December 2023 Horoscopes

It’s palpable, the desire for a break, to pause, reflect, connect and let go.  With the Christmas holiday season looming large,  I have no doubt you’ll be reading this and thinking, it can’t come fast enough!!

The past couple of months have been rich with dynamic change and deep dives into matters requiring your intense focus. As a result, truths have risen to the surface sparking a desire to take off in a new direction. Whether or not you have acted on that, your heart is much clearer about what it wants to create. And the driving force is being able to work authentically in a way that is aligned with your values, purpose and being able to have impact.

For much of December, the Sun is transiting through knowledge seeking and adventurous Sagittarius. This inspires us to expand our minds by exploring new possibilities. However, whilst you’d love to get on with doing so, there’s some practical tasks to address first.

With Mercury embarking on his 3rd retrograde for the year from Dec 13 to Jan 2, much of the month is about revising, re-thinking and re-doing. Dec 13 to 23 is a powerful time to review your business and professional plans. So carve out time to conduct your year in review and do your 2024 strategic planning. Then from Dec 23 to Jan 2, reflect on what you’ve learned in 2023 and consider your professional development and travel plans for 2024.

As always with Mercury retrograde, allow extra time for travel, back up your tech and be extra conscious with your business communications.

The other area of focus for December is relationships – both professional and personal. With Venus visiting intense Scorpio from Dec 5 through to Dec 30, there is a window of opportunity to delve into any hidden partnership issues with open, honest and probing communication. If you feel something is not right, follow your instinct. It’s better to get to the truth of a matter so it can be resolved and the situation transformed. And It also allows you to get to know people you work with on a much deeper level to establish bonds which will support you in 2024.

At the end of the month the mood lifts once Venus enters Sagittarius and Jupiter stations direct on December 31. This is the ideal vibe for celebrating so be sure to plan to get together with friends and family or treat yourself to something special to acknowledge the year that has been!!!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 may well be that lift of energy you need to get to the end of the year. It invites you to welcome in new possibilities for the year ahead and contemplate what brings you joy, pleasure and meaning in life. Just be mindful of making choices that please you versus any temptation to do things to keep up appearances!

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 is all about home and family. This is a time of year when you park work commitments and focus on what nurtures you and who/what you want to nurture. Jupiter is making a fortuitous connection to this lunation which can help increase opportunity to get the balance right between work and family over the coming year. And if you have been hiding your skills or business ideas, this is the ideal time to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and put them into the world. Things that are launched at this time have the opportunity to expand significantly into 2024.

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Wishing you an amazing month bringing your hopes and dreams to life!



Welcome to December 2023 Aries.

What a year it’s been filled with plenty of change and opportunities to reset and embark in new, more authentic directions. November was filled with intensity but you’ll be pleased to know that December delivers a boost to your energy and inspires you to “look up” at what’s possible. Of particular note, this is the ideal time to contemplate what matters most to you. You realise your view of the world is changing and potentially the role you play in it. This is your time to move towards new horizons! Keywords for you all month are adventure and growth. You’re ready to travel, discover new things and learn!

The final Mercury retrograde for 2023 has you reflecting on your career. In particular the window of Dec 13 to January 3 is the ideal time to review, revise and rethink what you want in 2024. Consider what you want more and less of to feel purposeful and truly engage your gifts!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is one of the most powerful goal setting lunations you’ve had all year. With your ruling planet, Mars, in close proximity there’s a very dynamic influence in play for you to work with. Whatever goals you intentionally set at this time you’ll be inspired to act on. This is the ideal time to set goals for international travel dreams, broadening your knowledge, publishing and exploring your philosophical truth. It’s a wonderful big picture time for you – so go large in your goal setting this month!

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27, puts the spotlight on your home and family. It’s the perfect time to recalibrate and consider what the ideal work/family life balance looks like as you move into the new year. It’s also ideal for exploring how much down-time you need each week to support you to do your best work in the world. Even though you love nothing more than taking action and achieving goals, planning time out to recalibrate your nervous system and allow for genius ideas to come through is equally as important ????



Welcome to December 2023 Taureans.

For those of you who are actively seeking new relationships, this month don’t be surprised if new doors open. The reason being that Venus, your ruling planet, is bringing good fortune to that aspect of life. In business this can support you firming up new professional partnerships, discovering new people to collaborate with and meeting new clients you’ll be doing business with over the longer term.

December also puts the focus on your investments. You can use this month to adjust your portfolio and explore new ways of getting your assets delivering greater returns. It’s also a powerful time to work with a trusted coach, counsellor or psychologist to maximise your mindset. By investing in yourself and unpacking any sabotaging mindset patterns, you’ll set yourself up for success in 2024.

This month is also ideal for reflecting on your professional skills and exploring areas you’d like to upgrade. Mercury’s retrograde in this part of your chart is inviting you to revise, rethink and plan
what matters most in your professional toolkit. If that international conference is calling you – give yourself full permission to say yes!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is the ideal time to set investment goals that you’ll reap the benefits of over the longer term. It’s also a good time to lean into your mindset. If you know there’s room for improvement, invest in this area for long-term professional and personal benefits.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 spotlights your marketing/social media, writing and communication sector. The desire to learn, acquire information and teach will be strong. Don’t be surprised if your beliefs are strongly tested at this time. What you thought to be true may be challenged.



Welcome to December Geminis!

Get set for a busy end to the year. The Sun is illuminating relationships of all kinds and the opportunity to engage with inspiring and uplifting people abounds. As a result you are inspired to think about things from another’s perspective and look at how they complement what you do.

The third and final Mercury retrograde takes place from Dec 13 to January 2. As you know, these are particularly powerful for you to work with given Mercury is your ruling planet. This retrograde Mercury is lighting up your investment sector. It’s perfect for revising, rethinking and redoing your portfolio to better align with changing market conditions. It’s also a powerful time for you to work on yourself on a subconscious level. Choose therapists, coaches or healers and embark on doing “the inner work” to clear any patterns that may be holding you back.

When Libra ingresses into Scorpio from the 5th through to the end of the month, your sense of wellbeing can get a boost, especially through interactions with others. Make the most of this by prioritising health and wellness practices.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is the time to set intentions for who you’d like to partner with over the coming 12 months to achieve your goals. It’s also the ideal time to invite in romantic and platonic relationships that inspire you to be the best version of yourself!

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 spotlights your financial sector. This can be the catalyst to focus on how you can make your money work well for you over the long-term. It’s a great time to check in on your pricing, budgets and review your investments.



Welcome to December Cancerians!

This month the Sun is lighting up your health and wellness sector. If you’ve been struggling to prioritise your wellbeing, this is the ideal month to get back on track. That probably sounds like a challenge, especially with all the end of Year celebrations filling up your diary. However if you choose fitness options that are fun you’ll have a greater chance of making the change. The more adventurous the activity, the more likely you’ll be to commit to it over the longer term. And even better if you can book an international retreat to look forward to in the New Year!

This month’s Mercury retrograde falls in your relationship sector. For much of the month you’ll be intensely “reviewing”, “rethinking” and exploring ways to “re-do” your current relationships. This could be someone at work or at home. Either way,.if you’ve been holding back on speaking your truth or making a decision, this is the time to get clear about how to proceed and then stick to your path.

The good news is Venus is moving into your Fun Sector from Dec 5 through to the end of the month. This brings an abundance of opportunity to engage in activities that make your heart sing and find new ways to creatively express yourself – whether it’s dance, horse-riding, painting, travel – go for it!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is the ideal time to set fresh new health and wellness goals as a result of realising you now need to prioritise those. Just remember, your wellbeing requires you to put strong boundaries in place around hours of work as well as health and fitness. This is also a wonderful time of year to set intentions around your mindfulness practices

The Full Moon in your sign on December 27 is likely to be an emotional one. This spotlights any imbalance that exists between your needs and the needs of your relationship. If you’ve been selflessly putting others first, you’ll realise it’s time to right the balance. On the contrary, if you’ve been preoccupied with your own needs others are going to let you know. Treat any feedback as a gift…. An opportunity to grow by doing things differently.



Welcome to December Leos!

All month the Sun is travelling through Sagittarius which amps up your enthusiasm, energy levels and creative desires. At the end of November, you likely felt the weight of responsibility or pressure from another which dampened your usually positive outlook. The good news is, whatever you’ve been through, you can expect things to improve. But, this may require some forgiveness on your part to ensure you have a clean slate to move forward with.

On a personal note, from Dec 5 to the end of the month, there is an opportunity to beautify your surroundings at home, invest in a property and/or enjoy socialising with friends and family at home. This is a great month to remind yourself of what nourishes and replenishes you most. It’s also a power period for doing what you need to create stable foundations at home. Personal security is a matter of priority.

The final Mercury retrograde of the year invites you to review, rethink and redo your daily routine. What do you now realise you need to change to make your life and business run more smoothly as you enter into 2024.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is the ideal time to set goals around creative passion projects, having more fun and authentically expressing your innate talents in the world!

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 illuminates a vital need for you to consistently create moments to retreat from the world. Whether you need to recover from past emotional events, a period of intense energy output or a health scare, do what you need to recalibrate your energy levels and restore balance. Meditation and time in nature are your most reliable and grounding companion at this time.



Welcome to December Virgos.

2023 has been a big year for broadening your horizons – whether through formal study, travel or expanding your knowledge in areas of interest such as philosophy or spirituality. In the countdown to 2024, you’re invited to also direct your energy towards your homelife, family and matters of personal security to support your ongoing learning. If you have the means, a family holiday abroad could be just the ticket to spice up life and if the budget doesn’t stretch that far, investing in some new books for your home library or some new international artefacts can give your home a lift!

The third and final Mercury retrograde for 2023 takes place from Dec 13 to January 2. As you know, these are particularly powerful for you to work with given Mercury is your ruling planet.
Mercury enters Capricorn at the start of the month. This has you turning your mind’s attention towards what you’re creating for the long-term. When it comes to your interests, you thrive in combining what makes your heart sing with the work you do in the world. You’ll be able to use this month to review, revise and rethink what brings you joy. And if you have children, this is the ideal time to reflect on the year that has been for them and what you can do to support them in 2024.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is your annual opportunity to set goals related to home and family. If you’ve been dreaming about purchasing a property or renovating your home this is the time of year to have intentions or or the year ahead related to family, where you live and property investments. Don’t be afraid to dream big as new ideas are available to help you make this happen over the coming 12 months.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 illuminates groups, associations and organisations you belong to. Have you got the balance right between honouring your creative side and your need to enjoy yourself versus being part of an organisation or group? If you are spending more time doing one thing over the other, this lunation will trigger emotions that have you make adjustments to rectify the situation.



Welcome to December Librans.

At the end of July this year, you entered an 18 month period of releasing any aspects of life that have been holding you back from aligning with your life’s purpose. In some cases this can be painful, but ultimately changes create space for you to expand and establish a greater sense of independence.

For those of you who found things challenging in October and November, December should bring pause so you can recalibrate. The good news is that Venus, your ruling planet, amps up your powers of attraction and enhances your self-esteem. The flow on effect can potentially give your finances a boost – just in time for the Holiday Season.

From December 13 to January 2, Mercury is retrograding through your domestic zone inviting you to revise, redo and rethink matters related to your home, properties, family and personal security. Avoid purchasing a new property or signing any contracts during these dates if you can help it. In some cases items around the home can break or need repair so keep some money aside in case you need a quick run to the homewares store.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is your annual opportunity to set your marketing and business development goals for the year ahead. Get clear on your social strategy as well as your target client base. It’s also the best time of the year to commit to any writing projects you’d like to see through to completion.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 spotlights your career. Whether you’ve been working on a project that comes to fruition or an opportunity for advancement presents itself, this is a time when your hard work can pay off. However, if you’ve been spending too much time working and ignoring family, you’ll realise it’s time to make some adjustments to bring things back into balance. Equally, if family or your home life has been demanding your attention and taking you away from your public work, this lunation offers you time to recalibrate.



Welcome to December Scorpios.

You’ll be delighted to hear that this month delivers a healthy boost to your sense of self and the drive to find new ways to make money. Your ability to tap into your innate skills and resources is heightened at this time of year, particularly when it comes to education and inspiring others to look at the world from a fresh perspective.

The other good news is that from Dec 5 to 30, Venus enhances your charm and attraction power. This is the ideal time to invest in your personal brand. If you’ve been contemplating upgrading your professional “style”, getting new professional images taken or upgrading your website, now’s the time to make plans to do so. This may seem counterintuitive given the time of the year but honestly, you are glowing!!!

Mercury’s retrograde this month is inviting you to revise, rethink and redo your social strategy as you head into 2024. The vibe is excellent for editing and tweaking communication and education projects you’re already working on. However avoid starting anything new in this area between Dec Dec 13 to Jan 2.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is your annual opportunity to set financial goals and review business revenue targets.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 is likely to bring up emotions related to “what the truth is” for you. It’s also a time when you’re curious to expand your knowledge and experience more adventure. However, there is a tension as you also have to navigate life’s mundane realities. What are you now learning that’s challenging your long-held belief systems? This can also be a time when you’re keen to head overseas on an adventure or prioritise your studies.



Happy Birthday Sagittarians and belated wishes to those of you born late November.

The start of Sagittarius season in Late November was rather intense especially under the Gemini Full Moon on November 27. Relationships that matter most were under the spotlight as was your need for freedom and independence. And for many of you, dynamics at home were changing creating confusion and uncertainty. Thankfully the intensity of that has passed this month with December delivering a return to your innate drive and passion.

This is an ideal month to update your wardrobe, your professional brand and your marketing profile – especially if it’s been some time since you last did so. It’s your time in the Sun and as such your powers of persuasion and charisma are at an all time high. Be sure to be out sharing your innate abilities and purpose with the world.

Finances are very much on your mind this month. And with Mercury retrograde through your money sector, you have a chance to rethink, revise and redo how you make money and what you value most.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is your annual opportunity to set personal and professional goals for the year ahead. It’s literally a time when the focus is all about you. So make the most of this energy and write down your intentions. Seeds you plant now have enormous potential to grow beyond your wildest dreams over the coming 12 months.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 is likely to bring up emotions related to joint finances and investments. Use this to recalibrate your earnings and investment options.



Welcome to December 2023 Capricorns.

This month don’t be surprised if there’s nothing you’d love to do more than retreat from the world, if only you could! Naturally your pragmatic, results oriented personality will have plenty that you’ve committed to completing prior to the end of the year. However, you’d be better off carving out some extra time to sleep, meditate, listen to some music or get out and have a solo adventure in nature.

Stopping doesn’t come naturally to you as it doesn’t feel productive. But, honestly, it’s the best elixir for you right now. You’re at the tail end of a huge transformation that has been going on for 15 years since Pluto first entered Capricorn back in 2008. Remember that time…the financial crisis. A breaking down of faith in the financial systems. You are approaching a book-end to that journey now with a deepening of your understanding that life is way beyond the material. You’ve been through a huge shift in your values, your purpose and where you’re headed.

This month Mercury visits your sign where he will complete his final retrograde for the year. This has you revise, rethink and re-consider who you want to be in the world. Which of your gifts do you truly wish to engage in moving forward? And where do you wish to exert your energy as you move into 2024.

From the 5th to the 30th December, you have an opportunity to build new relationships in organisations you belong to. Your wit and charm are very engaging throughout the month so be sure to make some time to socialise and network with like-minded business people.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is your annual opportunity to set spiritual development goals. You can use this to reflect on what being a Conscious Leader looks like to you. And how can you live that way in your everyday life?

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 is likely to bring up emotions around relationships and key business partnerships. This is a time to figure out what’s most meaningful to you in all your primary relationships. Any issues brought to light under this lunation have the capacity to be resolved by implementing sustainable changes.



Welcome to December 2023 Aquarians.

This month your energy and passion is being directed towards business groups, associations and friendship networks. You love nothing more than a group adventure with friends who value the unconventional and element of surprise as much as you do so give yourself permission to fully make that happen.

Whilst all of that is going on, there is another dynamic also at play for you. On the 2nd of the month Mercury enters Capricorn which activates the private side of you that needs to retreat from the world. When Mercury commences his final retrograde for the year, you’re likely to be revising, rethinking and re-doing your mindfulness and spiritual practices.

To be successful in business these days, it’s imperative that you manage where you place your mind’s attention. Remember what you focus on is what manifests. So it’s really important that you have solid, reliable practices in place in your everyday life that ground you especially when the news around is full of fear provoking content.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is your annual opportunity to dream BIG. This lunation falls in your 11th house of anything’s possible. Therefore, be sure to set aside time to write down your professional and personal goals for the coming year ahead!

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 is likely to bring up emotions around your daily routine and health/wellbeing. Your drive to serve and be helpful in the world can pay a toll if you don’t pause to look after you. If you’ve been all work and not taking care of yourself, this lunation can literally slow you down and force rest upon you. On the other hand, if you’ve been in full on retreat mode, you’ll be ready to get back into the world and make a difference.



Welcome to December 2023 Pisceans.

This month your drive and passion is oriented towards your career. This is a wonderful time of the year to put yourself out there and be SEEN! And you’re ready for it. You’ve been spending much of this laying new foundations and now that Saturn is back in forward motion in your sign, you’re ready to put your hand up to take on more responsibility.

The other good news this month is that your ruling planet Neptune completes his 5 month retrograde through your sign on December 7. From that date on, notice your imagination and ability to be in flow return… you are in a powerful period of creating new possibilities professionally!

An area of your professional life that you are likely to review during Mercury’s retrograde is the organisations and groups that are a member of. Use the retrograde window from December 13 to January 2 to strategically review what’s working, what’s not and think about how you’d like to do things differently with groups moving into 2024.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13 is your annual opportunity to set Career Goals for the coming 12 months. Write those intentions down and imagine how you’ll feel when they come into reality.

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 27 spotlights your fun, romance and enjoyment sector. Have you been getting into life and treating it like a joyful adventure? If not, now’s the time to recalibrate! Equally, if you’ve been busy creating on your own or pulling away from groups, you’ll feel a tug to reconnect professionally and socially.

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