• Is your pre-baby career no longer working for you?

  • Have your personal needs changed since becoming a Mum?

  • Would you like to build a career from Home?

  • Have you been out of the workplace for some time and lost confidence in your capabilities?

The repetitive daily routine of new motherhood can provide a space for sub-conscious processing and integrating everything that you have done up until becoming a Mum. However, when you’re accustomed to creating and achieving as and when you want, motherhood can bring frustration and erode self-esteem.

Regardless of your Professional background, becoming a Mum brings the opportunity to reassess what really matters to you Personally and in your Career.  And the starting point in YOU!

Book a complimentary Career Diagnosis Call to see how this program can help you reinvigorate your career and LOVE what you do for work WHILST maintaining integrity with your personal and family needs. 

purposeful mums

  • Do you know you’re in the wrong job?

  • Are you struggling to reach your potential in your career?

  • Do you feel undervalued at work and unsure what to do?

  • Have you lost confidence in your capabilities?

The Career Revival program provides an opportunity for you to reinvigorate your career by...

  • Creating a vision for your future and supporting you to get there

  • Getting clear on your unique set of attributes, needs and career purpose

  • Lifting your confidence in your own capabilities

  • Promoting yourself into a role you will thrive in

Book your complimentary Career Diagnosis Call and start taking positive next steps towards your ideal career.


Graduate launcher

  • Are you in Yr 11, 12 and want to make sure you choose a Uni degree that leverages your Strengths?

  • Have you completed University and struggling to make a decision on a career path?

  • As a parent, would you like to be able to better guide your child’s career choices by understanding what their Strengths, Needs and Purpose are in their career?

  • Degree qualified but struggling to get your career started?

The Graduate Launcher program provides an opportunity for you to get your Career off to the very best start.  And the starting point in YOU!


Why?  Because, undertaking a deep-dive into your unique set of workplace Interests, Strengths, Needs and Authentic Purpose are critical for identifying which types of roles, companies and industries will enable you to THRIVE!

  • Make informed Career Choices

  • Find roles that are best suited to your unique set of attributes, needs and career purpose

  • Have meaningful career conversations 

  • Build confidence in your capabilities

Create a personal Marketing Plan to launch your Career.


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the abundant


  • Are you a budding entrepreneur but not sure what your “Genius-Zone” is?

  • Do you have a great business idea but don’t know how to get it off the ground?

  • Would you love to start up a business but have no idea where to start?

  • Are you in growth mode and want to get the best-fit team around you?

Establishing and growing a business requires passion, focus, commitment and an inner-knowing that it will work.

If you’re not absolutely clear about the magic you can bring to the business and how it’s connected to your purpose, you’ll find it difficult to set up something which will THRIVE!

The Abundant Entrepreneur program is designed specifically to help you identify what makes YOU UNIQUE and provide insight into how you can stand out from your competitors in a way that is aligned to your Authentic Purpose.