February 2023 Horoscopes

February 2023 Stars

Now is the time to be grateful for the slow paced, rejuvenating and contemplative vibes we experienced in January. Your body, mind and soul desperately needed the “slow down” to help you recover from and integrate the huge changes in your life that have occurred over the last 3 years. And you needed time to consider your goals and priorities for 2023 because February delivers a powerful “full steam ahead” pace and opportunities to embrace.

For the entire month ahead all of the planets are in forward motion which is a rare occurrence (this productive period lasts until April 23, 2023). And the planets are “talking to each other” in a respectful and helpful way which is why February is about taking PRODUCTIVE ACTION!!

Each year in February the Sun transits through the sign of Aquarius. This gives us the opportunity to look at the bigger picture of our lives. It’s also a time to tune into who we are as an individual, consider what we offer in the world and ask how we can support others. From a business perspective it’s a power period for networking, innovation and humanitarian pursuits. Ideas flow easily, especially when you’re connected to like-minded professionals who share the same vision of helping others that you do!

To find out what’s in store for you click on your sign below.

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Wishing you an amazing month bringing your hopes and dreams to life.

With love and inspiration,



Welcome to February 2023 Aries!!

This month delivers clarity of direction, increased energy levels and a renewed drive. After a very challenging few months with your ruling planet Mars in retrograde (from Nov 2022 to Jan 2023), in February he is back to full steam ahead in forward motion.

As a cardinal fire sign, you are most fulfilled when you are initiating ideas and getting things done. Now that you can finally see a new pathway forward, you are excited about actioning your plan and you should experience more ease and flow to do so.

But perhaps most positively, you have Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and optimism travelling through your sign. This once in 12 year auspicious period helps you to expand your horizons and give a massive boost to your wellbeing and career. All of the hard-work you’ve been putting into the groups and organisations you work with is likely to pay off. New opportunities await for personal expansion and growth. This is a powerful period for investing in yourself. Any self-development you do over the coming months will help you sail a brand new exciting course for the next 12 years.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 activates your creative side. The part of you that yearns to express itself in an authentic way to the world. With the Sun tracking through your “professional organisation” zone, this will bring up issues if your skills and achievements are not fully recognised in your professional environment. Anything could happen under this lunation so if change takes place, trust it is supporting you to align with your purpose by opening up new pathways.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is ideal for setting goals around mindfulness practices that support you to bring your mind, body and soul into better alignment. This is the kind of lunation to ask yourself “What is the real reason I am here?” and create goals from the answers that arise.



Welcome to February Taureans

When the Sun moved into Aquarius on January 20, it lit up your Career Zone. While most people were still in holiday mode here in the southern hemisphere, you likely found yourself back in work mode.

Work and your public life continue to be highlighted for the month of February. This is a wonderful time for innovation, taking a fresh look at your career and getting inspired with new business ideas that involve working with groups.

February is also a power period for connecting with others in your industry to come up with creative new offerings. Be sure to make time in your schedule to “meet” others because if you don’t, you’ll get stuck in the “doing” of work and before you know it this once in 12 month opportunity will be over. Ideal days for this are Feb 10 to Feb 18.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 activates your home life. Your home is the creative sanctuary for you and for your family. With the Sun pulling your focus towards your career, tension is likely to be experienced from being stretched too much in one direction. You need to set time aside to nourish yourself in order to be able to shine fully in the world. Anything could happen under this lunation with Uranus in the mix so if change takes place, trust it is supporting you to align with your purpose by opening up new pathways.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is ideal for setting goals around your personal and professional networks. This is the time to think about who your tribe is. Ask yourself “Who inspires and supports me to achieve my goals?” These are the kind of people you want to focus on surrounding yourself with in the year ahead.



Welcome to February Geminis!

Get ready for action and getting plenty done this month as Mars has completed his 10 ½ week retrograde through your sign. As a general rule, you need variety and intellectual stimulation but with Mars picking up speed through Gemini, these signature qualities of yours are bolded and underlined.

Since November last year, you have been contemplating how, where and what you want to direct your attention to. And now it’s time for action. It’s an exciting time as new opportunities for work and having fun are on offer for you this month. Just remember, it’s important that you incorporate some quality down time – which I know is not easy for that curious mind of yours.

Early in the month your mind will be focussed on investment opportunities and how to make your money work better for you. After the 10th February, study and/or international travel will be appealing.

And finally, until May 17, Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance is tracking through your organisation and friendship sector. This is a powerful period for networking and connecting with your tribe. The more you are out meeting others who are interested in the same activities and area of professional focus, the more opportunities that will open up for you.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 activates your writing, teaching and communication zone. . With the Sun pulling your focus towards your philosophical beliefs, international travel and professional development, tension is likely to be experienced from being stretched too much in one direction. You may experience this as a tug of war between your logical mind and your spiritual mind. If you commit to mindfulness practices, it’s possible that inspiring insights and new clarity will drop in for you about how to best focus in 2023. But, the key is being still and taking time out for yourself.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is your annual opportunity to set career goals that you want to work towards over the coming 12 months. Get creative and think big!!!



Welcome to February Cancerians!!!

I hope you made the most of the deep rest that January provided for you…. Because this month you’ll be needing that energy to fire all cylinders.

Currently you are in a once in 12 year power period for your career. With Jupiter transiting through this part of your chart until May 17 he offers expansion, and a healthy dose of good luck and optimism. Likely you can now see opportunities to expand your career horizons. It’s also a wonderful time for chance meetings which can lead to new ideas and doing things differently. If you have been considering a professional change, this is the ideal time to take action. And if you love what you do but sense you are ready for growth, now is the time to say yes to opportunities that scare you. Ultimately the rewards will be so fulfilling.

With Saturn the planet of responsibility and commitment ending his 3 year transit through your shared assets sector in mid-March, use February to tend to your investment portfolio. What changes can you see you need to make to support you well over the long-term?

All month you will continue to have the chance to create positive habits around your ideal spiritual practice. Is it meditation, walking solo in nature, swimming or resting listening to your favourite classical music? Or is it something else? With Mars now in forward motion in your very private and personal sector of retreating, this is the month to take action in this area of your life to create lasting change.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 activates your money sectors. This may trigger tension from within or through others to address your finances. Whether it’s time for you to step up and ask for that raise (because you’re worth it!) or it’s time to tend to your investment portfolio, any emotional stress you feel at this time is triggering you to act. Quite possibly an unexpected event may occur in your organisation or within your social circle that is the precipice to making change.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is your annual opportunity to set new professional development and travel goals. You are yearning to expand your mind in new ways and gain a deeper connection with this extraordinary gift of life!



Welcome to February Leos!

For most of this month your ruling luminary (the Sun) lights up your relationship sector – both personally and professionally. Over the last few years, there has been much that has changed in your world, not least of which has been gaining clarity around who and how you want to be in partnership with others. With the Sun tracking through this sector alongside Saturn, you are more likely to meet people you know are the right fit for you (but how depends on other aspects in your birth chart). And if you are in relationship, you’ll be looking at what you can do to spice things up to go the distance.

Opportunities for professional development and international travel are highlighted this month with Jupiter delivering a once in 12 year expansion period for you in this sector. And with Mars gaining momentum in your orgnanisation and friendship sector, a range of new group projects and social connections are likely to spring up.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 is likely to bring up tension around finding the right balance between doing what you need to do for you and being in relationship. Interestingly an unexpected event or opportunity related to your career may well be the trigger. Freedom is a big deal for your right now so if you are feeling restricted in any way, your inner rebel is likely to rise up from within.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is your annual opportunity to set year-long investment goals. It’s an important time to focus on your financial portfolio. Is your money working for you or do you find yourself hindered by a sense of “lack”. It’s also a great month following the New Moon to set up healing or counselling sessions. It’s been a huge few years with so much change and in many cases trauma in your life. Now that a new normal is settling in, it’s important you make space to tune into your subconscious feelings and allow space for healing.



Welcome to February Virgos!

Following January’s intense slow-down due to the double retrograde of Mercury (your ruling planet) and Mars (the planet of drive and passion), February delivers you renewed vigour and focus with both planets now in forward motion. In fact, the heavens are in “full steam ahead” mode with every planet travelling direct, which is a rare occurrence but one which you’re ready to make the most of!

During February Mercury tracks through your romance and fun sector up until the 12th which inspires creativity, especially in relation to your long-term career and business plans. From the 12th to the end of the month, the Mari Quando within you is in superior organisation mode. It’s time to create efficiencies in your life and address how you can do less and bring in more money whilst still delivering quality solutions to those you are working for.

With Mars tracking through your career sector for the next 2 months, your curiosity is peaked with a range of project opportunities coming your way. Rather than say yes to everything, first be discerning…. you’re eager mind will be keen to be stimulated in a range of ways but be sure you have the ability to deliver before saying yes to multiple things.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 is taking place in your health sector so be mindful of your daily routine and what you need to prioritise to ensure exercise and eating well are integrated into your everyday. This lunation may also create tension due to your desire to help others in a deeply compassionate way. You see and feel the deep suffering that so may people are enduring in the world right now and you can’t ignore it. There is a strong possibility that you could even find yourself taking an unexpected trip or signing up to a new course of study so that you can “do more” to be of service to others.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is your annual opportunity to set year-long relationship goals – both in your personal and professional life.



Welcome to February Librans!!

The month ahead offers plenty of creative expression with the sun tracking through your fun and children zone. New connections deliver innovative ideas which you will be keen to implement.

There is also great news for those of you in the market for new professional and personal relationships. With Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and optimisim, travelling through your relationship sector for the next 2 months, partnerships (personal and professional) are made available which ultimately can help you establish your independence. Jupiter only visits this part of your chart once every 12 years but when he does he delivers! So, this is also the time to invest in existing personal and professional relationships to add new vigour and find ways to grow and expand together.

For much of the month Venus, your ruling planet is putting the spotlight on your health and wellbeing. It’s a great month to establish new daily routines which support you. When you make time this month to connect with nature and dream it will enhance your sense of self and knowingness that you are part of the greater universal collective.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 is likely to arouse emotions related to your need to creatively express yourself and balance that with the needs of your friends and colleagues in a work setting. Tension could well swell due to unexpected events around investments or through gaining greater clarity of what it is you need on a subconscious level.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is your annual opportunity to set year-long health and wellbeing goals. It’s also the perfect time to sort out your professional and domestic systems. A great question to ask yourself at this time is “ What do I need to set up to operate at optimum efficiency?”



Welcome to February Scorpios!

I hope you have made the most of the deep “downtime” that was on offer for you in December and January. Because, this month your traditional ruling planet Mars, is back in forward motion picking up speed delivering lots of opportunities requiring plenty of energy. With Mars travelling through your investment sector this is an area of focus. Look out for new ways to invest your money personally and professionally. Mars is also inviting you to dive into understanding yourself on a deeper level. Any past trauma or wounds that you haven’t yet dealt with are able to be addressed this month and next.

Also supporting you in February is Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance as it continues tracking through your health and wellbeing sector where he’ll be until May 17. This is a power period for getting your health on track and for setting up systems which create efficiency in your life. The motto of working smarter, not harder is ringing very true for you right now and there is plenty of celestial support available to help you discover how you can best do that.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 is highlighting the need for you to find the right balance between your career and home. Quite possibly an unexpected event to do with a major relationship in your life will trigger your need to achieve greater harmony in these areas. Trust that any unexpected change is helping you align with your purpose.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is the ideal time to set creative goals related to having more fun and romance in your life. It’s also the ideal time of year to set intentions around what you want to create for your children and others that you love and support.



Welcome to February Sagittarians!!

That fiery soul of yours is bursting with excitement as you sense fresh new energy levels ready to kick start ideas that have been percolating over the December – January SLOW down. Your ruling planet Jupiter is activating your desire to create and express yourself and he’ll be supporting you to do so over the next few months. So give yourself complete permission to prioritise working on projects that light you and your heart up!!!

With Mars now in forward motion in your relationship zone, you are likely to be meeting a range of new people in your personal and professional life that you can bounce your ideas off and eventually collaborate with.

Up until February 20 is a wonderful time for you to be writing, teaching and sharing your ideas on social media. You’re more likely to be noticed online and in your neighbourhood with the Sun lighting up this sector for you.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 emphasises the need for you to find the right balance between your logical and spiritual minds. It’s possible that new information will come to light during this time which has you questioning health issues and thinking about what you really believe in. Old ways of viewing the world are falling away for you and new more spiritual and conscious beliefs are settling in.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is the ideal time to set goals and intentions related to your home and family life. What do you want to manifiest in these areas over the coming 12 months?



Welcome to February Capricorns!

This month your fresh energy reserves are delivering a wealth of opportunities to be out in the world taking empowered action and putting your strategic plans in place. You love nothing more than knowing your efforts will ultimately bring long-term gain.

The world has changed enormously over the past 3 years and a new way of doing business is emerging. Slowly but surely the days of top-down directive leadership control are dismantling and making way for a more utilitarian work force that is forming from the ground up. So if you’re used to the security of working in a top-down structure, this month you’ll start considering what the alternative may be for you, especially around Feb 4 when Mercury and Pluto meet up in your sign.

Over the next few months Jupiter continues his once in 12 year visit to your family and home sector. Be sure to use this auspicious period wisely. If you’re keen to purchase property or considering a big move, make the most of the next few months to do so. But ultimately the best way to utilise this period is to make sure your home is an appealing place to take refuge. A space with people and belongings that you look forward to returning to at the end of each day to relax, rejuvenate and love!

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 is highlighting the need for you to find the right balance between your value and what you receive. Are you being appropriately remunerated for the value that you deliver? This could be a contentious issue for you right now which brings up a lot of unexcted emotion.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is the ideal time to set writing, social media and communication goals for the year ahead.



Happy Birthday Aquarians and belated wishes to those of you born in late January!

This is your month to shine brightly. There’s a renewed sense of hope for you as you leave behind the heavy, “hard-work” period of the last few years. You’ve grown enormously. You need to trust that you’ve made the most of challenges that you’ve faced. And, as a result, you have emerged as a more evolved, mature and responsible leader with fresh confidence and ideas to support your clients and loved ones in new ways.

February will continue to bring opportunities to make money with Venus tracking through your financial sector. Your creativity is highly valued by other’s right now so make the most of it.

For the next few months, Jupiter is travelling through your communication sector. This is a not to be missed power period for engaging social media and ramping up your technical skills. What are you ready to learn that will help you be more efficient at work / in business?

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 is highlighting the importance of finding the right balance between time for you and spending time with your partner, primary friendships and professional colleagues. Tension is strong in this area as you struggle to do either as well as you’d like. And potentially there may be an event at home which accentuates this imbalance.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is the ideal time to set your annual financial goals. Use it to review your salary needs or reset your product/service pricing for the year ahead.



Welcome to February Pisceans!!

After a big slow down over Christmas and January, February has you moving at pace connecting with your professional and social networks and busy with activities on the home front.

But most significantly this month, the focus is on you. Venus is in your sign making this a powerful period for launching yourself into the world in new, attractive ways. Whether it’s a new haircut, new social photos or a new business offering, this is the month to be noticed….. you have the ability to attract new clients and professional opportunities your way so make the most of it!! Adding to this, over the coming few months, Jupiter the planet of abundance and optimism is tracking through your financial sector bringing new ways to make and receive money.

The Leo Full Moon on February 6 is highlighting the importance of finding the right balance between your health and wellbeing and taking time out for mindfulness and retreat practices. It also brings up the desire within you to be of service and help others in need.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20 is the ideal time to set goals for you. What do you want to achieve for YOU over the year ahead. Yes, I give you full permission to make this new moon ALL ABOUT YOU.

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