Time to shed your old ways and connect with your truth

September 7, 2016



09/09/2016 is a very auspicious date in Numerology as it manifests as 9|9|9.


The Number 9 has the highest vibration of all numbers and has many rich, evolved virtues.  A sample of these include universal love, eternity, the concept of karma or life purpose, spiritual awakening, higher consciousness, humanitarianism, inner-strength, intuition, and strength of character.  It’s also about creativity, being able to see clearly, leadership and dissolving ego.


As the highest number, it is also said to represent endings.  When the 9 appears, it is about clearing out the old so the new can emerge.  Think transformation like the butterfly breaking out of the cocoon and freeing itself of it so it can fly in its full glory!


2016 has largely been about ridding ourselves of what doesn’t serve us and tapping into our purpose.  Tomorrow, that energy is set to be amplified as a new 9|9|9 gateway opens to connect us to universal energy and a greater truth.


Notice what happens to you tomorrow and in the coming weeks.  Anticipate experiences which highlight what you need to release and clear to move forward.  Notice them, explore what you can rid yourself of and then let them go!


This is an exciting time for your Wisdom, Spirituality and Intellect to start to shine more brightly!




In case your interested how the numerology works, here’s how..

Day: 09 (0+9 =9)

Month: 09 (0+9 =9)

Year: 2016 (2+0+1+6=9)


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