Career Opportunities may abound in the year of the Fire be careful what you wish for!!

February 11, 2016



2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey.  It kicked off 3 days ago on the 8th February which was Chinese New Year.  The Chinese consider it a very auspicious year with birth rate statistics sky rocketing in Asia. 


But it seems it's not just the Chinese.  As I walked through the streets of Sydney on Chinese New Year, there was a very strong presence of Chinese Astrology street art noticeable beyond China town.   More than I have known in previous years.   This gave me the sense that Westerners are embracing ancient traditions of the East and that they too sense opportunity.




Image: Sydney Opera House lit up Red for good luck (




So Astrologically, why is this year so important to the Chinese?


What does the Monkey represent?

It symbolises mental alertness, stamina, energy, hand-made craftsmanship, technological talent, enjoyment of life, romance and mastery of new things.


The monkey is a clever, entertaining and creative little animal.  Strong willed, it sets on its path and doesn’t let situations get in its way.  Fearless, it can manipulate or even trick to get what it wants…. But in doing so they it plenty of fun along the way!  (Think Leo in western astrology).


And what does Fire represent?

Fire brings ACTION.  Of the 5 Taoist elements in Chinese Astrology, it is the one that gets things going.  Fire is passionate, hot, creative and joyful.  It is also strong and dynamic and able to overcome obstacles.


The combined energies of both Fire and Monkey are therefore considered to be ACTION PACKED.  And with that a lot of HEAT will be generated.


The Career Take-Out

Symbolically, my take out from this is that the year ahead is ideal for really striving towards your dreams. Now is the time to shake things up for yourself.  Be courageous in working towards that idea you’ve been considering for a long time.  Invite innovation in and use it towards your renewed direction. 


The energy of the fire monkey is supportive of step changes, connecting with others and idea generation.  It also brings a resilience, focus and energy to see things through.    So if you know what you want, this year stands to provide you with the opportunities, motivation and stamina to really get working towards that.


What to watch for

The main caveat with so much fire and action being expended this year is to pay attention to giving your body and mind regular nourishment and rest.   Think diarising time out for yourself, eating and hydrating well.  With all the “busy-ness” it will be important to plan  - both work and recuperation.


Monkeys can also get caught up – doing the same thing over and over again.  Watch this year if at any stage you find yourself over-analysing what you’ve done or repeating patterns that just aren’t bringing about results.  If you are working on an idea or with a client or colleague and you find yourself going in circles, pause, take a break and try a new direction. 


Wishing you well and sending lots of auspicious energy your way.



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