Opportunity to put your best foot forward!

May 21, 2016




Personally, I’m looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what it brings.


Weather wise, it’s forecast to be yet another balmy 23 degrees Autumn day in Sydney and we’re headed out to the local Steiner School fete which is renown for it’s interactive fun activities for the children.   When the kids are having fun, everyone’s having fun!


In the Heavens, there is a lot going on Astrologically.  As of tomorrow, there is going to be a big shift in energy.  Think finally getting stuff done and bursts of energy to say things you need to say... regardless of how they might land!


There are 2 key reasons for this?




Tomorrow, the planet Mercury will move out of retrograde (where it's been for 3½ weeks) and start moving forwards in the sky. I'm thinking, "You beauty!"


For those of you who aren’t aware, during Mercury retrograde the planet Mercury has the “illusion” of travelling backwards in the Sky. When this happens, Astrologers have consistently noticed that the areas of life that Mercury rules (communication, formal contracts and agreements, computer coding, transportation, shipping and travel) tend to spin out of control.    We become forced to SLOW down.  Things can happen that leave us with a sense of being STUCK.  For example, computers can shut down, travel gets delayed, contracts don’t get signed, and miscommunication between people can occur.   It can also be a time when people you haven’t heard from in a while get back in touch and old issues resurface. 


It’s not all negative though.  The upside of this aspect is that it is a great time to do anything with the letters RE in front of them.  Think review, revisit, reconnect (with people), re-organise and redesign plans.  By doing this, you can work more effectively with the energy and get value out of it.


This Mercury retrograde has been much more potent than normal as 5 planets have been in retrograde for most of it which has enhanced the feeling of being STUCK.  Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.  That’s a lot of energy in a holding pattern !


Personally, during this period, both my children have been sick and had time off school so it’s been extra challenging to work, connect with people and be creative.  Instead of allowing the frustration of plans going awry to stifle me completely, I chose to make some use of the slower paced energy and declutter my office.  This was a chore I’d had on my to-do list for months but never made time to do.  Now I’m feeling much clearer, more focussed and ready to take on what's next when the energy changes.


So finally, tomorrow evening in Sydney at 11.20pm, Mercury will stop appearing to move backwards and will resume it’s forward motion (yeah!).  The “sludge” energy of Mercury retrograde should quicken to a “let’s get things done” energy and enable us to start kicking some goals.







Whilst this is all happening, the Moon will be Full in Sagittarius at 7.14 am on 22nd May (Sydney time) with the planet Mars sitting right on top of it. 


Without going into too much technical detail, the Moon’s energy will be about expansion, connection to the big picture, knowledge and personal belief systems.  However it will be agitated, even angered due to the masculine warrior energy of Mars.  It is likely people will blurt things out they believe in but otherwise would not say - major “foot in mouth” time.


Opposite this angry fighting Moon, are both the Sun and the feminine planet of Venus.   These placements will create a lot of male/female friction.  It’s likely to play out publicly (think Clinton and Trump) as much as it is at home or at work.


To my readers, my advice on navigating this aspect is to hold back on truly speaking your mind until later in the week when the energy recedes.  Then ask yourself does it still need to be shared?  If so, definitely share, otherwise, let it go!


If you personally experience comment that cuts to the bone or goes against your grain, be open to see things in a new light rather than take things too personally.  It could also be a good idea to forgive someone who blurts things out under this full moon.  As we know so well these days, careers can end so quickly over the smallest thing due to social and mainstream media.


Whilst there is a lot of ‘big’ energy in the sky right now, that could see some potent agitation between people and maybe even countries, personally I’m looking forward to the action of the full moon and seeing what it brings.  What would you like it to bring to you and how will you manage what’s thrust upon you?



Until next time,


Enjoy harnessing the forward moving energy to achieve your goals





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