The Destiny School offers online community programs that combine Astrology with Psychology.  They are designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery so you that you know exactly what it takes for you to work in a way that you love and thrive in.



Discover your Why with a mix of Astrology, Psychology & Business know how.


This online program is designed specifically to give ambitious women a strong understanding of themselves and their unique purpose so that they become empowered to make meaningful career choices, connect with like-minded people and attract abundance into their lives.


Delivered weekly, it includes motivational and instructional videos, personalised Astrology reports, downloadable Positive Psychology and Astrology activities, and membership to the My Career Destiny community. 


Josephine connects with members weekly in a live forum where she addresses questions, coaches and inspires individuals to connect with their purpose, their ideal career and take action to bring it to life.



Testimonials from My Career Destiny

"The My Career Destiny program was recommended by a friend as she was aware I was exploring my "Where to from here?" question.


Josephine, I have just loved the program.  You have a beautiful energy that is just infectious.  As a result of the program I can clearly articulate my uniqueness, have realised what my career purpose is and am very clear on what I'm in the world to do"

Donna Worthington

Transformational Change Leader | Strategy & Operations |

People & Process -  Financial Services




"As a result of completing the program, I am now so much more aware of what I need to do in order grow my business.  The course confirmed I am working in the ideal career but the real value came through the process of self-reflection using both the Astrological information and Psychological tools to help me unpack what I need around me in order to shine!.  Thank you so much Josephine"

Alex Curr

Dietician | Entrepreneur









Find out what you need to live and fully experience your career destiny.