With the advent of social media being used professionally, a well crafted and unique public persona that is communicated to those you meet is non-negotiable. Without it, you run the risk of missing out on business opportunities, no matter how skilled and experienced you are! But the key is, your public persona has to be consistent with who you really are.

Based on your responses, you have a real opportunity to develop a personal brand that is authentic and attention worthy. Did you know that by exploring ways you get into the flow, conveying your strengths, practising gratitude and sharing your vision using positive psychology practices helps you build an authentic personal brand?

Equally, did you know that the unique placement of the Sun, Moon and Lunar North Node in your Astrological Birth Chart shine a light on what makes you unique?

By combining the tools of Astrology and Positive Psychology you can really tap into what makes you unique so that you can authentically share it with the world. You just need some support to nurture these and confidently share them with the world!!!

I’d be delighted to speak with you to better understand your career goals and scope out options for how you can best work towards realising them. If this appeals to you too, feel free to book in some time here.

Have a magical day!

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