August 2023 Horoscopes

Welcome to August

The month ahead is a strong invitation to lean into what’s authentic for you. To connect with your heart’s greatest desires.

With the Sun transiting through passionate, creative and entrepreneurial Leo PLUS Venus retrograde in Leo all month, it’s time to look within and ask yourself….. Who am I? What do I most love doing? How can I work in a way that is inspiring, impactful and have fun doing it?

The sign of Leo invites you to lean into your inner sovereign. The leader within you that knows what it wants and courageously and passionately pursues it.

And so, this month, if your career/business is not providing the platform for you to express your innate abilities or partner with people who inspire you and vice versa, you’ll be seriously considering your options.

Midmonth, the Sun and Venus meet up which marks the midpoint of Venus’ current retrograde cycle in Leo. This can often be a resolution point so whatever issue / project arose for you when Venus stationed retrograde on July 23, by August 13 you’ll have insight into how you can move forward in a new way.

Towards the end of the month, Mercury commences his 3 week retrograde journey in Virgo. This marks a 3 week power period for decluttering, getting organised and kick-starting new health and wellbeing routines that will bring back vitality and vibrance for the Summer months. This retrograde Mercury is co-present with Mars which can up the ante on sudden breakdown of technology or car issues. As always, be conscious of backing up technology and allow extra time for commuting and travel. Delays are more likely. Equally with Mars involved, harsh words can be spoken so pause and reflect before hitting send on emails if your emotions are heightened.

And on August 29, Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus which is often associated with unexpected changes and shifts to do with finances, food and logistics to name a few. But, it can also be a wake up call reminding us of what we value most !

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Wishing you an amazing month bringing your hopes and dreams to life!



Welcome to August 2023 Aries.

New opportunities for growth and expansion are available for you over the coming 18 months with the North Node of Destiny travelling through your sign. The last time the North Node was travelling through this part of your chart was Dec 2004 through to June 2006. It’s worth reflecting on what professional and personal themes were going on for you back then as similar parts of life will be available for growth and expansion. This transit supports you aligning with your purpose by connecting with people, situations and opportunities for you to grow and develop.

August is also a great month for you to establish new health and wellbeing routines that support and sustain you to shine your professional light in the world. Plus the end of the month is the ideal time to do an early Spring Clean of your Office and Home. Get rid of any old papers, files and items you no longer use. Get your systems in order and make sure that everything has a home that is easy to find and access. That way you’ll be sure to make the most of the new opportunities that await!

August is also a great month to remind yourself what pastimes, both professional and personal, bring you the most joy! With all the work pressure you’ve faced in recent years, it’s important to remind yourself to have fun. This is a great time to reconnect with old friends you may have lost touch with that you used to love spending time with. Equally, it’s a powerful time to review which relationships inspire you and lift you up versus those that weigh you down.

Finances can take a turn for the better when Venus, the planet of money, connects with expansive and abundant Jupiter around August 22.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 spotlights groups, associations and organisations you belong to. Have you got the balance right between honouring your creative side and your need to enjoy yourself versus being part of a corporation or group? If you are spending more time doing one thing over the other, this lunation will trigger emotions that have you make adjustments to rectify the situation.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is the ideal opportunity to set goals around creative passion projects, having more fun and authentically expressing your innate talents in the world!



Welcome to August 2023 Taureans.

The month starts off with your ruling planet Venus travelling retrograde in the sign of Leo. It marks a period of review where you’re seriously considering what’s authentic for you, and how you want to show up in the world. It’s time for you to express yourself in your own unique way through your work.

Equally, this is impacting your home, family and primary relationships. You may be making changes to where you’re living or reviewing property investment/s and considering what your next best step is. Family matters and/or financial security are also seriously under scrutiny. Your desire to be there for those you love and who need you right now is calling you. And so, the balance between family and work is very real.

Towards the end of the month when Mercury commences his retrograde in Virgo, you’ll have the chance to reconsider what ignites your passion and what brings you joy. You may reconnect with old friends or even an old flame. Whatever unfolds, this is a time to appreciate the importance of having fun!

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 may bring up emotions related to your career. If you have been spending too much time with your head down working and ignoring family, you’ll realise it’s time to make some adjustments to bring things back into balance. Equally, if family or your home life has been demanding your attention and taking you away from your public work, this lunation offers you time to recalibrate.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is the ideal opportunity to set goals related to your home and family. An ideal window to give your home a new lease of life with some inspiring new objects as well as set intentions to have more fun playing with your tribe.



Welcome to August Geminis!

This month both the Sun and Venus are lighting up your communication sector. This marks a power period for reviewing and reconsidering your social media and marketing strategies. How do you want to represent you and your offer? What’s authentic for you? This is the time to get real and share what’s meaningful to you, connect with people who inspire you and research topics that you’re intensely curious about. By the time Venus completes her retrograde journey through Leo, you’ll be feeling so clear about the message you’re sending out to the world. And you’ll have let go of what you’ve outgrown in this area of life.

For those of you who are writers, this is a powerful month for editing your work.

August will also have you thinking a lot about home. About your family of origin, your immediate family and where you live. You may also be looking at properties you’d like to invest in or sell. The reason being your ruling planet, Mercury, is having an extended 2 month transit through Gemini due to his 3 week retrograde which starts August 24. This will be an intense period for you to revise, rethink and redo where you’re at.

As you know, Mercury is fast moving, loves learning, educating, and juggling multiple projects at once, otherwise restlessness/boredom can set in. And so, use this retrograde to SLOW down. Your attention is required on a significant matter for much of late August through to mid September. So, if you can, allow extra time in your schedule for unexpected delays, tech issues or communication break down – it will help you elay any frustration.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 is likely to bring up emotions related to “what the truth is” for you. It’s also a time when you’re curious to expand your knowledge and experience more adventure. However, there is a tension as you also have to navigate life’s mundane realities. What are you now learning that’s challenging your long-held belief systems? This can also be a time when you’re keen to head overseas on an adventure or focus on your studies.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is the ideal opportunity to set marketing and networking goals that can play a key role in advancing your career or expanding your business.



Welcome to August Cancerians!

This month the Sun and Venus are both activating your financial and personal values sector. It’s a time for you to seriously contemplate what matters most to you and ask yourself if you are prioritising that.

Whilst you are more than likely considering your options for how to leverage yourself into new ways of making money, the good news is by the end of August options will present themself. But be patient. Just know that August is a time to be open, ask questions and contemplate options that will ultimately support you to work in a role / business that inspires you!!! And that’s what everyone has come here to do….. It’s just a matter of giving yourself permission.

What will be really helpful for you this month is getting out and connecting with your networks – both personal and professional. This is due to Mars and Mercury are activating your communication sector inviting you to spread the word. At the end of August Mercury will commence his 3 week retrograde giving you the opportunity to easily reconnect with old contacts and friends. Be sure to let them know what you’re passionate about creating in the world. People are ready to help you realise your dreams, you just have to leave the creature comforts of home and familiar environments to make that happen ????

As a side note, it’s particularly important that you backup your technology and check all of your written communication numerous times before sending/publishing this month and next. The reason being Mercury is transiting this part of your chart so you’re more susceptible to technology issues and transport breakdown/delays. Definitely hold off from buying any tech or cars/bikes until late September when Mercury is back in forward motion!

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 is likely to bring up emotions related to joint finances and investments. In some cases, it can be stressful as a result of changes to your partner’s income. Fortunately Jupiter is calling you to build relationships with groups and associations which can offer new opportunities to bring in the money.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to set personal financial goals and review business revenue targets. With Uranus involved, there could be some unexpected changes that bring about a shift in your finances.



Welcome to August 2023 Leos.

Happy Birthday Lionesses and Lions alike! And belated wishes to those of you born late June.

You enter the month of August with the focus very much on you. Both the Sun and Venus are co-present in your personal development sector. And with Venus retrograde for much of the month, this has you seriously reviewing who you are in the world, reconsidering your identity/professional brand and discovering what energises you / depletes you. And with Venus involved, this includes what relationships support you and which ones don’t.

Whilst this can be a challenging period, the good news is, by the time Venus leaves Leo on Oct 9, you’ll have a renewed sense of self and an extra sparkly spring in your step and twinkle in your eye! NB The last time Venus was retrograde in Leo was back in 2015, any topics that were in focus then are quite likely up for review once again.

The other area in focus in August is your self-worth, values and finances. Both Mars and Mercury are transiting this part of your life, firing you up to make things happen. At the end of the month Mercury commences his 3 week journey which will have you seriously reviewing your financial situation and making decisions about how best to manage your income flow through to September.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 is likely to bring up emotions around relationships and key business partnerships. This is a time to figure out what’s most meaningful to you in all your primary relationships. Any issues brought to light under this lunation have the capacity to be resolved by implementing sustainable changes.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to set personal goals. It’s your annual power period to focus on what you want to achieve, and invite in the energy, drive and passion to bring things into reality. Think playing big in the world, being recognised and living in good health! A great time to set goals around making any changes to your professional brand too.



Welcome to August 2023 Virgos.

The month ahead offers the invitation to go within both spiritually and mentally to enquire about what matters most to you at this point in your life.

Firstly, both the Sun and Venus offer you an opportunity to deepen your spiritual / soul connection. As a result, it’s important not to ignore any desire to retreat from the world and be still. Nature can be a powerful elixir throughout August. Use the quiet to reflect on what truly inspires you, what you’re passionate about and who in fact you most enjoy connecting with.

An inspirational female mentor can offer you a chance to grow in this area of life.

Simultaneously both Mercury (your ruling planet) and Mars are co-present in Virgo which rules the part of your chart associated with your appearance, personality, vitality and competitive spirit. As a result you may experience a renewed drive to invest in self-development courses, jump into a new fitness regime or get a fresh new look going. NB Mercury will be retrograding in this part of your chart from August 24 through until September 16. This is a great time to contemplate options for a new brand, a new wardrobe or new wellness regime. However, it’s best not to make actual changes until after Mercury stations direct on September 16 otherwise you may have to redo things!!!

Also, be mindful that with Mars and Mercury co-present, your quick wit will be extra sharp. Be conscious with words that you choose as they can be easily misconstrued as cutting or hurtful even when you don’t intend them to be.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 is likely to bring up emotions around your daily routine and health/wellbeing. Your drive to serve and be helpful in the world can pay a toll if you don’t pause to look after you. If you’ve been all work and not taking care of yourself, this lunation can literally slow you down and force rest upon you. On the other hand, if you’ve been in full on retreat mode, you’ll be ready to get back into the world and make a difference.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to set spiritual development goals. You can use this to reflect on what being a Conscious Leader looks like to you. And how can you live that way in your everyday life?



Welcome to August 2023 Librans!

In many ways, August brings a period of contemplation and review, especially around your work with organisations and group social activities. Venus, your ruling planet, is retrograde for most of the month in the sign of authentic, courageous and inspired Leo. As such, you’ll have the opportunity to sit back and reflect on work and activities you’ve been doing this year and identify what you’ve enjoyed, what progress you’ve made and ask yourself what’s the best way for me to contribute to this moving forward. If you’ve felt stretched, uninspired or unvalued in any way, you’ll be ready to make adjustments. Or on the contrary, if you’ve had an incredible experience but find yourself exhausted, you’ll need to retreat and give yourself time to rest and consider a more sustainable approach to contribute than you’ve had.

Adding to the theme of review, your area of retreat and rest is also being activated. With Mars transiting through your hidden 12th house, energy levels can drop and forced rest is presented to you. This will bring the opportunity to drop into your more spiritual, contemplative self. Especially with Mercury, which rules your mind and communication, co-present with Mars. Use August and the start of September with Mercury retrograde to journal, read texts and absorb content which helps you connect to your inner being. Balance will always be a priority for you, and August is the time to recalibrate.

This month the South Node also settled into its new 18 month position in the sky in your sign. This will be a marked period of releasing what no longer serves you and discovering how you can shine as an individual versus adapting yourself to create harmony around you. The level of change you go through over the coming months will directly correlate with how much you hide the real you to fit in.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 spotlights your fun, romance and enjoyment sector. Have you been getting into life and treating it like a joyful adventure? If not, now’s the time to recalibrate! Equally, if you’ve been busy creating or pulling away from groups, you’ll feel a tug to reconnect professionally and socially.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to dream BIG. The New Moon falls in your 11th house of anything’s possible. Therefore, be sure to set aside time to write down your professional and personal goals for the coming year ahead!



Welcome to August 2023 Scorpios.

Last month the draining energy of the South Node departed Scorpio which will bring you a new space for growth and transformation. Personally you’ve been through a lot over the past 18 months. You’ve released, said goodbye to people and things and realised parts of yourself it was time to leave behind. And so, you now have new energy and a fresh slate from which to operate.

August and September will spotlight your Career and organisations/groups you belong to. With the Sun and Venus illuminating your most public self and the work you do in the world, it’s a time to be recognised for the impact that you have. However, during the coming months you’ll also be reviewing your options.

Throughout August Venus is retrograde in your Career zone inviting you to take a step back and make some decisions about how you want to move forward. Innately you’re here to lead but you may reconsider what you want to be responsible for and find new ways to inspire others.

Then at the end of August and into September, Mercury starts his retrograde journey in your organisations/groups sector. This will have you reflect – review, revise and rethink whether or not you want to remain where you are or shift things around a little. Also note that delays and technological issues associated with group projects are highly likely. You may need to spend extra time sorting out issues related to everyday operations that you normally wouldn’t. Definitely avoid purchasing new equipment, technology or cars from late August to mid-September.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 spotlights your homelife, property and family. If you don’t have the right balance between home and work, this lunation invites you to make any changes to restore an equilibrium.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to set Career Goals for the coming 12 months!



Welcome to August 2023 Sagittarians.

At the end of July Venus commenced her 6 week retrograde in Leo at the same time the Sun entered Leo. This is offering you 40 days to contemplate what you believe in and how you’d like to expand your knowledge base. You realise you want to learn. For some of you it will feel right to sign up for a new course of study. For others, the calling to travel and expand your horizons in new ways will be palpable.

August therefore is a great month to reflect on friendships, professional relationships and teachers who’ve inspired you over the years. Reach out to old connections. In doing so, new ideas and insights will be made available.

This month you have plenty of energy to inject into your Career and any Public work you’re involved in with Mars transiting this part of your chart. Mentally you’ll also be spending a lot of time thinking about your Career. Towards the end of the month Mercury will commence his retrograde in his career sector so late August to mid-September you’ll also be reviewing, revising and rethinking what Career ultimately looks like for you.

Innately you thrive on change and variety, so you may sense it’s time to do things differently!

Your ruling planet Jupiter continues to transit through your Health and Wellbeing area of life. Opportunities to help others and look after your own vitality will continue to be presented to you throughout the year. Without question, you’re feeling more passionate about sustainability, lightening your footprint on the earth and doing meaningful work.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 spotlights your marketing/social media and communication sector. The desire to learn, acquire information and teach will be strong. Don’t be surprised if your beliefs are strongly tested at this time. What you thought to be true may be challenged.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to set professional development and international travel goals for the year ahead.



Welcome to August 2023 Capricorns.

This month you continue to move through a deeply transformational period of releasing old aspects of life which can feel uncomfortable. However, this deep shift is ultimately going to lighten your load and bring a new, more versatile and brighter version of yourself to the world in 2024 and beyond.

Throughout August the spotlight is on your joint finances, investments, insurances and taxes. With both the Sun and Venus travelling through this sector for you, this is the ideal time to do a financial review of all of your assets. What’s working, what’s not? Who can you partner with for support? If you don’t have a financial adviser/mentor, this is the month to research options. Any new financial partnerships are best committed to mid-September when Venus stations direct.

August also offers inspiration to broaden your horizons whether at home through books and mentors or abroad via international travel experiences. At the end of August you have the opportunity to review, revise and rethink what you believe in and what you want to learn about. This is due to Mercury retrograde in Virgo which rules higher learning for you. What you previously thought to be true, may well be challenged this month and next.

Saturn, your ruling planet, continues to support you to commit to communicating your professional offers using social media. And for those of you who are teachers, consultants or entrepreneurs, it’s time to value your knowledge and openly share it with the world. There are people out there looking to learn from YOU.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 spotlights your finances and personal resources. Emotions will be triggered as you seek to get the balance right between what you earn and what you invest. Changes may be required to your joint asset pool and investments.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to set long-term investment goals AND commit to doing “the inner work” with a counsellor, psychologist and or coach!



Welcome to August 2023 Aquarians.

This month the Sun lights up your relationship sector highlighting the importance of authentic relationships. In other words, partnerships where you’re able to be the real you without any false pretences.

With Venus currently retrograde through this same sector, you’ll be reviewing and considering partnerships of all kinds – both personal and professional. You yearn for freedom but equally you yearn to connect with those of like mind who share your humanitarian lens and big picture perspective on life. This is one of those times in life where you get very real and have the courage to speak up about what you need and if you realise your values are no longer in alignment, you may conclude it’s time to go your separate ways.

During August it’s possible to suddenly hear from old connections which take you down memory lane. This includes platonic and romantic connections!!! Alternatively, someone from your past may keep popping into your mind. If that’s the case, don’t ignore it. It’s likely the ideal time to reach out and connect with them. Especially if there was any unfinished business when you were last in contact.

The other area of focus for you this month is your joint finances, investments, insurances and taxes. Both Mars and mercury are giving you the energy and mental dexterity to pay close attention to these areas of life. If you don’t have a financial planner or investment strategy, this month and next are ideal for researching options. Mercury begins a 3 week retrograde in this part of your chart at the end of August helping you get into the finer details of these areas. However, if you want to make changes to your portfolio, this is best done once Mercury stations direct in mid September. Up until then, spend the time rethinking, redoing and revising your options.

Home, family and property matters continue to flourish this month with Jupiter expanding opportunities in this part of life. Enjoy this lovely season which is very positive through until the end of the year!

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 emphasises the importance of looking after YOU. If you have been too focussed on and neglecting your own needs, this lunation will be an emotional one and invite you to right the balance. Alternatively, if you’ve been neglecting your primary relationships get ready to engage in some feisty conversations to help you reconnect on your shared values.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to focus on what you want to create in your most valued relationships – both personally and professionally.



Welcome to August 2023 Pisceans.

Many of you with a number of planets in Pisces may have struggled with your energy levels throughout July as Mars and Saturn were at odds with one another stripping you of your usual radiance and ability to move forward with ease.

This month, your health and wellbeing is in strong focus with the Sun’s presence there. Venus is also activating this part of your life as part of her retrograde journey. This will have you reassessing your health priorities and reminding yourself of those daily habits that leave you feeling radiant and energised. With Venus involved, you could well invest in a health retreat or visit a new health practitioner. This is your time to invest in your wellbeing to support your journey over the coming 8 years!!

Partnerships – both professional and personal will also be under review at the end of the month once Mercury commences his 3 week retrograde in Virgo. This is a powerful window for tending to the details of your most valued relationships to explore what’s working, what’s not and ask “what do we need to change to support each other best moving forward?”. Yes, say what you need to say BUT with Mars and Mercury co-present, but be aware your words can be extra cutting, even if you don’t mean them to be.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 illuminates a vital need for you to consistently create moments to retreat from the world.. Whether you need to recover from recent emotional events, a period of intense work or a health scare, do what you need to recalibrate your energy levels and restore balance.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16th is your annual opportunity to set your health and wellbeing goals. It’s also a great time to focus on the kind of work you want to be doing in the world that serves others for their highest good.

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