How will you finish the year?

November 1, 2016




“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today.”

Nolan Bushnell





November is a wonderful month for getting things done.   It’s an opportunity to tie up loose ends, achieve goals we set for ourselves earlier in the year and sow some seeds for 2017.


Even though 2017 is nudging towards us and 'end of year' social activities are fast filling up the diary, I’ve decided to make November an ACTION month.  It’s going to be my last big push to achieve goals I’ve set for my business for the year.  With support from mentors and family, I’m going to be laser focussed on hitting my target and steer away from activities that might distract me.  I also know December will be time for fun and frivolity so there’s a fabulous carrot at the end of the month :-)


There – I’ve put it out there, now it’s just a matter of getting on with it.


As part of this, I’m very excited to be hosting my first Psychology/Astrology based workshop.   Titled “Discover You”, it's designed to inspire you to unearth unique aspects of yourself, including your gifts and authentic purpose in connection to your profession.   (You can find more about it by clicking here)


I’m passionate about careers.  In particular I’m passionate about supporting people to be the best version of themselves in their career.   Work is an integral part of life and in my opinion, it should be relished as much as other parts of life. 


Unfortunately for most people, work doesn’t conjure up the same emotions that they receive from “fun” aspects of life such as romance, holidays, sport, movies, socialising with friends, hobbies and ‘time-out’.  Work is the thing they “get through” in order to experience the “fun” stuff.


I don’t believe work has to be that way.  When people are engaging their interests and using and developing their strengths at work their experience is that work is more fun.  Especially when their emotional needs are being met and the work is aligned with their authentic purpose. 


If you find yourself in a situation where work is not stimulating, unrewarding or missing right now then why don’t you use November to change things.  You can use November to rethink what interests and matters to you.  You can start to consider what you enjoy doing and what your don’t.  Why wait until the beginning of next year to start making change.   If you start planting seeds now for how you’d like 2017 to look for you, you’ll be well ahead and able to reap more rewards.


To discuss how I may be able to help you, you can contact me via email - [email protected] or mobile - 0418 171 040.


Wishing you the very best in the lead up to the silly season!!!


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