2020 Programs

Start Your Journey to Find a Career with Purpose and Meaning. Work with Josephine to Uncover Your Soul’s Blueprint and Reveal Your Internal Compass to Success.


Discover and re-energise your Full Potential and Purpose. Through this Unique 6 Session Personal Program using core principles of Psychological Astrology. In this program, Psychology and the ancient science of Astrology are engaged to reveal your unique self and discover a picture of your most fulfilling career destiny. I pledge to bring my 20+ years as an Executive Coach and 13 years practicing Astrology to support you to start the pursuit towards your highest destiny.

Is Awaken Your Ambition Program for You?

  • Something is missing in your professional life and you sense there’s more but have no idea how to make a connection to that
  • Work is not fully engaging your Innate Abilities or aligned with your Purpose
  • You don’t know how to navigate the Career change you know you want
  • Your current role is eroding your productivity, self-belief and aspirations
  • You’re stuck on the hamster wheel struggling to find joy and meaning in your Professional Life

Transition out of paralysis, self-doubt and worry into an invigorating Career aligned with your Highest Good in this comprehensive 8 Session Personalised Program.“Worries can paralyse your action. Focus on the present and do what you can with the resources you have available.” This energetically potent Platinum Career Transition Program is packed full of tools and executive coaching to remove the stress from your next Career move. Figuring out what your next step should be and how to do it can be stifling, especially when it was not your choice to leave your last role!! Even if you have a history of career success, knowing how to go about it can be a mystery.

Is the Purposeful Career Pivoting Program for You?

This program pulls no punches. Over 8 sessions it takes the best of Executive Career Coaching Psychometric Tools and blends it with Ancient Wisdom. Together in this unique process they ILLUMINATE your Destined Career Potential, prepare you for OPPORTUNITIES and get you ACTIVE in researching, applying for and negotiating roles which will have you THRIVING.

This is for you if:

  • You believe you’re here to do important work – you just haven’t figured out what that is for you yet
  • You’re in the wrong role/career and ready for a change that embraces your Authentic Purpose but stressed just thinking about where to start
  • You’re between roles and need tools and personalised support to ensure you make the best next career move
  • You’re yearning to harness your intuition and connect with your Strengths, Needs, Interests, Values and Purpose so you can thrive in the career you’re destined for
  • You’re struggling with the practical aspects of marketing yourself into the ideal role/career – CV, Interview skills, Personal Brand, Networking and Negotiating the role
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A 10-Week Virtual Program connecting you to your unique leadership Archetypes through the lens of Astrology. Each week we’ll meet to explore the full potential of a new Planet as a key influence in your Leadership profile. Then we will dive into how that planet’s location in your Natal Chart brings through qualities for you.

And perhaps most importantly we’ll discuss how you can make the most of them and use them to inspire, organise and connect others.

Why am I running this program?

Because by 2020, self leadership will be critical as well as knowing how to bring your leadership qualities to group settings. 

The Price includes deep dive into your chart for each planet. (Your invoice will be as Executive Coaching so you can claim). Wednesday nights at 7.45pm-9.00pm.

Uncover the Career You Were Built to Live.