Working with Jo positively changed the direction of my career...

Working with Jo positively changed the direction of my career. I was dissatisfied with my profession and thought I could never be content unless I did something radically different. Jo didn’t give me advice; she led me to discover my own solutions. I realized that what I already had was what I wanted; I just needed to work in a more creative way so that I was fulfilling my goals according to my true values. Jo has a professional but relaxed approach, making sessions both enjoyable and effective. Jo is truly inspirational.


- Joanne Shannon, Psychiatrist


Guidance to help you if you need a change of career direction... 

It’s been great working with Jo. She efficiently and constructively helped me lay my path as I started a new journey in my professional life. In the time we spent together I found her to be insightful and respectful, professional and approachable, candid and honest.


We connected well from the start and worked together to define expectations and remain on track. I found the profiling she did to be very helpful in gaining an insight into myself.  I highly recommend Jo if you are considering a change in direction and could do with someone to help guide you.

- Jeremy Glass, CEO


Insightful information to attain my full potential in my career...

I recently had the fortunate and most valuable experience to receive my career vocation report based on the science of Astrology facilitated by Jo Corcoran.  Jo is clearly very experienced in this area and her facilitation was insightful, validating, challenging and opened my thoughts to information that has been extremely helpful to understand how to attain my full potential in my career.


The report is extremely detailed with a wealth of valuable information and insights that are practical as well as opening up new ideas and areas of enquiry for further development and direction.  I would recommend Jo to anyone wanting to do further work around attaining their full potential in their career and further career development.

- Suzie Cooper, Director Learning & Development


Helped me develop a greater understanding of my strengths and challenges in my workplace...

As a recent graduate I was looking for direction and advice on making some major decisions about how and where to begin my career. Josephine’s holistic approach to career coaching utilises the Birkman Method and Astrology. This unique approach really developed my self-awareness and helped me to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and challenges in the workplace. Josephine’s warmth, enthusiasm, expertise and passion for helping people reach their goals is inspiring and motivating and gave me the confidence I needed to start out in my first job in Human Resources.

- Edwina Reid, HR Graduate Trainee (Financial Services)



Really insightful experience
Enlightening information
Highly develop and devise a career path
Beautiful and powerful session...created a clear path of where I am headed