

Why Is It Important to Know Your Values?

Society has made us believe that the only things worth doing are those that offer us some kind of reward. So naturally many end up chasing money and fame, even if these things didn’t bring joy or satisfaction.By pursuing so-called success, many people end up feeling cold and empty. Rather than feeling fulfilled, they instead realise that something is missing from their lives.

This is what happens when you act in ways that aren’t in line with your values. Your beliefs are all important and should set your priorities and determine what you should and shouldn’t do. In other words, your values are the measures you use to gauge how your life is turning out.

How Do You Define Your Personal Values?

Generally speaking, your values are based on what makes you feel good.For example, if you value honesty, you will always feel good about telling others the truth and telling a lie will make you feel bad about yourself.

With this in mind, pay attention to how you feel after doing certain things. Actions that make you feel happy or proud of yourself mean that you behaved according to your values. Conversely, actions that make you feel negative emotions such as guilt or disappointment may indicate behaviour that goes against your values.

How Can You Use Your Values to Make Wiser Career Choices?

Your values can act as your compass – making sure you’re on the right track.Given everything we’ve discussed so far, take a step back and assess your current work situation. Try to ask yourself as many questions as you can about your job and how you feel about it.

Are there any tasks or responsibilities in your job description that you don’t feel comfortable doing? Does your company’s work culture make you feel proud, or do your co-workers act in ways that you wouldn’t? Do you believe in the company’s vision?

Put simply: does your job make you feel happy, or does it make you feel miserable? Do you jump out of bed and can’t wait to get to work, or do you dread going to work at all?

How Knowing Your Values Can Make You Happier and Healthier

It’s clear that the key to getting a career you love is to find a job that aligns with your values. But such a major life decision can feel absolutely terrifying for many people. After all, is it really worth it to give up a stable source of income for a chance at a more fulfilling job?

However, the risks can definitely be worth the reward. A new career could finally give you the chance to shine. Your values can help you determine your life purpose, which can lead you to work opportunities that feel more meaningful.

And when your work matches up with your values, you’ll feel motivated to show up to work every day. Determining your values helps you know yourself better, to find peace. It allows you to identify what drives you to push forward without relying on the expectations of other people. Instead, you’ll assess decisions yourself based on your own set of criteria, knowing you have nothing to prove to anyone else.

In Conclusion

Determining your personal values are integral to a successful career change. Without them, it’s far too easy to stray away from the right path and get lost chasing after the things that don’t matter. So, before you start looking for a new job, make sure to ask yourself: “What’s most important to me in life?”

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