My 2020 Transformation Webinar

Awaken Your Feminine Power! Exploring and Deepening the Connection to Your Inner Feminine will Free You to Step into Your Power in 2020.

DATE:  Tues 14th April @ 8pm (AEST)
COST:  $50+Gst  (Early Bird $40+Gst ends 10.4.20)
ENROLMENT:  Closes 12th April due to Everyone’s Chart Preparation which also means there
LIMITED PLACES due to Individual Chart creation

As we pivot our career and our life during this time, we must embrace the change so to not get caught up in the debris of change. Hence I decided I must help you step into your power, your purpose and your feminine in order to ride the wave so you can see the possibility and abundance available.

This webinar will exploring the deepening connection to our inner feminine and use Astrology to understand the impact on society as a whole and for you as an individual. Your Birth Chart will be prepared ahead of time so I can share with you which part of your life is being called to transform most profoundly right now. I will also share how to full embrace and transmute the obstacles that you may face. Understanding the energetic change and the opportunity for personal transformation is not just nice to know, it’s a vital key to help you pivot your career/business amidst these changing times. See what you will receive below. Please note there are limited spaces.


  • Your birth Chart
  • Key insight about your purpose in order to follow the right pathway right now
  • Relevant steps to pivot your career or business
  • Insights into 2020 a whole, the duration and the impact