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Welcome to April 2024!

April is without question one of the most important months of 2024. Get ready for CHANGE! If you’ve been sitting with an idea or dream for a while, this month your desire to make it happen will intensify begging you take that first step. And if you’re change avoidant, circumstances around you could well shift leaving you with no choice but to do things differently. Either way, the outcome is leading you towards more purposeful and meaningful work in the world. It just may not feel that way during the chaos. Take particularly note if you are a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Sagittarius sun sign.

This month the number of intense planetary aspects occurring are reminiscent of 2020 which is why Astrologers are highlighting April as game changer. Eclipses, Mercury retrograde, Mars meeting up with Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Uranus. What follows is insight into these themes. What you expect and when. Enjoy.

For much of the month, the Sun is tracking through fiery Aries lighting up the pioneering, independent spirit in all of us. Mercury is also in Aries all month due to his retrograde from April 1 – 25. This brings opportunity to revise, rethink and review what motivates us and our future direction. Given Mercury rules the mind, communication, travel, mobiles and interconnectivity, his “backward” movement can create confusion and delays. Be conscious of thinking before you communicate and triple check key agreements, proposals or contracts before signing. Avoid purchasing new technology until after April 25 if you can.

Adding to these fiery signatures, we are amidst eclipse season which signifies a turning point. Their association with the lunar nodes delivers a destined quality with opportunity to let go of what’s no longer serving us and paving way for new, more meaningful growth.

The current season started at the end of March under the Libra Full moon partial lunar eclipse on March 25th . Any relationships, contracts or agreements in which you’ve been compromising your authentic self would have been highlighted. As would any tendency to give your power away to another under the guise of “keeping the peace” (aka people pleasing) . In both scenarios, you may have found yourself using your voice to speak your truth with more courage and clarity than ever before. Especially if you have strong Libran signatures in your birth chart.

On April 9th, the Aries New Moon total solar eclipse concludes this eclipse season. Here the Aries archetype represents the need for autonomy, freedom, and fighting for what you believe in. In business it’s a can-do entrepreneurial energy with a drive to win. So, this is a powerful time to finally initiate and take full ownership of that passion project that’s been burning inside of you.

Using a broader lens, this eclipse is associated with the continued breakdown of traditional hierarchal top-down business structures being replaced by the rise of the knowledge worker. The model where people who share vision and purpose are drawn to collaborate to create change in line with shared meaning. It’s a slow move towards more individuals initiating and driving projects versus top down mandates.

This eclipse will pass across North America through Mexico, United States and Canada. The path of the eclipse tends to be the geographical area which is most impacted by the energy of the eclipse. So we can expect to see significant events building in the USA which will have a ripple effect globally.

Two days after the eclipse on April 10th, Mars and Saturn meet up in Pisces. The last time this happened was back in March 1994! The union of these planets brings a serious tone that stirs up our emotions. This is a potent period to be reflecting on the direction of your career/business and what you truly want to commit to. Your drive to implement and achieve your dream will be heightened. You may also feel a greater emotional desire to do the work in the world that your heart knows you’re here to do.

Following the April eclipse is the biggest celestial event of 2024. On April 21 a rare conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus takes place in Taurus. The last time this occurred was 83 years ago back in 1941. Uranus represents change. Specifically disruption/upheaval, innovation, technological advances and freedom fighting. In the sign of Taurus these themes are associated with food, the earths resources, currency, material posessions and societal values. And with Jupiter involved everything expands in magnitifude so that they are experienced by many. It’s an exciting time, with opportunity to make profound advances as a result of forced change. Signs that will be most impacted include Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio.

Confusion is likely to abound by this stage of the month and will be strongly felt around the Full Moon in Scorpio on Wed 24th April at 9:50am. Full Moons tend to bring things to light so that they can be celebrated or dealt with. Scorpio detective quality is often associated with bringing the truth hence its intense emotional signature.

Thankfully, things will start to settle somewhat by the end of the month. Expect to have greater clarity about your future dreams and direction. See this as a gift, even if the events of April are showing you more than ever what you don’t want.

Wishing you all an extraordinary, shape shifting month ahead.

Sending love and inspiration,

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