What did you release during the Supermoon?

November 18, 2016



 “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla




If I was in any doubt, I no longer am.  We are living amidst a new, faster paced energy and one of many shifts we're experiencing is physically feeling this energy more prominently.   



At 1am, just minutes after the November Supermoon was lit up in Full Glory, my 6 year old boy woke me from my slumber.  He wasn't scared of a monster, needing a cuddle or wanting me to find his 'ruggy' - he was telling me he felt sick.  With no further ado, he was!!  Three hours later, his younger brother followed suit.


From that point on I was up to my eyeballs in towels, buckets & disinfectant.  By 10am, both boys had paused from their releasing long enough to fall asleep.  And so did I.  The 3 of us slept solid until 4pm that afternoon.  Whilst buckets were once again required, the pace steadied and we managed to survive the next 48 hours without a visit to the hospital.  A major achievement in my book!


Since going back to school and sharing stories, one thing is very clear.  This 'gastro' bug is not isolated to our local Avalon area.  It's across the country.   From Bendigo to Byron Bay volumes of children over the last couple of weeks have been struck with the bug and been forced to rest at home to recover.


Whilst I have been rebuilding my energy reserves and sanitising the house from one end to the other, I have reflected on what's been going on.  Then finally the penny dropped.   All this purging is a physical function of what "needed" to be let go of.  Now I know the doctors and scientists amongst you will struggle to agree with me given articles such as this one in the Age were predicting a gastro pandemic.   However, try hearing me out.



I believe these illnesses are partly resulting from an energetic shift on earth. This shift is causing our bodies and minds to operate at a higher frequency - which is in turn is leading to a rise in consciousness.  But that doesn't come about without letting go of old habits and ways of thinking that no longer serves us.


Scientifically speaking, there has been a significant increase in the earth's vibration known as the Schumann frequency. Upon discovery in 1952 the frequency resonated at around 7.8 hertz remained stable.  But in June 2014 it recorded a spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz.  Since then, monitors at the Russian Space Observing System have showed recordings as high as 16.5Hz.


Energetically speaking, this higher vibration is supporting our ability to personally grow and evolve much faster than we have been able to in the past. It also means that astrologically, the impact of the archetypes of the zodiac signs and planets will be felt more prominantly by us all. 





As I explained in my post about the November Supermoon, the moon in Taurus forced us all to review our values and let go of what no longer serves us.  A key component of growth!  Whilst adults can incorporate linear logic into their shedding old patterns and behaviours, children still operate in a much more intuitive way and for the best part tend to 'feel' things more than adults.  My theory is the energy of the supermoon manifested with greater physical potency on children.... particularly sensitive children.  They had no option but to roll with the energy and literally purge their bodies of what no longer serves them.  We adults on the other hand, may not have experienced such widespread violent releases, but so many people have experienced symptoms of headaches, heaviness, fatigue (as I did), or letting go of old ways of being in relation to work or relationships.  



I'd love to hear how you were impacted by the Supermoon.  


Were you forced to slow down or do things differently due to illness?  or Did you have low energy or circumstances which forced you to do things differently?


Have a great week!!


Much love






(NB - image of unwell child sourced from kidspot.com.au)


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