5 Tips to Figure Out If What You’re Doing Is Helping Your Career

Everyone wants to have a fulfilling career. Whether you achieve it through being an employee or a business owner is immaterial; indeed, what matters most is reaching success without losing your true sense of self in the process.

One problem that you might encounter on this journey, however, is confusion. You may not know if you’re on the right track or if the things you’re doing are actually contributing to achieving your goals. Don’t worry. This is normal and, even better, very temporary. Below are a few tips to help you overcome this phase and to be able to determine if the things you’re doing are helping you achieve fulfilment.

Opportunities Should Align with Your Values

One of the key things to do when plotting your success journey is establishing your values. This way, you know what matters to you. Your values will also guide you to those opportunities which are more in line with your personal goals.

If what you’re doing doesn’t align with your values, you’ll immediately feel that something isn’t right. For example, you might also notice that your productivity dips or you don’t feel as happy when you’re doing something that opposes your beliefs. Thus, you can make the necessary changes to rectify the situation.

Work with a Career Coach for Some Outside Perspective

Sometimes, all you need is some outside perspective to see things more clearly. A career coach can help in this regard. They can help you make a purposeful career change and embrace your true purpose. Working with a career coach can also help you reinvigorate your career if you’re feeling a little stuck.

A career coach can also help you feel more confident. Indeed, there are frequent cases when someone is on the right track but all that is missing is a little nudge. Working with a holistic career coach can help guide you and help harness your strengths so that you can thrive in everything.

Identify and Let Go of “Should Haves”

The “should haves” (together with “could haves” and “would haves”) are a heavy baggage to pull behind you. They can hold you back from your goals. If you find yourself still living with these “should haves”, it’s time to take a look at your past. Think about these “should haves” that are slowing you down or are even tainting the victories you achieve. Be honest with yourself and learn to let go of these thoughts and regrets that stop you from achieving true success.

Indeed, letting go of your “should haves” means letting go of your lingering doubts. The trick is to realise when you say “I want” it may be a “I should have” in disguise. It’s challenging, so be sure to listen to your inner voice and, again, be honest with yourself. What’s more, don’t rush. Revisiting your values can also help. Once you’ve let go of your “should haves,” then your path forward is much clearer, and you’ll better realise your life’s purpose and true desires.

Understand Your Talents (and How They Apply to Your Career)

If you don’t understand your talents, skills, and strengths, then you can’t utilise them properly to achieve career success. You also won’t be able to improve them. If you’re struggling to identify what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about, try asking your trusted friends and family members. Your career coach can also help. Another good way to understand your own talents is to look back at the times when you felt that you had done a good job and was complimented on your work. Ask yourself what skills you used to achieve that success.

You may also want to take a look as far back as your childhood. What did you love doing then? What were your daydreams? These could help uncover your true strengths. Once you’ve figured them out and start applying them, you’ll notice that even the most difficult tasks seem easier.

List Your Non-Negotiables and Be Strict About Them

To have a successful career, you have to know what you want. List these down along with your non-negotiables. If the job you currently have or are wanting doesn’t fulfil these conditions, then it’s likely the wrong one for you. The key is to be strict about your non-negotiables. After all, these are the things that can help ensure your happiness in your job. Happiness, in turn, can push you to do better and feel more accomplished when you achieve a goal.

Note that you can be flexible on some points, but that there are also things that you should be very firm about. If you find yourself regularly having to compromise your happiness while doing your job, it’s an indicator that something’s not working. Again, take the time to pause, consult your list, and evaluate. You might discover a tiny detail that’s getting in the way of your career fulfilment.


Remember that not many people have everything figured out at the start of their careers. In fact, many people only realise what they truly want to do at a later stage in their life. Don’t let setbacks stop you from succeeding. Evaluate, adapt, and take action. Soon enough, you’ll achieve your career goals.

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