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Man has worked with Nature’s Cycles as far back as Byzantine times to start projects and bring them to completion. Farmers plant and harvest crops according to the Lunar Cycle and Seasons. The reason for this is whenever New Moons and Full Moons occur, the gravitational pull on the Earth is at its strongest bringing extra moisture into the soil for germination. And perhaps the most obvious impact of gravity during the lunar cycle are the extreme low and high tides.


These same gravitational pulling forces impact us on a human level which makes sense given our bodies are mostly made up of water. Each time a New Moon occurs, a fresh opportunity awaits to set goals and intentions as the gravitational pull energetically supports you realising that which you focus on during that time.


In my “Astrology for Business Community” we work with the cycles of the Moon, the Sun and the planets. We examine what is taking place each week and come together under the New and Full Moon to set professional and personal goals which align with our unique Innate Abilities + Purpose Blueprint.


Today’s New Moon in the sign of Virgo took place at 10.51am (AEST) bringing an incredibly productive, service-oriented energy through to support you realising your professional and personal vision.
Virgo is an Earth Energy so the ideal way to connect in is to “get into nature” and soak up all the environment around you has to offer.  Take your pen and paper and candle or a smudge stick as an offering, seek out an inviting place to rest and begin by “emptying” your mind with some lovely long deep breaths. Then when you’re ready ask yourself….


* What can I do to support others in need right now?
* What can I do to help heal the earth?
* What health goals need my attention right now?
Allow yourself time to respond to these questions. The answers that come through can be the basis for your New Moon Goals.
Don’t be surprised if something unexpected comes through over the next month to help you realise your goals….. Uranus makes a powerful aspect to this lunation which can help us have a breakthrough in thinking and see new ways forward either by new connections or events unfolding which bring a different perspective.


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