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July 29, 2015


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As I sit here with pen to paper, and a thumping heart in anticipation of sending out my first blog, it strikes me …. that the emotion I’m experiencing is the same feeling hundreds of my clients encounter when working towards goals that are stretching them and putting them out of their comfort zone.


Writing for myself is one thing but it is entirely another having the courage to share my thoughts and views with the virtual world.  To that end I am grateful to those of you who taking time out to read my post.


As an executive coach I’m passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their potential in their careers and professional lives.  I subscribe to the theory that the key to achieving our professional goals is to firstly understand ourselves and discover what our calling is. 


When I started to study Astrology (over 10 years ago now), I was overwhelmed with the possibilities of incorporating it into my executive coaching work.  I was already using traditional psychometric profiling tools, which unquestionably are advantageous in understanding ourselves in the context of organisational and individual norms.  However I always felt there was a gap that traditional tools couldn’t fill.  I found they couldn’t consistently provide insight into individuals' unique calling.




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I was excited that Astrology could bridge this gap.  As I began to use it with clients I experienced feedback that while psychometric profiling helped them understand themselves in the context of their professional work, Astrology helped them understand themselves from the inside out.  Astrology provided them with the courage to believe in themselves, gain clarity on their true north and appreciate their unique differences and take advantage of them.



Astrology has the potential to be an incredible tool for providing insight into clients' career pathways, unique talents, values, workplace needs, public and private needs… amongst other things. 


My aim with this blog is to share snippets of astrology and coaching stories that inspire me daily and keep me focussed towards growing holistic executive coaching practices within organisations and for aspiring individuals.


So it is with a beating heart and lots of love that I press send!  



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