The beginning of the year is always a great time for pausing to reflect on what has been and consider how you want things to be different in the coming 12 months.  It's an ideal time for creating your Personal and Professional Vision and then Making Plans to execute on that. 

But what if you could create plans that took advantage of opportunities that are coming your way?  And what if you had the ability to understand when more challenging times may arise so that you could plan to give yourself space to work through them?

THE YEAR AHEAD REPORT does in fact do that for you.  As a result, it is the ideal PLANNING COMPANION.


Using your Astrological Birth Chart as a foundation, this report provides insight into your unique opportunities and challenges for the upcoming 12 months.   It includes key dates and timeframes for you to incorporate into your planning process.  Each date has an in-depth interpretation of the type of energy that will impact you.

Remember, information is Power.  Once you have set your Vision and broken it down into a series of tangible Goals,, you can empower your planning process by incorporating the information from this report.  The result being.... plans are actioned with greater ease and goal attainment is much richer.


"Thank you so much for my 2018 Year Ahead Report Josephine. It’s incredible!

As soon as I saw your offer to do a report I knew it was something I wanted, to help me get a feel for my year ahead from an Astrological perspective.

When I received the report I was blown away! There was so much detail and information on how my year will look according to my astrological chart, I couldn’t believe it!

I love the breakdown which shows when certain aspects and energies may happen, and the guidance offered to help me navigate each aspect. The fact that I now know and understand that in certain months, or over particular time periods, certain events may happen, has given me peace of mind and acceptance of what may be this year.

I’ve already printed the report and will definitely be delving into it each week as a reminder and support on my path ahead.

I will definitely be sharing your report with others Josephine and would highly recommend it to others - it is SUCH a great tool for guidance this year, both personally and professionally."

Helen Joy Butler



This detailed report is available for  $94


If you're ready to make empowered plans to help achieve your goals, then this report is just what you need.


All that’s required to generate your birth chart is your date of birth, time and location.