December Horoscopes

Welcome to December

Tis the Season to be jolly!! At last, after the extraordinary year that we have had, especially the past couple of months, December offers up space to expand, explore new horizons and find fresh optimism. And boy are we ready for that, especially for those of you with planets in Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

2022 has been an incredibly transformational time for everyone. Easy…. No! But it has provided the opportunity to dig deep and understand any subconscious patterns that have defined us and limited our capacity to live and work in a way that is aligned with our purpose and provides meaning.

The good news is, December offers up plenty of fresh energy and inspiration to consider what we want to learn about and what we want to create moving into 2023. Our sense of adventure is strong and our yearning to expand our lives beckons to be satiated.

On December 4, Neptune, the planet connected to your imagination, creativity and spirituality ends his annual retrograde which ramps up our capacity to dream.

By the end of the month, there’s a determination to get practical and take action to turn your dreams into reality when Jupiter re-enters action-oriented Aries from Dec 21 and both Mercury and Venus move through strategic, empire-building Capricorn from 7 Dec onwards. Note Mercury will commence his final retrograde of the year from Dec 29 through til January 19, 2023 s,o the year kicks off with a strong emphasis on reviewing your professional plan.

Note that the month does have an underlying quality of depleted energy levels, especially for those of you with planets in Gemini, Aries, or Scorpio. This is due to Mars, which represents your drive and determination, continuing his retrograde journey through Gemini and making a tense connection with Neptune.

But, by month’s end, you’ll be ready to review your professional direction when Mercury commences his final retrograde for 2022 on 29 Dec. So be mindful that the beginning of 2023 is ideal for slowing down the pace, relaxing and reconsidering your business strategy.

So, lots to lean into this month!



You’re almost there – the end of the year is nigh and I know you need a rest!!! Mars, your ruling planet continues his retrograde journey through Gemini which for many of you has been wreaking havoc on your energy levels and having you juggle way more balls than you’d like.

The good news is that on the 21st of the month, Jupiter returns to your sign once again expanding your horizons and bringing through new opportunities. This should provide a boost to your energy levels, inspire you to learn and help you connect with others in your field to support you realising your potential. For clues as to which of these it will be, think back to what was happening for you between May and October this year when Jupiter first visited. Abundance surrounds you in this way up until May 2023 so take advantage of what’s on offer!

The very social Full Moon in Gemini on 8 December brings opportunity to find the right balance between your lower and higher minds or in other words your logical and spiritual mind. How are your thoughts informing your reality? Around this time, you’ll be able to get clear on your priorities and where you want to invest your energy in 2023.

The New Moon on 23 December is ideal for setting business and career goals. Use the Christmas break to plant seeds and embody the feeling of your professional life soaring in 2023.



Finally, the winds of change have arrived. You’ve been on a roller coaster for the past couple of years and with the eclipse season over, December brings through a sense of expansion and excitement for the new! You’ve been working your butt off learning and developing and when 2023 arrives it will offer you the chance to put your new skills and knowledge to good use!!

In the final month of the year, Jupiter is lighting up your social sector. Make the most of this professionally by getting out and about connecting with clients, business partners and potential alliances in 2023. As I am writing this I hear you saying to yourself “Isn’t that what December is all about anyway?”, and I say Yes. But to be clear, in your case Jupiter is offering you exciting new possibilities and helping you mingle with people in your organisation and groups that you can collaborate with. It’s the ideal time to expand your client base and build business relations (and social ones too!)

December puts your finances under the spotlight. It is a powerful time to examine your investments. As you review what you offer and the value that you provide there’s opportunity to attract in work that is both uplifting and financially rewarding.

The Full Moon on 8 December is the best time of the year to get your finances in order. Notice what comes up for you emotionally around money. What’s your relationship with money? How much are you valuing yourself? Are you getting paid appropriately for the work that you do?

The New Moon in Capricorn on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set professional development goals. It’s also the ideal time to plan for that international holiday or long-term trip. You yearn to expand your mind and broaden your horizons at this time. Even though we haven’t quite reached the end of the year, use this lunation to write down your career/business goals.



Welcome to December…. The end of the year is nigh and I’m sure many of you are ready to put down tools for a while over the Christmas / New Year break. With Mars retrograding through your sign you’ve been forced to SLOW down, assess your priorities and determine exactly where your energy is best focussed in 2023 and beyond. The good news is, we are past the half-way mark of this period, he completes his retrograde on January 13. So if your energy levels and ability to focus clearly have been compromised, know that there is an end in sight. Continue to use this month to review your identity, your skills, what you represent, why you are here and what you want to do.

With the Sun and your ruling planet Mercury transiting through your 7th house, partnerships of all kinds are being highlighted. Maximise this by earmarking quality 1:1 time with your most valued relationships (including loved ones). Get together with key clients to let them know how much you appreciate them. It’s also an auspicious time to establish win: win creative ventures which will benefit both parties.

Until Dec 21, Jupiter the planet of growth and abundance continues to move through your Career sector. Stay alert to opportunities to expand your professional/business offering. Make the most of what comes up, it will be another 12 years before he revisits this part of your chart!

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December will likely bring up more than your usual fare of emotions given it is conjunct Mars retrograde. This lunation highlights the importance of knowing who you are in a relationship. With all the reviewing you’ve been doing about your future direction it’s time to talk this through with your partners. As you change, relationships evolve. The key is finding new common ground that works for everyone.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set goals related to your investments, mortgages and taxes. It’s also a great month to engage a counselor, healer or coach to support you to get to the bottom of any emotional issues holding you back from attracting abundance into your life.



Welcome to December Cancerians. I’m sure you’re looking forward to an end of year break. Especially following the emotional roller coaster ride of the intense 6 week eclipse season we have just been through. But with all that tension, new perspectives will have arisen.

This month the Sun is lighting up your health and wellbeing sector. It’s the ideal time for you to address any physical niggles and book in your annual check up with your chosen practitioner. It is also a great time for you to tune into what your daily needs are and your ideal routine. A wonderful process for you this month is to reflect on the year that has been. What have you commited to doing on a daily basis that has served you well? What are you now ready to bring into your daily routine? Remember, tending to your wellbeing requires a steady, regular commitment. So consider which activities are “easy” and “fun” for you to commit to in 2023.

On the workfront there is opportunity to look at your working environment and daily schedule. Is that meeting your needs? If not, what are you ready to change?

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December highlights you finding the right balance between your daily life (health and routine) and your spiritual, compassionate side. In order to be able to give to others, you need to take good care of you. You may well discover this month that as a result of slowing down, new exciting insights and information downloads start coming through that you just can’t ignore. Your spiritual connections are expanding rapidly – but you’ll only notice this if you make the time to tune in on a daily basis.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set goals related to partnerships – both personal and professional. Who do you want to be partnering with in business in 2023? And what do you want to create in your personal relationships in 2023? It’s also a great time for signing contracts that are a win:win outcome for all parties involved.



Welcome to December. Finally after the intense energies of the last 2 years and all the change you’ve been going through, this month brings much more light and inspiration for you to lean into. Yay for that!!! You are change ready. New directions and opportunities await.

As the Sun moves through your “fun” sector in December you are ready to PLAY. In fact, this energy kicked in for you 22 November when the Sun entered Sagittarius. Use this to tune into your inner child. What did he/she want to do most with their spare time? It’s a creative period that feels exciting and joyous. So give yourself full permission to light yourself up!! In doing so, you’ll inspire others too. Nothing beats your big-heart, warmth and generosity when it comes to bringing groups of people together.

Mid-month when the Sun creates a t-square aspect in the sky, any tension between you honouring your own creative yearnings and being there for others is eased through diving into a spiritual practice, art or seeing a wonderful counsellor.

Jupiter continues to help you tend to joint finances, investments and mortgages. This is a very auspicious time to do so as Jupiter won’t return to this part of your chart for another 12 years.

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December highlights you finding the right balance between being out in the world socialising and connecting with groups of like-minded people vs making time to tend to your own creative yearnings. With the ruler of the Full Moon falling in your 6th house, it’s likely that inspiring creative work projects will be at the fore.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set health goals. Nothing better than weaving these in to your New Year Reolutions. It’s also ideal to “ask for” your ideal daily routine to be made possible. For example when, where and how you work and blending the needs of family.



Welcome to December. The time of the year when you are being invited to focus on your home and family life. As the Sun and Venus track through this sector you’ll be inspired to embark on new adventures and expand possibilities.. Whether it’s a new home or jooshing up your existing one, you’re inspired to find ways to experience more peace, harmony and beauty where you live.

At the end of the month Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into your fun sector getting you thinking about exciting new creative projects that inspire you. Possibilities could include a new hobby, the arts, working with children and sports!

Meanwhile, you continue to review your current professional commitments. With Mars retrograding through this sector in your chart, you are well and truly juggling more than you signed up for and possibly struggling to get everything done at your normal efficient and productive pace. If your energy levels are waning in this are be patient. Mid January your usual multi-tasking capabilities will return and you’ll have figured out what you want to be responsible for and what you are ready to delegate or change.

All month Jupiter continues to expand your 1:1 partnerships both personally and professionally. It’s also great for signing contracts.

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December highlights you finding the right balance between your personal and professional lives. You may realise you need to “release” aspects of your work that sap you of energy or rob you of time with your loved ones. The good news is you’ll likely receive the inspiration you need to make changes around this time so that you are able to authentically express yourself professionally moving forward.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to start new creative projects and set intentions related to children.



Welcome to December Librans!!

This month the Sun and Venus, your ruling planet, bring opportunity to set your social media and marketing campaigns for the year ahead. Make some time to work through your messaging and consider how you want your community to receive what you have to offer.

During the first and second weeks of the month, you are likely to be exploring some big concepts and what is meaningful to you. You may feel a tussle between your logical and spiritual mind. Relief will be found by establishing a daily practice of meditation, yoga, listening to uplifting music and / or time in nature near water. Scribe your thoughts in a journal to help you make sense of things. So much in the world and what society believes in is shifting. This will ready you for 2023’s expansive energies.

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December is a powerful time to find the right balance between your logical and spiritual mind. With Mercury situated in your family and home sector, taking time out at home will be key to receiving fresh insights and calibrating your emotions.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set goals related to family, home and property that you own.



Welcome to December…. What a roller coaster of a year it has been – especially for you!! The recent eclipse season has, and will continue to over the next 6 months, help you release what is holding you back from aligning with your purpose and experiencing deep meaning in life. I realise that this is not always easy, but you know better than others, the importance of dwelling in the depths to get to the truth and facing it head on in order to be able to transform. Transformation is your mantra. No issue or crisis is too big for you to lead the way through.

This month the Sun is spotlighting your money sector. It’s a great time to focus on your value, your earning potential and your unique skillset. Are you being appropriately remunerated for what you do? Are others valuing you? And most importantly, are you valuing yourself? This is the time for you to dive into what’s amazing about you and proudly engage with the world full of self-worth. You’ll inspire others as you authentically follow your path! If you are struggling with self-worth issues at the moment, now is the time to invest in working with a professional to support you seeing the best in yourself and exploring new work possibilities that are more uplifting for you.

With Jupiter continuing to travel through your sector of Fun and Children, don’t forget to treat each day like a gift to be opened and explored with awe and wonder.

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December may bring up some strong emotions around your earning capacity and your investments. Mercury, the ruling planet of the Full Moon is transiting through your local community and communication sector. If you are considering a move, it won’t be an easy decision – there are pros and cons on each side. However, if you allow yourself time out to simply play and have fun you’ll help ease tension and bring clarity to the situation.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set goals around your social media and marketing strategies. It’s also a great time to connect with people in your local neighborhood.



Happy Birthday Sagittarians, and belated wishes to those of you born in late November! The Sun is returning to the place in the sky it was at when you are born. This brings an annual opportunity to set your goals for the year ahead. Remember, the Sun is all about Creation and Shining brightly!!

The first 2 weeks of December could bring up some tension as the Sun moves towards an opposition with Mars in your 7th house of relationships. If you find yourself frustrated that others have to be involved in a project which slows things down, then do what it takes to stay grounded and be patient. Release energy through exercise, a swim in the ocean, music and meditate regularly!

With Jupiter continuing to travel through your family and home sector this month, this is an area of focus for you. Use home and family as a place to retreat and nourish yourself.

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December may bring up some strong emotions related to how others are trying to push their will onto you. It’s important you are very clear on what you are here to create in the world and the skills you have to do that. Once you’re centered and clear about these 2 things, you can notice others’ behaviour without them distracting you from your path.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set your financial goals for 2023.



Welcome to December. The end of the year is nigh…. A break is in site…. But I get it you’ve got a list of things you’d like to get done before you feel comfortable about putting your feet up!.

Last month’s eclipses have or will over the next 6 months bring changes to your corporate organisation structure and/or professional associations that you belong to. Restructures are underway and leadership changes are afoot. The question is, what role do you want amidst all of the change? With the Sun moving through your private “contemplation” sector, you have an opportunity to retreat and tune into what you’re now ready to create in this much changed business world we find ourselves in.

All month Jupiter is supporting you to connect with your local community and share your views of the world with others. This is great for marketing and social media. It’s also a great time for making new connections and doing lots of research to dig into the facts of things. You are hungry to learn and absorb the news.

Be mindful that this month, Mars continues his retrograde through your daily routine and wellbeing sector. Again, if you have any health niggles, tend to them without delay by getting them checked out. This is also a time to review your daily needs. How, where and what do you need in your routine to play to your strengths professionally. Right now you may still be juggling plenty of projects at once and struggling to get things to land. Know that by mid-January these pressures will start to ease and clarity will arrive when Mars stations direct.

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December is a powerful time to find the right balance between how much you give gratuitously to others and managing your own needs, health and wellbeing. It’s really important to pay particular attention to your body and it’s needs.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set goals for what you want to create for the year ahead! It’s a magical time for you. So, set aside some time in the pre-Christmas rush to write down your list and be sure to conduct a ritual to put the universe on notice.



Welcome to December. Ahhhhh – finally some reprieve from the intensity of the last couple of years. Whilst this month has some confusion in the air with Mars making a challenging aspect to Neptune, fortunately for you, you can use this to tune into your intuitive self and get creative.

All month Jupiter is continuing to activate your self-worth and financial sector. This has you continuing to look at your earning potential and your finances. You are learning how to “feel your way” when it comes to making money. It’s definitely worth practicing following hunches this month. To support you trusting your instincts, make sure you allow time in your schedule to tune into your inner knowing through meditation, time in nature, zoning out to relaxing music or getting involved in creating Art.

The Sun is spotlighting your organisation and friendship sector this month inviting you to spread your wings and get social. New horizons beckon as you connect with inspiring people.

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December is a powerful period for finding the right balance between your need to creatively express yourself and belonging to a group – whether its an organisation or friendship group. It’s possible that right now you have a number of creative projects on the go but you are struggling to get them all done due to time or lack of energy. Use this lunation to release projects that are sapping you of energy.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to set goals for your personal spiritual development.



Welcome to December Pisceans! This is the final month that you will have both of your ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune in your sign. It will be another 12 years before Jupiter returns and another 166 before both return. These two planets have been inviting you to expand your consciousness and use it for the good of all. As part of this, your intuition and creative capacity have been blossoming! But, given your innate sensitivity and depth of compassion you’ve also been feeling deeply the extent of human heartache through war, floods, fires, earthquakes, storms and the injustices of people being take advantage of in the world.

And so, in the lead up to Christmas, I invite you to consider how you can expand your reach professionally in 2023. What are you now being called to do in the world? This month the Sun is spotlighting your career. It’s time to embark on some new adventures. Let the world be your playground. There’s much to be done to start healing the world, and you have a special role to play in that!!!

The Gemini Full Moon on 8 December is a powerful period for finding the right balance between your private and professional lives. If you’ve been hiding away, it’s now time to get yourself out in the world and do your thing. If you’ve been over-extending yourself at work, it’s time to reign things in and focus on your family and home.

The Capricorn New Moon on 23 December is your annual opportunity to connect with like-minded people who enjoy the same things you do. Whether it’s work or with friends, it’s time to crank up that social calendar and get out and amongst it!

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