Wish you could LOVE what you do?

February 13, 2017


Given tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, what better time to explore whether you are doing things that you love at work?


In my view, VALENTINE'S DAY is not just a time to celebrate loving others.... it's an opportunity to find time to love ourselves by doing MORE of the things we love.



On Valentines Day eve, I find myself doing something I am passionate about …. Exploring life through Astrology.  Every time I dive into it, it lights me up from the inside out.  It provides me with a point of reference for all of life’s mystery, beauty and challenge.  It takes me into that state of flow, where time stands still and I get lost in my Astro abyss until something like a phone call, meeting or child needing me brings me back to what’s next.


This week, my family and household is finally back in a routine after the long summer school break and adjustment back into the 2017 school year.  It’s exciting.  I have solid stretches of time to focus on my clients and work on new business projects.


As I sit here to blog for the first time this year, I’m reflecting on past behaviours and patterns that took me away from my passions. For example, I used to be hard on myself if I found myself ‘jumping out of work or parental responsibilities’ to explore Astrology when work or chores were building up.  But over the last couple of years, I've flipped things around. I now jump into Astrology because I realise the pull to it is for a reason.  It IS my work and it IS my pleasure - it's a core component of who I am and what I offer to others.  It's part of my purpose and why I am here.  Now that I am blending the two…. work and pleasure are one.  I LOVE what I do and look forward to getting up in the morning and getting started with supporting people to become the best version of themselves.



This year, I’m investing time in building a platform to enable people to access my Holistic Executive Career Coaching online.  It’s going to blend Astrology and esoteric modalities with traditional Psychological coaching methodologies to create personal insight.  I’m also going to be running more Astrology workshops to help people get access to their purpose.


I’m really excited about what’s ahead but as I prioritise what I do with my time, I’ll be blogging a lot less.  I will however share things on Facebook and LinkedIn that inspire me and keep you updated on my progress and workshop dates.



So ahead of V Day – think about what you’re excited about and what you LOVE doing.  Is it part of what you do every day?


If not, them maybe I can help you find that… because I believe we are here to serve others using our gifts and enjoying what we do every day without guilt and without a yearning to be doing something different.


Wishing you a week of inspiration and LOVE.




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