Mercury Retrograde is upon us!

August 12, 2016



So, It's TIME TO BACK UP all of your technology.  Think Desktops, portable devices and phones.  Anything which holds information which is valuable to you and is not automatically backed up to the cloud.  If you are not sure if everything is backed up, double check and act accordingly.


Let me give you a great example of why this is so important.


Prior to the last Mercury Retrograde, a close creative friend of mine went on a fun filled family holiday to far north Queensland.  


This friend is an incredible Artist and devoted Mum and enjoys creating movies about the 'year that was' for each of her 3 children.  She takes regular video footage, downloads them to her laptop and when she has a good stretch of time, she sorts through the raw material to choose the best moments and brings them to life as a movie with titles and music.  You can appreciate, it's no short task.  Just one video can take 3-4 days.  But the creative process brings her great joy.  She goes down memory lane, she ignites her artistic candle, she pours a whole lot of love into the process and when they're finished, the whole family enjoys them.


The holiday was relaxing for my girlfriend and she found time to both shoot lots of great video content as well as complete 2 out of 3 movies.  On returning to Sydney, she decided to finish the final movie when the children returned to school.    


Then, one morning when movie 3 was almost finished for her daughter, she was faced with the Blue Screen!


When she finally managed to get the laptop back from the IT Doctor... all of her material had vanished.   The movies, the videos.  EVERYTHING!


You can well imagine the expletives, sense of frustration, anger, etc   When I caught up with her, she was somewhat relieved as she had discovered she still had most of the raw footage on her camera and mem cards.  But, she was still mourning for movies she'd made and time lost that amounted to nothing!! 


The timing of my friends incident was at the exact time that the planet Mercury went Retrograde.


And that same time is almost here again.




Three to four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to go backwards in the sky.  


When Mercury is retrograde, it has an impact on everyone and everything.  The planet Mercury rules the areas of communication and the way we interact with others and our local surroundings.  It also rules transportation, travel and the relationship with our siblings.  


So the areas of communication, scheduling, transportation and judgement in our lives can become cloudy.  



This Mercury Retrograde cycle is the 3rd for 2016.  It starts on August 30th, 2016 and goes Direct (starts moving forwards again) on September 22, 2016.  


During this retrograde, the planet Mercury will be in the Zodiac sign of Virgo so be particularly clear with agreed schedules and the finer details of contracts and content of things.


Mercury Retrograde doesn't have to rule us.  We can plan for it by backing up, checking plans twice and remaining calm and solution focussed when things don't go to plan.  By being centred and conscious of what's going on around us, we can hopefully ride through it with less stress!




Let me know if you have any Mercury Retrograde experiences!!!



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