Why 2016 is really kicking off in February

January 30, 2016


Sunrise at Avalon Beach Rockpool (source: www.sydney.com)


For many of us in the southern hemisphere, January is a month of holidaying and resting post the Christmas / New Year’s party season.  School is out, many offices temporarily shut down and time is spent winding down and relaxing admist the summer’s heat - hopefully doing some things that make the heart sing.  (For me that's swimming in my local rockpool at Avalon Beach).  January can also be a time for visualising our future and making professional and personal plans for the year ahead.


This year, a large number of my clients have taken a longer 3- 4 week summer holiday and used the time to get much needed rest, connect with family and friends, establish dreams for the year ahead and revise their professional plans. Others have gone back to work and been busy with opportunities but have struggled to progress them with great speed.


Whatever you did over summer, this January has been particularly potent in terms of “forcing us to slow down”.  Regardless of whether you were on holidays or not, there was an astrological aspect that took place from 5th - 26th of January known as Mercury Retrograde


During this aspect, the planet Mercury has the “illusion” of travelling backwards in the Sky.  When this happens, Astrologers have consistently noticed that the areas of life that Mercury rules (communication, formal contracts and agreements, computer coding, transportation, shipping and travel) tend to spin out of control.  For example, computers can shut down, travel gets delayed and miscommunication between people can occur.  However, the upside of Mercury Retrograde is that it is a great time to review, revisit, reconnect (with people), re-organise and redesign plans.


There is good news for those of you who are action orientated and are hungry to put business and personal plans in place.  From beginning of February there is a strong action orientation Astrologically that will support you.


February will be a great time for connecting with people to get things done and operating from a place of authenticity. 


That said, typcially February is a busy month for my executive career coaching business.  Upon personal reflection in January, calls come in from people looking to make a changes in their career.  Some are looking to change careers to one more aligned with their authentic purpose, some want to find a role that’s a better 'fit' with their needs and values and some love what they are doing but know they have to change the way they do it or they simply won’t be here next year due to burn out.


Now, more than ever we are operating in an energy that is about Authenticity.  Unless people are able to work from a heart space that taps into who they really are, they will struggle to stay in a role/career long term.


So, now is the perfect time to go on a journey to discover your Authentic purpose and connect that to your career. 


Ask yourself, "Do I want to keep doing in 2016 what I have been doing?"  If the answer to this question is "No" and you yearn to work in a way that is connected to your heart, then February is a wonderful month to start a journey towards that.


For more information about what I do, you can go to www.josephinecorcoran.com


Until next time,


Take things one step at a time and know that the answers lay within you. X


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