August Horoscopes

Welcome to August

I’m sure you can feel it, there’s been a slow increase in tension in July which will further intensify this month.

Usually, the month of August is a wonderful time of the year for putting yourself out into the world and leading the charge with your business offerings – regardless of whether it’s a service or a product that you are working with. At this time of the year, the Sun is moving through the sign of Leo which is linked to Leadership, shining brightly and being recognised for your unique talents. However, this year August is more of an introspective time. The celestial activity is inviting you to turn the focus inwards, tune into your heart (Leo rules the heart), and get clear on what it is you want to create in the world. Much will change in August. It’s a month for breaking down old ways of being, releasing old patterns of behaviour that limit you from reaching your potential and building a connection with your passionate, entrepreneurial spirit.

As part of that, notice how you can no longer hide your truth in all aspects of your life. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to work in or with organisations/communities that don’t align with your values or fully appreciate your gifts and talents. Traditional top-down business structures which value profit as their number 1 metric and pay lip service to employee engagement, sustainability practices and innovation will grapple with losses of valued team members. Yet socially conscious Businesses with flat structures which offer opportunities for equal contribution and empower team members to innovate and collaborate are likely to make huge leaps and bounds this month. As will solopreneurs dedicated to being of service by providing transformational offerings.

If you’re reading this column it is because you are conscious that we have officially moved into working and living in a completely different way to the way we have been for the last 200 years. You appreciate that energy is everything. That where you place your mind’s attention is reflected in the experiences you encounter each day.

The exciting thing about the month of August is that it is a huge month for activating yet more breaking down to make way for breaking through. The more we stay tuned into our hearts versus reacting to what’s going on around us, the more we step into our power and our ability to make a difference in a meaningful way.

With all of that said, I invite you to work with the lunations this month. Head to your sign to read about what’s available for you to initiate and bring into being this month.



This month notice your desire to be able to freely express your creativity go up a notch, especially at the start of the month.

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius will likely bring to head issues within your workplace. It could well have you questioning whether your current employment is supporting or hindering you from achieving your potential. You know your value and you are deeply connected with your creative potential this month. Ensure the work you are doing is lighting you up as much as it positively helps those you are working with.

The New Moon on August 27 brings an opportunity for you to focus on your health and wellbeing. It’s the perfect time to reset your daily routine to ensure your mind, body and soul are all being tended to amidst the busy-ness of your productive schedule. It’s also a great time to review your work practices and make sure you have your priorities in order.



August is a month for re-invention of your personal and professional brand. Much is going to change for you over the coming 6 months when it comes to you confidently leveraging your talent in the world to make a difference. Your time is here!!

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius lights up your Career sector. It’s the month to find ways to be seen and valued for your insight, knowledge and ability to connect with other like-minded professionals so that collectively you can make a difference in the world. Lean into your well-tuned senses to intuit what needs to happen next. Innovation is a key part of your Career – whether using technology, newly learned tools or trusting your gut on an idea. Go for it!!!

The New Moon on August 27 invites you to lean into your creativity. You love nothing better than helping to heal. Whether it’s working with nature, being in nature or making things that positively change people’s lives – this New Moon is a wonderful time to set goals to get creative and have fun!



You love nothing more than fact finding and sharing information whether in written or verbal form. This month is going to offer you the opportunity to reassess what you truly believe in and what messages are most important to impart on others. Don’t be surprised if some of your traditional ways of viewing the world come into question. Things which have been hidden from your view are likely to surprisingly come to light this month.

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius lights up your big picture view of the world. This is the time to find a new balance between your logical and higher mind. It’s a powerful lunation for finding new spiritual practices which connect you to your heart and soul.

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27 is a wonderful period to set goals and lay new intentions around your home and family life. Bringing in new spiritual practices such as mindfulness and eating food which you’ve grown in your garden are 2 wonderful examples of how you leverage this time.



This month is likely to bring about significant changes in relation to the company you work for/with as well as communities that you belong to. Trust that any unexpected changes are laying the path for you to better engage your talent in alignment with your soul’s unique purpose.

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius lights up your investment sector. You could well come into money or yield income from an inheritance. It’s also a powerful time to turn the lens inwards. If you have been pushing your feelings to one side, this is the ideal time to see that counsellor, psychologist or healer to do some powerful unpacking of “self” in order to strengthen your self-worth.

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27 is a wonderful time to set communication goals. Great for social media and sending out communications to clients. On a personal note, this is a positive time of the year to re-establish connection with siblings, cousins and people in your local neighbourhood.



Happy Birthday Leo, and belated wishes to those of you born in late July. August is going to be BIG month for you…… you can feel it can’t you!!!! This is your time to fully connect with your heart and from here on in ensure that everything you do – personally and professionally – is totally heart-centred. As the world changes dramatically over the coming 6 months, it’s critical you tune into your heart on a daily basis. Use it as your inspiration. Your innate courage, bravery and ability to inspire is being called. Others will gain a sense of peace and knowingness that everything will be OK simply from being around you. BUT, you have to be operating from LOVE not FEAR.

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius brings relationships into full view. It’s all about finding the right balance between meeting your needs and the needs of others. You can relieve any tension by engaging your intuition. When you slow down and use mindfulness, new ideas are likely to rise up in relation to your career!

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27 is a wonderful time to set financial goals. Use this lunar cycle to connect with your values and tune into your worth. It’s a great month to ask for that pay-rise and review your consulting fees to ensure they are in alignment with the transformation you provide for clients.



This month your passion for sustainability, healing the earth and doing what you can to help those in need is highlighted. Your natural flair for bringing order to chaos and acting on what you believe in will be in demand for the 2nd half of 2022.

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius will spotlight the hard work you have been putting in behind the scenes. Your deep levels of compassion will be pulled on at this time and you may well find yourself wanting to take on new leadership responsibilities to help others.

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27 is the ideal time to set new year-long goals. Given the it is taking place in your sign, reflect on what aspect of yourself you’d like to work on over the coming 12 months. Think of topics like healing, service and bringing order to chaos.



August is likely to bring unexpected surprises in relation to joint-finances, investments, inheritances and taxes. There’s also a strong pull to creatively contribute to organisations and like-minded groups. The thing is simultaneously you are restructuring what and how you want to creatively contribute in your personal and professional life. It’s an exciting time as it is intrinsically associated with a spiritual awakening that you have been going through now for a few years. As your consciousness expands, so too does your ability to create. Such a beautiful dance that is going on for you!

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius will spotlight how you contribute to organisations and groups. It could well be a your time to finally receive after putting in so much to win a deal or get a project off the ground. Enjoy what this brings.

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27 is the ideal time to set goals around getting enough “down-time” and mindfulness practices. You can also use it to ask for things to come to light that you can’t see clearly at the moment. The Universe will then deliver exactly what you’re ready to see next.



The month ahead puts an intense emphasis on your 1:1 relationships – personal and professional. As a fixed sign, you don’t readily enjoy change. Nor do you like unexpected detours although you are incredible at dealing with crises. Strap in this month, as you may well be called to use your professional skills to help others at a moment’s notice. If you still don’t have the balance right between your home life and your career, then those closest to you are likely to tell you how it is.

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius will spotlight your home life. This strong energy can help you find the right balance between home and work as well as self-care and productivity. It can also signify the completion of a home renovation project. Either way, family and home are in strong focus at this time.

The Virgo New Moon on August 27 is a wonderful time to set professional goals. Which groups and organisations do you aspire to collaborate with / work for? Use this date to write down your intentions.



The month ahead puts an intense emphasis on your health and daily work routine. If unexpectede changes occur in this aspect of your life, trust that they are occurring to align you with your purpose. Now is the time to ensure you are prioritising your health, eating well, moving your body and making time to breathe and be mindful. In doing so, you expand your professional opportunities.

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius is a powerful time to be engaging with your network. Use it to market your offering and inspire others with what you are doing in the world. Face to face meetings and inspired social media posts will be well received at this time.

The Virgo New Moon on August 27 is your annual opportunity to set professional goals. This lunation lights up your Career sector so take the opportunity to dream big and write down what comes to you.



The month ahead continues to have you reviewing your finances and shared assets. It’s a good time to be looking at investments and dealing with taxes. Don’t be surprised this month if out of the blue you find a new way to experience some fun. Life is often all work and very little play with your level of ambition, but August is a wonderful time to enjoy your children and creative pursuits. If you are single you may even spontaneously meet someone new and exciting. And if partnered up, it’s a month to bring back some excitement!!!

The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius could well bring in the money. Projects you have been working on for some time could finally vest. It’s also a great time to realise your value and worth.

The Virgo New Moon on August 27 is a wonderful time to plan that long-awaited overseas trip or sign up for that course which has been interesting you for some time. You’re hungry to learn more at this time. Use it to connect with mentors you haven’t seen for some time.



The month of August continues to have your reviewing and revising your purpose and what you want to achieve in life. Energetically you’ve grown so much over the last 3 years. Your ability to see the big picture, bring people together and find innovative ways to do things is becoming increasingly valuable to those around you. The next 6 months these aspects of you will continue to expand.

You are likely to be recognised for your talent under The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12. Just be mindful that this lunation is inviting you to find the balance between looking after your needs and tending to the needs of others.

The Virgo New Moon on August 27 is the ideal time to review your investments. Look at your assets and examine who you are working with. This is a powerful time to write down what you want to create in these areas.



This month is the ideal month to market your talent via PR, newsletters and/or social media. Many of you sensitive Pisceans prefer not to be in the limelight, but this month there’s plenty of energy supporting you to announce to the world that you’re here and ready to contribute!!! Don’t be surprised if you have people reaching out to connect with you more than usual. Take up the offer to get together and exchange ideas and be of service.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12 highlights the importance of maintaining the right balance between your spiritual practice and supporting others. It’s essential you make time for both otherwise they both suffer.

The Virgo New Moon on August 27 is the ideal time to set intentions around your primary relationships. Ask yourself, “What matters most for me right now in my 1:1 professional and personal connections?” “What do I need more of?” “What would I like to be doing most with others in relationships?” Great questions to ponder, then write down your answers!!!

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