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Welcome to YOUR Astrology for Business Community.

This is a sacred space I’ve created for YOU, the Conscious Leader, to plan and achieve in your professional (and personal) life according to the archetypal laws and cycles of the Sun, Moon and Planets.

You’re Here Because You’re Ready to…


+ USE Astrology’s FORCES to create a MEANINGFUL and RICH professional life
+ AMP up your INTUITION to achieve business success
+ Experience less STRESS and TENSION and BUSY-NESS in your career

Now I Want You to Imagine…


+ Being more CONNECTED and PRESENT in your daily tasks and interactions
+ Knowing the BEST DAYS / MONTHS for all aspects of business
+ Results coming to you with EASE and GRACE

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If this rings true for you,
then you are in EXACTLY the right place!


A Sacred Space using Astrology to bring your Professional Dreams into Reality

Until I stumbled across Astrology I struggled to find meaning in my work. I knew my strengths, the kind of work that “filled my cup” and what I needed around me to thrive. But in the background, there was always a niggling feeling there’s got to be more than this!

When I discovered myself through the lens of Astrology, my world opened up and changed. The accuracy resonated to my core! BUT the real game-changer took place when I brought Astrology into the everyday running of my business and career. As I started planning business activities according to the movement of the Sun, Moon and Planets, new ease and flow emerged in my work. I experienced an uplift in productivity, a steady flow of opportunity and more joy embracing every moment!

And that is why I’m called to create the same magical space for you. A career without purpose is just existing to pay the bills, it’s time to live the life you dream of.

Welcome to Astrology for Business

Why Use Astrology for Business?

Business as we know it can so often be exhausting, deflating and soulless!!

Even though you know what it takes to get results and create a successful business, things don’t always go to plan. You know, those times when you’ve given it your all nothing comes of it!

You can have the most sound strategy, expert skills and consistently turn up YET sometimes struggle to get the results. I get it.

The challenge so many of us face is the entrenched belief that to create a successful business or have an exciting and enriching career, we have to work REALLY hard EVERY day.

The constant expectation to “be on” and “producing” from our leaders, clients and colleagues can be overwhelming and depleting. And that’s without the weight of our own expectations.



That some days ARE literally better than others….

For being productive


Some days are better than others….

For taking time out


That when you are present and connected with the energy of the day….

Your inner guidance GROWS in leaps and bounds!!

Wouldn’t that be a pattern breaker?

You can literally PLAN YOUR WORK WEEK ahead of time around THE ASTROLOGY of each day,

Using the Archetypal Laws and Cycles of the Sun, Moon and Planets enables you to tap into nature’s rhythmic beat which governs all life. Farmers do it to maximise yields. Eastern Medical practitioners use it to heal health, vitality and fertility issues. And you too can use it to grow your business.

This ancient practice of following nature’s cycles can supports you choose tasks which will yield the most powerful results for your business on any given day. And in doing so, a natural ease and flow emerges.

You can…

Creativity blossoms

Intuitive hunches get stronger

Business takes off

And, perhaps most profoundly, you appreciate that you are part of something much bigger than you.

Working with Astrology gives you more energy than ever before to create your dream career and business.

How Does Astrology for Business Work?

Are you ready to embrace Ancient Wisdom as your Guide to bring Career and Business Success? The Astrology for Business Community is a UNIQUE space for you to expand your Career and/or Business. This sacred, growth-oriented learning space offers rich, insightful content every week to support you to work in flow to create products and services which are in alignment with your highest purpose.

What’s included:

Weekly Energy Forecast Updates via video + printable pdf to plan your week ahead in business. This includes best days to:

+ Start projects + Set goals
Put routines and structures in place
Network + do Business Development
Get creative
Look at the big picture
Do Deals + Sign contracts
Conduct reviews & Edit
Slow down + Rest

And much much more.

Longer term Energetic Themes including:

+ Upcoming Opportunities + Challenges to be aware of in business + how to work to your advantage
+ Power periods to steam ahead and “go for it”

Monthly Webinars:

+ LIVE New Moon for Business Webinars with insight into their power and rituals to help you activate your professional and personal goals for the month ahead.
RECORDED Full Moon Webinars. Each Full Moon brings a unique opportunity to recalibrate and release what’s no longer serving you – professionally and/or personally. This Webinar will go into detail about the Moon’s energy and how you can work with it each month.

Quarterly Masterclasses :

Astrology for Beginners – The Basics of reading a Birth Chart

+ Working the Lunar Cycle for Business – when’s best to set vision, take action, market and make adjustments
Maximising retrograde periods. Think contracts, relationships and your intrinsic motivation
The Power of the Days of the Week

Access to other ambitious and conscious leaders who like you, are passionate about working their intuition and contributing to making the world a better place!

COST:  $49 Monthly or $490 Yearly (Save 2 Months!) Includes GST
ENROLMENT:  Limited Places

My Message to you!

Astrology for Business Membership is your ideal planning companion.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn how to work with nature’s cycles to bring flow and achieve success in your career.  

 I would so lovely you to join me and I hope to see you on the inside soon!

With much love,