A Quick Antidote for Overcoming the Stress of Being a Working Mum

August 30, 2017




"A mother's arms are more comforting than someone else's"

Diana, Princess of Wales

Last week my eldest boy was diagnosed with whooping cough. He's 7 years old and immunised but it seems, not resistant to the strain that's going round. Thankfully he's not suffering terribly. But until he's finished a 5 day course of antibiotics he's in isolation. Which by virtue, means we are homebound until he's no longer contagious. Hopefully after that time, he feels well enough to go back to school and if not, we'll hatch a new plan.


Fortunately I am in a position where I can rejig my schedule and put work aside to care for him.  To be able to tend to him, make sure he's comfortable and keep his spirits up.    However, it's not been without it's challenges.


Let's face it, running a business and parenting is exhausting when our children are struck down with illness or emotional upheaval.

Of course my children's health and wellbeing will always take priority. And I am grateful to be in a situation where I can put work to one side when needed to be there for them.  

But it's taxing.


So tonight I decided to find 20 mins and create a grounding space just for me!  The inspiration came from my children as I watched them wind down from their day.




As soon as the kids were  tucked into bed ... post books, songs and cuddles... I headed for the bathroom and re-filled the bathtub. I grabbed some relaxing music, Epsom salts, essential oils and a candle. 

As I lowered myself into the bath and the water washed down over my shoulders I literally experienced the weight of the past few days wash off me. Suddenly thoughts of what needed to be done disappeared and I surrendered to just being. 

Instantly I moved into a meditative state tuning into my daily mantra. Soon I was not just floating physically but mentally as well. Ahhhhhhhhh heaven!!!!


The truth is I hardly ever do this,  My brain argues..."there are too many other things to do" or "It's too indulgent" or "I'm too tired".    But those thoughts dissolved after the bath and I felt so much better than I had before getting in.  So much so, I'm making a vow to have a candle-lit bath with music and essential oils at least ONCE A WEEK for the rest of the year.


 image source: gettingpersonal.co.uk

I talk to my clients about the importance if setting up their weeks with moments of time wholly devoted to themselves.  Where they take time to just be and connect into their hearts desires.


Personally I'm pretty good at making time for me through meditation, yoga, walks on the beach and reading.  But baths are not my usual thing. Somehow I've always managed to tell myself they're all too time consuming with little gain.  Oh how wrong my thoughts have been. And how much better do I now feel than I did before!!!

Bathing may not be your thing... perhaps it's lying on the grass and watching the clouds or the stars, perhaps it's snuggling up on your favourite couch with music playing that transcends you or perhaps it's sitting at a pottery wheel or easel taking in the sensations of your creativity through your hands.  Whatever your thing is... make time for it. Find ways to make it possible and be grateful for what it brings to you. 

Tonight I am just that.  Tonight I am grateful. 

Sending so much love



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