February 2024 Horoscopes

Welcome to February 2024!

​​As February arrives, we experience a quickening. Rationally we expect this as we bid farewell to the long lazy summer days here in the Southern hemisphere during which the lineup of planets in Capricorn provides the opportunity to ponder the strategic direction for the year ahead. However, this February, the quickening is of a nature we’ve not experienced in our lifetime.

Allow me to first explain the big picture.

Astrologically speaking, we are now operating in the “Air Era” which is a 200 year cycle that began in 2020. This 200 year cycle is determined by the zodiac signs social planets Jupiter and Saturn meet up in every 20 years. Over the next 200 years they will meet up in one of the 3 Air signs – Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. Prior to 2020, Jupiter and Saturn met up every 20 years in one of the 3 earth signs – Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.

The social planets Jupiter and Saturn were so named due to their noticeable association with societal values.

The element of Air is fast paced and changeable. Air represents the mind / intellect – how we think, communicate and connect with others. It is ideas rich, technologically driven and more and more businesses which value innovation, solutions which serve the collective and a focus on humanitarian constructs will thrive.

In contrast, the element of Earth is slow, logical, practical and reliable. Over the last 200 years, we’ve witnessed the industrial revolution, and a corporate world with strong values around hard, consistent work under the leadership of a few. Top down leadership was the norm.

Our introduction to the Air Era stopped us in our tracks with Covid lock-downs globally. At that point, the needle moved dramatically as we were forced to focus on what matters most to us on a deeply personal level. As the world opened up, businesses have tried their best to establish a new normal – with varying degrees of success due to freedom, innovation and egalitarian leadership being valued more than ever. In short, society’s values rapidly shifted away from the material empire building to valuing our inner world, the ability to communicate and connect with others and finding innovative, flexible ways to do meaningful work in the world.

Enter February 2024.

This month we’ll experience even greater levels of awareness about what the Air Era potentially means for us all.

February arrives with the Sun in fixed Air sign Aquarius shining a light on Pluto which entered Aquarius on Jan 21st. The energy of Aquarius brings opportunity for blue-sky thinking. Its big picture orientation is ideal for networking, breakthrough ideas, sharing information, technological evolution and working collaboratively on projects. And with Pluto there, it’s calling us to TRANSFORM how we currently go about all of these aspects of business.

When Pluto dipped into Aquarius between March and June 2023, we saw ChatGPT and other AI driven tools go viral! So, now that Pluto’s settling into Aquarius until 2044 (except 11 weeks from Sept 1 to Nov 15) we can expect rapid, exponential growth in these areas forcing us to adapt and operate in brand new ways.

Throughout February, Pluto will be greeted by Mercury, Mars and Venus. This is the first time these planets have connected with Pluto in Aquarius since he was last there between 1778 and 1798.

I invite you to notice what themes feature most heavily in your life all month. Whatever area is in focus is a clue to where you’ll be stepping into your personal power over the coming 20 years.

Mercury and Pluto’s union on the 5th will intensify your mental focus encouraging you to uncover and speak the truth. Mars and Pluto’s meetup on the 14th reveals new energy reserves within you to focus your ambitions and take inspired steps towards your big picture goals. And the Venus Pluto conjunction on the 17th spotlights relationships.

Being the most authentic version of you both at work and personally is no longer negotiable. Moving forwards any relationships, work contracts or partnerships that are not aligned for you will show up. Where once you could tolerate certain scenarios or behaviours, something deep will stir within guiding you towards a more purposeful and meaningful path.

Adding to these HUGE energy shifts we have 2 major lunations.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 10 is all about the big picture and aligning with what’s true for you. With Uranus in the mix insights and new ideas abound offering opportunity to break old sabotaging patterns. And its connection with the nodes brings a destined quality that is strongly oriented towards establishing your independence. Professionally this is the time to take ownership of your innate abilities and trust that you’ve got what it takes to follow your dreams.

The Full Moon in Virgo on February 24 is likely to have you considering what “service” means to you. Much may be happening in the world that has you questioning humanity and as such the need to restore balance to your mind, body and soul will also be a priority. Bringing order to chaos through decluttering, exercise, eating well, and streamlining your daily routine will hold you steady.

Yes, it’s a BIG month. And it will be a BIG year ahead.

To find out what’s in store for you click on your sign below.

And if you’re ready to step into conscious leadership in 2024, then let’s talk. Astrology is one of a myriad of tools I embrace to support clients to achieve clarity, freedom and get heartfelt results. You can book a transformation consult here =>https://bit.ly/46x66hJ

Wishing you an amazing month bringing your hopes and dreams to life!



Welcome to February 2024.

This month, I invite you to take note of groups you’re associated with both professionally and personally. Pluto is going to begin his 20 year journey through Aquarius which is a powerful period of stepping into your personal power in business corporations and associations that are meaningful for you. In the process, you’ll be stripped bare of any network connections that are no longer purposeful for you. Specifically, take note of circumstances that occur between Feb 12 – 16 when Mars, your ruling planet, meets up with Pluto for the 1st time in Aquarius since the 1790s!

The Aquarian New Moon February 10 is the ideal time to set goals related to where and who you want to work with. It’s an opportunity to break free of convention and create more innovative and impactful ways of influencing outcomes in business.

The Virgo Full Moon on February 24 spotlights your health and need for daily routine and order. Emotions are likely to flare if things feel “out of control”. Versus trying to “fix” with doing, try sitting with the emotions, allow yourself to feel all the feels and between the stillness answers can arise.

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2023.

This month the Sun and Pluto’s arrival in Aquarius are lighting up your Career Sector. All those years you’ve committed to achieving your Career goals have equipped you with the knowledge and experience to be at the leading edge. Over the next 20 years, you’ll be supported to step into your personal power and transform the way you help others with the work you do. Take note of all career events this month – they are a sign of the best direction for you to head in to upgrade.

Relationships, especially professional ones, will also be on the radar this month. In particular, a new depth of knowing what you want in a relationship. This will be most prominent when Venus, your ruling planet, meets up with Pluto around February 17. Equally your earning power is likely to go through a deep transformation as you find ways to weave technology, energetic healing, breathwork and humanitarian interests into your current offer.

The Aquarian New Moon February 10 is the ideal time to set career goals for the year ahead and the Virgo Full Moon on February 24 spotlights your need for more joy and creative outlets. “You only live once” will be ringing loudly in your ear, especially if the majority of time, up until now, has been focussed on others and not you!!

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024

This month highlights the beginning of a huge transformation for you when it comes to your professional development, role as a mentor/teacher and desire to learn through travel and life experience. With Pluto’s arrival in this sector of your life, over the next 20 years, your mind will be opened to new possibilities and your curious nature is likely to be exploring spiritual and / or religious topics that are profound for your life direction!

Innately you love information and thrive when it comes to technology and social media for connection and communicating to your audience. This month is a powerful period for creating new goals to upgrade your tech skills and weave innovation into your professional journey. To get clear on how this looks for you, pay attention to events and insights you experience around February 5 when Mercury, your ruling planet meets up with Pluto.

The Aquarian New Moon February 10 is the ideal time to set professional development and learning goals for the year ahead and the Virgo Full Moon on February 24 spotlights your need for greater work / life balance. If you’ve been focussed on career over home and family, heightened emotions will have you realise it’s time to change things up.

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024

Can you feel it…. The call to go within and understand the truth of who you are… on the very deepest level. Now that Pluto is settling into Aquarius, you need to live authentically by understanding what has shaped you and what your story has been. And with that give yourself permission to write a new life story! There’s no more running away from what you came here to do. The universe wants you to be deeply honest with yourself and transform into a new, more aligned and powerful version of yourself.

All month, there is a big spotlight on your investments, joint-finances and return on investment. It’s also a time to review your taxes, insurances and structures that keep your money safe. Part of this could also involve investigating new ways to invest your money through crypto or private investment groups.

February’s lunations are particularly powerful for you given the Moon is your ruling luminary.

Use the Aquarian New Moon on February 10 to set investment goals and commit to a journey with a coach, psychologist, healer or counsellor to support your personal transformation. A less “conventional” coach, one which is holistic and supports you to tune into the truth of who you are, is likely to be more appealing.

The Virgo Full Moon on February 24 brings up any imbalance between your lower and higher mind. If you’ve been primarily operating through a logical/intellectual lens, you’ll be called to engage your intuition and learn how to take inspired action from a space of desire versus fear. And conversely, if you’ve been in dreamland and ignoring calls to action, this lunation can be the very push you need to act.

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024

February’s quickening brings a dynamic shift to your relationship sector. One to one connections feature heavily all month as you enter a 20 year journey of transforming how you turn up and engage in personal and professional partnerships. As such, I invite you to take particular note of who you find yourself working and playing with. Key dates for you to keep in mind are February 5, 14 and 18. Make diary notes of people you’re engaging with who inspire you to think outside of the box and raise your perspective. You’ll thrive on conversations and collegiate projects harnessing innovative thinking to solve problems for the future!

Use the Aquarian New Moon on February 10 to set clear intentions about your ideal client, business partner and colleague you want to work with. You are getting very clear on who inspires you and who drains your energy. There’s no time to waste with those who live in fear and are set in the old patterns of patriarchy. It just won’t work for you any more.

The Virgo Full Moon on February 24 is a hard stop reminder to address your finances. The Leo in you loves luxury but that requires a healthy flow of income based on the value you provide. As such, it’s the ideal time to discuss remuneration conversation or review your fees. And of course, look at how you can invest your savings to make more money whilst you sleep!

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024.

This month heralds a new 20 year era with a keen focus on all things holistic. You’ll begin to notice an inner push to live consciously engaging your mind, body and soul. Why, because Pluto is settling into this sector inviting you to think futuristically and experiment with new modalities to transform your health, work and day to day living. Your thirst for new knowledge will enable you to restore order to any chaos in your life will know no bounds. To understand how this may play out for you, take note of events that take place around Feb 5, 14 and 17 when Pluto is activated by your ruling planet as well as Venus and Mars.

Use the Aquarian New Moon on February 10 to set goals related to your health and wellbeing. It’s also a great time to clear the decks of any clutter to free your mind for innovative thinking.

The Virgo Full Moon on February 24 falls in your sign. This can bring up emotions around needing time for you to forge your own path. Any relationships that are holding you back from growing and expanding will be tested.

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024.

This month you are being called to tune into your creative potential. Pluto’s arrival into your playful sector signals a 20 year overhaul of how you bring joy into your professional and personal life through your creative pursuits. The outward expression of your creativity can take many forms but no doubt you are interested in what the future holds and how you can help make the world a better place. Some of you will satiate this drive with innovation and technology for others it may be with humanitarian pursuits and others still will seek to show up as your unique authentic self. The more original your work, the better! The mundane simply won’t cut it.

Relationships will also be a major theme for you this month. Take particular note of who you meet and feel aligned with (or not) between Feb 13 and 18 when both Venus and Mars meet up with Pluto.

Use the Aquarian New Moon on February 10 to set clear intentions to bring more joy into your life. Give yourself complete permission to do things your way – this is not the time to follow the status quo.

The Virgo Full Moon on February 24 falls in your spiritual sector. Due to your strong service ethic and depth of compassion, you may find you need to take time out to retreat from the world to recalibrate. Emotions can run high about what is unfolding in your world at this time.

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024.

This month home, family and property are all being spotlighted for you to focus on. But more profoundly, February heralds the beginning of a 20 year transformation of these areas of life for you. Any aspect of this part of your life that is out of alignment with your true purpose will be revealed. And the end result will be a new version of you fully stepping into your power in these areas.

Given your two ruling planets, Pluto (modern ruler) and Mars (traditional ruler), are meeting up in Aquarius on Valentines Day, your usual intense focus to dig deep to understand the truth of a situation will be MAGNIFIED. Make note of what occurs for you from 12 – 16 February as events that unfold at this time are indicative of the kind of personal transformation that is coming your way. And don’t be surprised if technology, innovation and humanitarian causes are in the mix.

Use the Aquarian New Moon on February 10 to set clear intentions for what you want for your home and family life. Then 2 weeks later, the Virgo Full Moon on February 24 may trigger emotions related to groups and organisations you’re a member of. Tensions will build if you’re grappling with organisations you belong to (professional or personal) which restrict you from realising your full creative potential or having fun!!!

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024.

Learning and communication of all kinds (written, verbal and video) are high on your priority list in February. The line-up of planets in this sector will force you to stop and take notice of a new opportunity that is unfolding for you. Pluto’s arrival here ensures that you are in for a powerful transformation journey upgrading your ability to learn and disseminate knowledge that will support people into the future!

Innately you were born to inspire others with your thirst to absorb and pass on knowledge. Only now that is about to go to the next level quickly! So hang on, new adventures await!

Meanwhile, freedom in your everyday life is growing more and more important. Freedom to do the work that inspires you, the way that you want to do it. And with Jupiter supporting you to bring your mind, body and soul into alignment, you are highly conscious of working with people who share the same, people centric values that you do.

Use the Aquarian New Moon on February 10 to set your networking and social media plans for the year ahead. Then on February 24 the Full Moon lights up your Career. Tensions will arise if you are struggling to find the ideal balance between your career and time with family. If this is the case, be grateful for any tension as it gives you the chance to make adjustments to come back into alignment so you can do your best work AND be a joy to spend time with at home.

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024.

Can you feel the shift? The sense a weight is being lifted off your shoulders and you can finally look up to see a new pathway emerging ahead? It might still be hazy, but trust me, pressure is going to ease and a new version of you is here and opportunities beckon. You’re stronger and more powerful than you’ve ever been.

Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on January 20 marked the end of an era for you (except a few months at the end of 2024) but on the whole you’re ready to leverage the lessons learned since 2007.

The starting point for you this month is focussing on what you value most at work and your finances. The Aquarian New Moon on February 10 is the ideal period to set your financial goals for the next 12 months and review your earning potential. After all, you deserve to be well rewarded for your dedicated leadership and commitment to get results!

Later in the month on February 24 the Full Moon lights up your professional development sector as well as your philosophical beliefs. Tensions may arise between facts that come to the surface in the media versus your understanding of what that means on a global stage. Your beliefs may well be tested, triggering you to rethink what matters most for you. Tune into your heart as your guide to decide on your next learning adventure!

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February.

Happy Birthday Aquariuans and belated wishes to those of you born in late January.

You know how you yearn for freedom, connection, exchanging your big-picture ideas and doing things out of the ordinary? Well, you are on the brink of taking all of that to the next level!

Now that Pluto has arrived in your sign for the next 20 years (except a few months at the end of this year) your inner rebel and change-maker is on high-alert. If you have pushed away your unconventional side to fit in, you’re in for experiences which will bring the truth of who you are to the surface. Living an authentic and enriching life which contributes to the greater collective is non-negotiable for you.

This month signals a huge turning point. It’s your time in the Sun. Your energy levels, desire to connect with others and exchange ideas are at a peak. Now is the ideal time to launch yourself out into the world and be fully seen. Your powers of attraction and charisma make you and your unique, unconventional and inventive professional offerings very enticing.

New ways of thinking are highly possible under the New Moon in Aquarius on February 10 given your ruling planet, Uranus, is actively involved in this lunation. Use February 10 – 12 to set goals around your brand and what you want to be known for with the work you do in the world.

Then on February 24 the Full Moon your joint finances and investments will be under the spotlight. This is a great time to make adjustments in these areas.

Wishing you a magical month ahead



Welcome to February 2024.

This month you may find yourself yearning for some downtime after the busy-ness of the Summer break. And if this is the case, be sure to make a little time each day to retreat from the world with meditation, mindfulness, art or quiet contemplation. It will serve you well as ideas and downloads of information are waiting to drop in now that Pluto has arrived in your spiritual sector to upgrade your intuition and inner knowing.

Whilst this may not seem practical in the pressure cooker environment that the corporate world and everyday life can be, the consequence of ignoring the call to regularly retreat is likely to cause more “fall-out” and make life more challenging now that Pluto is in the mix.

Use the Aquarian New Moon on February 10 to set your spiritual development goals for the year ahead. And under the energy of the Virgo Full Moon on February 24, relationships are spotlighted. This gives you the opportunity to find the right balance between your needs and those of your primary partnerships. If you are taking or giving more than your partner, now’s the time to make those adjustments!

Wishing you a magical month ahead

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