My intro into Astrology

August 27, 2015



I started looking into “the Stars” as a teenager.  I won’t lie, I was in first year University and there were so many young, handsome, bright and fun boys around.  After 3 years at boarding school, University offered a new world of no rules and endless choices…  I felt unleashed!!


Always curious, I relished meeting so many new people and learning what made them tick.  What inspired and motivated them and why they were propelled to do what they were doing fascinated me. 


Half way through my first year at Uni, one of my best friends introduced me to Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns” (thank you Sabina!).  Linda went into great detail to explain which Zodiac signs were best suited together in relationship and why.  I was enthralled.


University and the early years of my career turned out to be one great big Astrological anthropology study.  The more I learnt about people’s attributes, the more I realised their connection to their Zodiac sun sign.  At first I’d find myself asking what starsign people were and realising it was the same as I was thinking.  Then I started to guess and more often than not, it was the 1st or 2nd guess.  It excited me.  Astrology was akin to a large area of science with its own unique classification system that worked!


In the early part of my corporate career I was so focussed on building my professional skills and creating career opportunities through post-graduate business and psychology studies.  I continued to regularly read about and took courses in Astrology but I never dreamed of it becoming a “mainstream” tool for me.  I couldn’t possibly see it being taken seriously in the corporate domain. 


But oh how wrong I was.


A few years ago I opened up my own business.  Josephine Corcoran - Holistic Executive Coach (  I commenced using Astrology as one of the tools to “light up” opportunities for clients around goal setting and to uncover challenges that are holding them back from achieving their success.  There was a much greater uptake on the tool than I thought there would be.  Heads of business, senior executives, creatives, graduates, return to work mums and redundant employees have all found the tool to be invaluable.


So with vanished cynicism, I’d like to share snippets of Astrology’s power of insight with you.   What better place to start than with my own self-awakening?





I am a Leo sun Sign.  That is, the sun was in Leo (symbolised by the lion) when I was born.  When you read about your stars in newspapers and magazines, they are referring to your Sun sign.


I was guilty of turning to the stars before any other section of the paper… not that this bothered people I was sharing the paper with!!!


One of the first things that I became acutely aware of is that although I am a Leo Sun sign, I didn’t always feel like a typical Leo.   By sign, Leo’s are warm, loyal, proud, full of love and optimistic.  They can have the appearance of a tough exterior but are quite sentimental and can get easily hurt.  (that sounded like me)  But something many Leos enjoy is being the centre of attention and on stage (not so much me!).  They are often commanding and take on leadership responsibility.  Many actors and leaders are Leos.  Think of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Coco Chanel, Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Fidel Castro, & Napoleon.  (Madonna I definitely am not!)


Introduction to my Natal Chart


When I first went to see an Astrologer I was introduced to my personal Astrological Natal Chart. This is a map of where all the planets were located in the sky at the exact minute of my birth.   I learnt that the map is divided up into 12 houses established by where the sun was rising and setting in the sky at birth.  The Astrologer told me that each house symbolises an aspect of your life.  For example, 1st house is about your appearance, beginnings & the mask you wear in the world.  The 4th house is about your home life.  The 7th house is about relationships and marriage.  The 10th house is about your public persona and vocation or career. 


What makes things really interesting is that the 12 houses are ruled by different zodiac signs.  The traits of the zodiac sign that rule each house will influence how that aspect of your life plays out.


The next layer of the map is the placement of all the planets.  Each planet also has its own unique traits.  The planets will be located in various zodiac signs and houses in your chart which further informs aspects of your life.


For example, even though the Sun was in Leo in the 12th house when I was born, the Moon, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are in different zodiac signs and different houses.


So in summary, the traits of both the planets and zodiac signs influence different aspects of your life. Importantly, these influences are unique to each individual as every minute the planets and houses are moving so different charts are created every minute.  This, I discovered, was the reason why I didn’t always feel like a typical Leo wanting to be front and centre and why I was constantly challenged when deciding which career avenue to pursue!


I discovered my Leo sun is in the 12th house. The 12th house represents what is hidden / the invisible, endings and in my view the spiritual.  It rules the collective unconscious and the masses. 


The Sun describes our will and our identity or purpose.  With my Sun located in the 12th house it is somewhat hidden.  In turn, it hid from my view an obvious vocation or purpose.  It also provided explanation for why in the early part of my career, I worked behind the scenes by helping others to be successful. 


With the sun in the 12th house, there is also a strong element of service.   It may also manifest with shyness.  Whilst my friends, family and colleagues wouldn’t describe me as shy… I’ve never felt comfortable being front and centre.


Some Astrologers say that there is a great gift in the 12th house, but the gift is only realised when we come of age first – the spiritual age.  It requires a journey of self-awareness, humility and spiritual responsibility.


I definitely don’t describe myself as religious.  However, I have become an advocate for believing there is something much greater than us which influences us.


It’s only since I’ve commenced following my interests in Holistic business practices that I got the sense that I was finally following my true purpose.  A new sense of calm and opportunity to work in a much deeper way with clients started to settle within me.  It was no longer like fighting against the tide. Opportunities began flowing readily as I practiced operating in a more sun in the 12th house way.




If you’d like to gain insight into your chart so you can pursue your dreams, you will find me at



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