In today’s society money is a necessity. To have a sense of security we need enough of it to afford a roof over our head, feed ourselves and stay warm.  This creates a base from which to go out into the world and live lives that bring us happiness, joy and meaning.

However, what’s fascinating though - there is no direct correlation between the amount of money and the amount of happiness or joy we experience in life


In fact, at times it seems those with very little money in developing nations manage to experience more moments of happiness than those of us in developed nations who slave away in roles that rob us of personal time to be with loved ones and activities that enrich us beyond work.


So, it begs the question.  Can money actually make us feel rich?  Just because you have plenty, doesn't mean you feel wealthy.... a sense of lack can remain.  And just because you don't have much doesn’t mean you feel poor.

Your Birth Chart holds the key to your relationship with money, how you best attract it and what makes you feel wealthy.  


You can now get direct access to this powerful information about yourself inside THE MONEY REPORT.


Based on your unique birth data, this comprehensive report will give you personal insight into the following:

  • the best way to make a living that attracts money or material wealth

  • what traits make you attract more money and abundance into your lives. 

  • what drives DECISIONS around money. 

  • how to attract ABUNDANCE into your lives. And this is way MORE fulfilling and meaningful than just having the cash. It's about joy and living in the flow. 



1. Your Money Temperament

  • Your overall attitude to Money, emotional connection to it and what brings you to a life of True Worth. 

  • Where you are most likely to attract great wealth in terms of how you truly shine in this world. What better way to make money than to do so in your absolute zone of genius! 


2. Your Relationship with Money

  • Understanding your personal Law of Attraction around money

  • Align with all the resources you need to become successful and fulfilled

  • How to connect with your true power to attract money and wealth into your life


3. Your Personal Income

  • Understand what personal values and resources are most likely to be the source of your wealth

  • Gain clarity on the efforts and resources you need to bring to bear in your quest for wealth and success

  • Make astute decisions in business, career and finance with a style of earning and investing that will enable you to have long term gains 


4. Your Shared Income

  • Learn how love and trust are entwined within your finances and your decisions around money. 

  • Find out how partnerships and business networks are meant to work when it comes to attracting wealth and opportunities into your life

  • Understand what family ties still bind you to your outlook, attitude and outcomes around money

  • See with greater clarity how the economic cycles and seasons influence the money market and you

5.  Your Fortune

  • Possibly the most powerful insight you can derive from the Money Report that will shed light on certain ideas, decisions or endeavours that you may be drawn to. Develop a greater understanding and appreciation for which of these may be most beneficial for you,

  • Find out how you can amplify certain innate traits that will serve you at the highest level; to access your full potential and experience your fortune. 


By understanding and improving your relationship with money, including all these elements of your personal Astrological Chart, you empower yourself to make the right choices for you around money and what it means for you.


Clients who have actively engaged with insights from their Money Report have...

  • Made more money by aligning career, business and investment decisions around what they are best suited to

  • Created far more opportunities in their career and business that augmented their personal wealth

  • Identified new personal, career and business partnerships

  • Created both immediate gains and long term wealth propositions by working with their innate strengths and abilities; something that may not have been conventional, but felt completely frictionless for them

  • Developed a deeper sense of confidence and inner trust in their own abilities to generate wealth

  • Felt more in tune with the natural cycles of their business and career


This bespoke and powerful report is incredible value at $89.


If you'd like to start 2018 with a renewed understanding of how you connect to money and attract it your way, this might be just the thing for you! 


All I need to create it for you is your Birth date, Time and Birth Location.

The Money Report