7 Reasons Why Your Friendship Tribe Is Vital to Your Professional Success

For the most part, one’s professional success depends on our own efforts. Our dreams create the vision for our future but then it’s our hard work that makes those visions a reality. To ensure we are equipped we need to invest in continuous learning to improve and acquire new skills.

However, no man is an island. You can’t achieve success all by yourself. You need to surround yourself with a great team and network of industry experts. Some will be mentors you can learn from; some people will open doors of opportunity and some will form part of your inner circle of friends. This close-knit group or friendship tribe can help you become the best version of yourself. These people love you for who you are and are the ones who can help propel you to even greater career heights.

Here are even more reasons why you should stay connected with your friendship tribe as you progress through your career to the top:

They Can Increase Your Sense of Purpose

There are many ways to discover your purpose. For example, you can work with a holistic career coach to learn more about your true self. A holistic career coach can also help you awaken your ambition and teach you how to work in a more enriching way.

Your circle of friends can also help you figure out your life purpose. They can open your eyes to things that you sometimes don’t see, such as your own skills and talents, and thus help transform your life. Your truest friends are also often your soulmates. With this kind of deep connection, you can be more connected to your spiritual self and find more meaning in the things you do.

They Can Help You Realise Your Worth

As earlier mentioned, your friends can help you realise things about yourself. This includes your worth as an individual. Indeed, those who struggle with self-worth would do well to reconnect with their friends and maintain that connection. True friends know your value and they certainly won’t let you forget. This can have a significant impact on your self-confidence and in turn affect the way you work.

They Can Help You Cope During Bad Times

Experiencing sadness and trauma can greatly affect your focus. With your true friends by your side, traumatic events can feel less dire. True friends can help you cope with the sadness and grief, and even help teach you things about yourself. Having people support you through bad experiences can also solidify your trust in yourself—that you can move on and emerge stronger. More importantly, your friends can help you refine the art of accepting kindness from others and asking for help when you need it.

They Can Encourage You to Change

Change is inevitable. The problem is that, sometimes, you may be reluctant to change. Just like you might be hesitant to ask for help at times, you may also be hesitant or even afraid to change. Indeed, it can be challenging to leave your comfort zone. With your friendship tribe at your side, however, you might find it easier to change for the better. They can help encourage as you face challenges head-on and work your way toward success.

They Can Help Reduce Your Stress

When you share your joy, it is magnified and, in turn, can make you feel even more fulfilled. Your friends are obviously some of the best people with whom to share your joy because you know that they’re genuinely happy for you. When you feel happy and less stressed, you’re that much more ready to take on challenges and succeed.

They Can Teach You Life Lessons

Friendship can teach you a lot of things. They teach you about communication and working with other people. How to accept and ask for help when you need it, how to apologise with grace, how to trust in yourself and others, and how to be thankful. You might not think that these are important for reaching your goals. In truth, however, these life lessons are some of the most valuable things you need to achieve success.

They Play a Role in Your Overall Health

Studies have shown that adults with a healthy social support system are generally healthier. They have a reduced risk of developing certain diseases and are even expected to live longer. In addition, your friendship tribe can also influence good mental health. With trusted friends by your side, you have a more positive outlook in life and are thus happier. With sound physical and mental health, your journey towards success is something you will treasure and not just go through.


As you can see, your friends play a bigger role in your life than you realise. They’re not just there to celebrate and commiserate. They’re also big contributors to your personal success. Don’t forget to keep in touch with them and cultivate your relationship!

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